here is the BS article of the day

Now the watermelons are blaming carbon dioxide for a rise in…. wait for it… hay fever…. I kid you not… my first and immediate reaction when I saw the headline was: what a load of mushroom fodder.

I am a sufferer of hayfever, and I have suffered since about the age of 12. Now I understand that what set off my upper respiratory tract infections was something related to being close to a factory that produced fly spray (Hunter) in West Footscray, at about the same time that my father was passing through that suburb (yes I was in the car) discharged pyrethrins into the air. Yes, that is the “natural” ingredient that is in those cans of fly spray that the manufacturers push.  After that incident, whenever anyone used Mortein or other sprays that were not synthetic ingredients I would end up not being able to breathe through my nose. I would have to cover my nose with a handkerchief and start breathing through my mouth.

This was followed by a succession of other allergies: the bathroom mould killer known as Exit Mould was a doozy. In fact it has taken many years before I have been able to use a bleach because of my exposure to high levels from using Exit Mould. I had reactions to paint fumes, cigarette and cigar smoke as well as the fumes emitted from cars before we had new policies that have helped reduce pollution in the cities.

All of these things contribute to hay fever…. yet according the the mushroom fodder artists who do their research into the mushroom fodder of all mushroom fodder, climate change, we are seeing a rise in hay fever sufferers because of carbon dioxide… what a lot of twaddle.

Carbon Dioxide, which is the air that we breathe out, is an essential ingredient in the process known as photosynthesis. This process is related to plants and trees. The plants and trees breathe in the carbon dioxide and exhale the oxygen, which we as human breathe in and then exhale carbon dioxide. The process has no effect upon the length of spring or anything else.  One would think that these mumbo jumbo scientists had never heard of the process of photosynthesis. It is all so ridiculous that they just continue the spin because they want the research dollars, which governments can ill-afford.


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  1. @Cabby, thank you for the input. I tried out the other theme to see how it went.
    I liked some of the features of that theme, but then I had to add back the various widgets to help people navigate the site.


  2. CRB | April 9, 2011 at 3:42 pm |

    Hi CRB,

    Thank you! Your post is spot on!

    Amazing how these moonbats think they can ‘change the Earth’ isn’t it? They build berms and seawalls to stop the oceans from destroying their $1M homes; they try to ‘modify’ the weather; they try to genetically engineer crops, and on and on.

    Years ago there was an ad on TV for I-don’t-remember-what, but the tag line was ‘It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.’

    The whackjobs should remember that…


  3. Ladyhawke | April 9, 2011 at 4:09 pm |


    Please do not leave. You were one of the key reasons this site was created. You were one of the most distraught and most expressive in regards “the beast with multiple heads”.

    Please be patient. Just quitely say what you like and don’t like about the format. I’m sure Aussie will merge your opinion with others and come up with a workable compromise.


  4. These posts by Ladyhawke don’t sound like her to me??? Just a thought.
    I was reading an article about the gov’t spraying sulfates into the atmosphere to give a sunshade effect to planet earth and help control climate, the only problem the planet would have to cut back considerably on carbon dioxide emissions. It’s like going to the Dr and getting a prescription to fix one problem…in the process, the pill causes other problems for the patient.


  5. kiltie, I was wondering the same about Ladyhawke. Can anyone confirm if it is the real ladyhawke or an imposter?


  6. indymac | April 10, 2011 at 7:26 am |

    Indy….it’s her.


  7. Air Force Brat

    I honestly don’t see what the problem is. I don’t see anything wrong with the format.


  8. For all those wondering, all the posts on this thread were from me, the real Ladyhawke. If they seemed caustic to some, or out of character, I sincerely apologize. I was checking in regularly – and hopefully – and probably noticed every time there was a major change. It was frustrating to watch. I did not post for several days as I witnessed this, but was discouraged nonetheless. Regarding my first message of last night, the format was such that you could only post on this thread – no other threads were visible – that was when I lost it and that was the post indy replied to. Then, the format changed. Air Force Brat – if you did not witness this – you would not understand. The current format does make the most sense.

