The Ivory Coast

Is there a situation that is worse than Libya as far as civilian deaths is concerned? Yes, there is a civil war that is worse than Libya, and I might add that this is a real civil war situation.  That situation is being played out in the Ivory Coast.

Without going into the background of this conflict in any depth, this is another conflict where the U.N. is involved. In this case France has boots on the ground. The conflict revolves around the former President Gbagbo who refuses to accept that he was defeated in an election, and Outatera (sp) who was elected in the U.N. supervised elections. 

The “rebels” in this case are those who back the winner of those elections, Outatera. In recent days it has come to light that probably 1000 people were massacred at the Catholic missions compounds, probably by Outatera’s supporters. One has to be careful about how this is interpreted because it was not necessarily action that was anti-Christian.

According to the reports that I have seen, the people in the villages under fire take shelter in the compounds of the Catholic missions because they see those as being safe. Therefore, without greater detail being available as to who was killed it is hard to draw conclusions.

On the other hand, the Salesians who run the seminaries in Abdijan have had a few problems and it has been reported that one of the priests has been kidnapped.  It is not a good situation.

The French have boots on the ground. They have secured the airport which means that some people have been able to escape the conflict. It also means that the French forces are engaged against the supporters of Gbagbo.

At this point in time I do not know the full story behind the conflict, or behind the UN involvement in this country. The report that I have used here points out that Gbagbo’s troops have been shelling civilians, just like Daffy Duck is shelling and killing civilians in Misrata.

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