The Mahdi is coming or the covert operations of Iran

Tunisia,Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Syria, Libya, and Bahrain all have one thing in common – each country has seen what is described as a popular arising or as some state, “an Arab spring”.

Now quite frankly I am very distrustful when it comes to this “Arab spring”, and at the back of my mind is a question: “who is really behind these protests”. I am one person who did not celebrate the downfall of Hosni Muburak, even though I know that he acted as a tyrant, that he had political prisoners etc. etc.  If it had not been for the timing I might have had a differing opinion, but I continue to have my doubts about who is behind the Egyptian uprising.

To explain further, delving into Egypt’s modern political history, one finds that Nasser, who was President before Anwar Sadat, was in fact a Communist and that Nasser had ties to the Soviet Union. It was Nasser who took Egypt into war with Israel (and lost). Anwar Sadat, although not perfect was the man who brought peace between Israel and Egypt. As a result, Anwar Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and thus Muburak came to power as the President.  My suspicion had been that Muslim Brotherhood was behind the uprising,  but someone involved in the protests, Egyptian Sandmonkey, claimed that MB were not involved. However, even though he might have thought it was the case, my suspicions have remained. I think that those suspicions are justified. At the same time, there are other elements at work, including Code Pink, William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. It is still not clear if they were present during the unrest, but they had been in Egypt and had made contact with people who have Marxist inclinations. For this reason the role of the Marxists in Egypt cannot be overlooked when it comes to who was behind the ousting of Muburak. 

Even with these elements, there is another man, who had links to Iran, El -Baradei, a man who saw himself as a future Egyptian President, who deserves a little bit of attention. El- Baradei, or Mr. Potato head was in charge of the program that was to ensure that Iran did not develop nuclear weapons, except that El- Baradei deliberately lied about what was taking place, and he assisted Iran with their program through his tactics. El Baradei is married to an Iranian woman who has political connections in Iran. It is quite obvious therefore, that if El-Baradei was to gain the Presidency then Iran would end up with an unexpected Middle East ally. Well, thanks to the recent referendum on changes to the Egyptian Constitution, El-Baradei is blocked from becoming President (because of his foreign born wife). However, that does not overcome the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Whilst the Iranian influence is not so clear in most of the Arab states, there is one exception – Bahrain.  The gulf states have their own little league, a coalition where they will call upon another state to help when it is needed. Bahrain has been facing protests from its Shiite population. It is highly likely that Iran has been behind those protests. Whether I agree with the methods used to put down the protests is immaterial with regard to the points that I want to make – that is, did Iran have a role in the protests in Bahrain? Around the same time that the no-fly zone was declared in Libya, Bahrain called upon her neighbours to help put down the protests, and thus Saudi Arabia sent help into Bahrain. Iran objected and there was a diplomatic row, which ended in an Iranian diplomat being expelled from Bahrain.

I doubt that it has entered the heads of too many people that Iran has been in the background, helping to stir up the conflicts, with the express aim of creating chaos in order to hasten the arrival of the Mahdi.

The Shiites believe in the legend of the 12th imam. This is the story of the boy who fell in the well, and the Madhi sect within the Shia believe that this boy will return as the 12th imam. This Mahdi sect had been banned, yet in Iran, the usurper Ahmadinejad (aka Ahmanutjob) and the mullah Grand Poohbah Khamenei believe in the fairy story of the imminent return of the Mahdi or the 12th imam. In fact Ahmahnutjob believes that it is necessary to create chaos in the world in order to hasten the arrival of this mythical figure. He has even built a road from the well that is situated in Qom.

The fact that Ahmahnutjob believes in the imminent arrival of the Mahdi is a good reason to have doubts about who is behind all of these uprisings. Probably the most vital point to consider is the background of the people doing the protests. In Syria, Bahrain and Yemen it is the Shiite population that has been the most vocal with their protests. They seem to be extremely vocal with their demands, refusing to back down as they demand that the tyrant leaves. This is also true in Jordan. It is a little bit surprising that there are protests in Syria since Assad has been an ally to Iran, but the point is that there have also been bloody protests in Syria, just as there have been protests in Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. 

The question that I have, therefore, is what role, if any has Iran been playing in each of these Arab nations? If Iran is backing the protests, is the reason due to the odd believe that a boy who fell down a well and drowned is going to return?  You can read about the response of the Gulf States and the interference by Iran here:

3 responses to “The Mahdi is coming or the covert operations of Iran

  1. Wow, you’ve been a busy beaver lately! Maybe we should try to get you appointed as our new “Foreign Secretary”. Hillary has stated she wants to quit. You know more good stuff about the world situation than she does, or any of her mentioned possible replacements.

    Besides, I don’t think you want USA to attack Israel.


    • Thanks but no thanks. I really think that HRC made a big mistake taking on the SoS. She has been very amateurish in her approach… just like the rest of the Administration.

      I do think that if HRC had been the candidate and ended up with POTUS that the USA would not been seen as a weak nation. The Arabs hate that form of weakness. I am beginning to suspect that they saw that same weakness in Jimmah and knew that they could walk all over him.

      It is hard to imagine what those Arabs are thinking when Østupid bends over to sniff his own farts, as he crawls to world leaders instead of being a leader. The mixed signals that were sent has sent the world into a real spin.

      On the other hand we have seen the emergence of France as a military force again. Not only has France been at the forefront in Libya, but also in the Ivory Coast (I have yet to write up on that problem). Sarkozy has been acting in a more responsible fashion than Østupid and it has been a refreshing change to see France having some balls for a change. However, that will not last… only until the next French Presidential elections.

      Anyway, HRC did not say that she was resigning now, but that she will not be a candidate in 2012 and that she will not continue with SoS after the election in 2012 and I do not blame her. Having such a blithering, dithering idiot as a boss has worn her down.