People Smuggling, Asylum seekers – a consequence of war?

The issue of illegal immigrants is one that is shared in many countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France and Spain – to name but a few countries that have problems with illegal immigrants.

We even share some of the stupidity of our politicians who fail to see that this form of immigration is a financial drain as well as being a social drain upon the population.  The American experience is well documented, especially when the border between Mexico and the USA is so very porous.  It is more difficult to get into Canada than it is to get into the USA!! 

However, the Australian experience is a little bit different because we do not have the porous borders. Australia is a very large island. We have a problem with illegal immigrants (not just those who overstay their visas) who attempt to get to Australia via the people smugglers in boats.

People smuggling must be very profitable because the people involved seem to be unbothered when their boats are captured and then burned. However, it is a very risky venture for those who are prepared to pay these smugglers for the opportunity to gain access to the Australian shores.  This is despite the fact that many spend a very long time in detention centres, and that they risk their lives on the journey (the number of deaths from drowning is quite high).

Some, but not all, of these people come from Afghanistan. Others come from Iran, Pakistan and a small mixture of other races. It would be easy to point the finger and state that these people are civilians fleeing a war. Are they? Is it really true? Is is more likely that they are queue jumpers who simply want a better life in Australia?

One of the difficulties faced by Australia is the fact that up until now Indonesia has not had any laws against people smuggling. You might ask what has Indonesia got to do with asylum seekers from Afghanistan? The answer is somewhat clear cut, and that is these people attempt to get to Australia via Indonesia. In fact they come to Australia on Indonesian fishing vessels.

Thus it is good news when the Indonesian government announces that it is going to introduce anti-people smuggling laws.  This is something that should have happened years ago. Australia has been struggling to cope with these illegal immigrants, and it is about time that the Indonesia government helped to stamp out people smuggling.

The Australian detention centre on Christmas Island is full. On top of that the people who were placed in the detention centre on Christmas Island have participated in riots, and also they have caused a break-out.  There have been attempts to find a new location outside of Australia for these illegal immigrants, but it has been to no avail. Instead the Australian government will open up an old army barracks in Tasmania and move some of the people to that facility.  It is not necessarily a good solution to the problem.

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  1. Hey Aussie. We are watching some sort of mental breakdown over at CW. It is not pleasant to watch.


  2. Paxson so good to see you here. Yes, it is sad and this is why this blog has been set up.

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