    As the formats and site layout combinations were changing, and I saw regular CW expats no longer posting, after the initial surge, I became more distressed. It was hard to determine where the current conversation was happening.

    Carlyle, as you were one of the most attacked on CW, along with Paxton and me, I appreciate your message. In fact, that is the only reason I am composing this message. I shall take your sage advice.

    Aussie, to my mind, a time intensive news-driven blog can only work if almost everything is in real time. A great example of such is that almost everyone today replied to the front page post. To my mind, that was the simplicity of the CW format. The top posts and the comments were chronological. If you were not there for a few days, and had the time, you could read from where you left off and not miss any part of the conversation. In a news driven blog, no one is going to post much to a list of topics.

    All the best to everyone,


  9. LadyHawke

    I think things have settled a bit for now. Let’s watch and hope. I saw everything and understood your concerns. It was not as bad as you thought because there was an ‘archive’ button that got you where you needed to be. It is just another of a gallery of wordpress canned layouts.

    But if you are not familiar with those, I can understand the panic. Not to worry, nobody here is malicious. We are all going to have to get used to that. Something entirely different! GRIN.

    We need to all settle down and believe that if something unusual happens here, it was either an accident, or it can be corrected with polite and simple requests. Again something entirely different!! Double GRIN.

    I personally disagree with some stuff that is posted here. Some I comment on or rebut in some way. Most I just let slide. Because even those people are fellow sojourners on the path of righteous discovery.

    I know that Aussie will tolerate ZERO nonsense.

    Guaranteed, no “demented pricks” over here. LOL


  10. Ladyhawke and Carlyle,

    Thanks for your thoughtful and honest posts.

    With every new blog, there’s some tweaking that needs to go on. Personally, I liked the ‘reply’ feature however, if the post was located at the beginning of the comments, you had to scroll forever in order to find it, and any other replies, as well. I chose to do what I always did, and that is to copy the poster’s name and time of post and respond that way.

    Several threads ago, Aussie called for suggestions however, with the number of articles that were posted it got lost in the mix.

    This format works as it’s easy to navigate and read; Hillbuzz and Free Republic drive me crazy because it’s so hard to follow along.

    What counts is that we have a ton of good people here, who ‘know’ and respect each other, unlike some other places. Will we disagree? Sure, but we always learn and discuss.

    And that’s what we’re here for :).


  11. @Carlyle

    or is that “no Richard Craniums” or “no dickheads”? ROFL
    There are definitely some who are not welcome to post over here. I will not be approving any messages from them.


  12. I do not expect people to always agree. On the contrary, if I post something that is controversial, I would expect that people would be able to rebut what I am saying but providing good reasons for the rebuttal.

    For example, I like the Hillbuzz format that allows for replies to posts, but obviously a lot of people do not like that method. However, let me explain a little bit why I prefer the embed style. It has to do with my hands. I have arthritis in my hands. Most of the time I am ok, but I have days where my hand placed on the mouse and scrolling hurts me, and there is a certain amoung of numbness from that position. I have less problems with the scrolling with the Hillbuzz format than with the CW format.

    On the other hand I agree with SueK about the Freerepublic format. I do not like it. Plus I tend to not like the format of message boards.

    This is a learning curve for me. I like to have the freedom to tinker with themes. Since I have few readers to my other blogs it does not matter if I tinker with the theme.

    Also, my orientation on news is more than just about Østupid’s corruption or even the birth certificate. The man is really stupid and in my view his naive way of handling foreign affairs could very well lead to a world war if we are not careful. I wrote a post about Ahmanutjob and his belief in the Mahdi. It would have been great if people had read it, absorbed it, and then came back with comments, because I am convinced that Iran is behind a lot of the uprisings in the M.E. but so are the Communists and the Soros types, as well as people who really do desire freedom but are being used.

    I do not mind raising the subject of Østupid records because the way he has behaved shows an absolute lack of integrity and transparency. Also, the arguments being used by the left are on the whole nonsensical. They have been trying to change the narrative, so some focus is necessary on their activity.

    My view happens to be that what happens in the USA affects the rest of the world in some way. Therefore some subjects are related in a differnt way than just focus on the past of Østupid. I tend to want to focus on his ineptness on the world scene. I am waiting for him to fall flat on his face when he trips on his shoe laces.


  13. O.T., but this came to my attention:
    by Leo………

    Has anyone read it? It’s quite current and one wonders the reason for it now.


  14. Cabby – AZ | April 10, 2011 at 8:25 pm |

    Dunno, Cabby, why it’s being posted now however, I am hoping to *never* see his name again.

    Maybe it’s appearing because some of us were hammering him on it. I notice that the part about the motor vehicle, the dog, and the neighbors is curiously absent.

    Where’s the whole story?


  15. SueK (1:36am)
    Those were my thoughts exactly. To my knowledge this is the first time that he has reiterated “his story” since way long into last year. It is generating a lot of sympathy across the blogosphere from unwitting souls who don’t really know him like we do.

    I wonder as to the reason for multiple arrests so close together and definitely smell a rat. Something just doesn’t jibe, notwithstanding the garnering of sympathy which he is accomplishing.


  16. Cabby – AZ | April 11, 2011 at 5:44 am |

    I many be way off base, Cabby, but here’s what I think: As we go through life we’re pretty much insignificant if you look at the big picture. Some have the need to be ‘important’ and stand out from the rest of us. What better way than to pretend that we *are* important enough to have Barky’s thugs come after us.

    That’s what I think happened: Look at how important I am! Obama sent his minions to shut me up!

    The reality of it is that the rest of us wish that he’d just shut up. Judging from the posts he creates, I firmly believe he got into hot water not because ‘they’ were after him rather, because of his big effing mouth and volatile temper. Trying to run over your neighbor or ‘sic’ your dog on them just isn’t normal behavior! I have a guy who lives in back of me with the same anger issues but I’d never think to try to run him down or sic my two guinea pigs or my very geriatric rabbit on him! Would you?



  17. @Cabby I saw the article last night before I went to bed. I was wondering if others would also see it.

    There seems to be some might big gaps in the story, but did you see the very last sentence? He has given up his law licence.

    If this is a new version of his story then it seems that we did “get to him”. It is of course his version of events, and there is likely another version relating to the reason for the arrests in the first place. I do not believe that it had anything to do with being a Patriot. However, I note that they took away his guns. Was he threatening to shoot people?

    The fact that he was put in a mental institution for a time suggests that some thought he has a mental illness. Quite often people with severe mental illness refuse to acknowledge their sickness. In fact the first step to a cure is acknowledging the source of the problem.

    He claims to be a patriot and he claims that he was attempting to clear up corruption. He is consistent on one point which is about the theft of computers. If what he said is true then he might have had a point. However, he is still a Dhimmicrat and he is all over the place when it comes to people who actually oppose Østupid.


  18. SueK | April 11, 2011 at 6:39 am | | Edit
    would your guinea pigs or rabbit do much damage?

    Now my deceased dog Ruby, she is another matter entirely because she was a big dog!! If only you knew 🙂


  19. Morning, Aussie,

    I could make ’em.

    There’s nothing like a crazed cavy who hasn’t gotten her lettuce yet! 🙂 Poor Cricket bunny is 10 years old with a variety of maladies. He may not be able to see much anymore, but he can still deliver a very powerful kick!

    Still, I would never think to do anything like that, unless the critters expressed a desire…..

    I feel Ruby would scare the stuffing out of anyone merely by her presence.


  20. @Sue, I have lots of stories to tell about Ruby scaring people because of her size. The gal was a an Irish Wolfhound X.

    She was great support when canvassers and the JW or LDS came to the door… ROFL… not like I did not encourage her to follow me (smirk) 🙂