Libya: the money quote

There is good reason to be very critical in regard to the conduct of the imposition of the no-fly zone in Libya. I remain one who believes that the no-fly zone is necessary. However, I am extremely critical of the manner in which the whole thing has been handled by Østupid.

Yesterday NATO made another mistake and 4 people were killed. One of them was a doctor. The mistake occurred because it seems that the right people were not informed that the rebels were using some tanks that they had “won” from the pro-Daffy Duck forces.

Reading through the NY Slimes article I found what I consider to be the money quote, which is also the basis of my own criticism over the lack of leadership from the USA (this is beside the criticism about Østupid not getting permission from the Congress to participate in the enforcement of both the arms embargo on Libya as well as the enforcement of the no-fly zone).

We haven’t had a significant military operation in which the Americans have taken a back seat for quite some time,” said Malcolm Chalmers, a professor of defense at King’s College London, according to The Associated Press. “It really is unclear whether the Europeans can rise to that challenge.”

There are disputes about whether or not information was passed to NATO from the National Council, but I admit to laughing when I saw the following statement:

Rebels in the hotly contested area between Brega and Ajdabiya in eastern Libya said that henceforth they would paint the tops of their vehicles pink to help avoid future friendly fire accidents. As the conflict has evolved, however, Colonel Qaddafi’s forces have proved adept at mixing in with civilian populations and mimicking the rebels’ vehicles, to sow confusion and deter allied airstrikes.


5 responses to “Libya: the money quote

  1. No offense to these poor slobs, but don’t they realize that FLIR and other thermal imaging systems only see things in Black and White?

    Simple Science guys: Pink is a hue of RED, which means all the FLIR systems are going to see is that “Your a HOT Target” considering any hue of red will simply absorb more of the Infra-Red heat spectrum. Thus you look just as hot as any other target acquisitioned with DARK Colors, that also absorb more heat? Do yourselves a favor, and paint the tops of your vehicles and whatnot WHITE!!!!! Ahhh… Deeerrr… UMMMM… You is truly edu-ma-ja-katd!!!!


  2. The Geneva Conventions CLEARLY spells out how to identify yourself as a “Friendly”…. Please read them if you are involved in an armed conflict.


  3. Trust me, we will know if the hostile you are wanting help with is “Faking” the International Sign of being a “Friendly”. We do have lots of technology that works just for such occasions. Granted we may suck at HUMINT(Human Intelligence) in this day and age… But we have the most sophisticated TECHINT (Technical Intelligence) in the Friggin world.


  4. And despite what the MSM and political Talking heads likes to report … In this day and age, the vast majority of “Civilian Deaths” is caused by those whom we are fighting using said civilians as human shields for the sole purpose of emotional knee jerk propaganda victories.


  5. @CRB, you have it absolutely correct on the human shields (and the rest too but that is not my expertise 🙂 )
    This is precisely what is happening in Misrata as well as in Tripoli. Daffy Duck is using civilians as human shields in his compound in Tripoli. Also in Misrata the Daffy goons (mercenaries from Mali and Chad) have placed their tanks in urban areas which is making it difficult for any NATO strikes.

    This is why I pointed out the fact that the rules of engagement make it difficult for NATO to do their job, and these people are feeling frustrated because the job is not being done. It is a catch-22 situation.

    I just finished reading yet another report from a UN organisation about the snipers in Misrata killing and wounding children. I have consistently read the reports about children being killed and wounded there. The worst incident was a car which contained the mother and three children who were killed when hit by snipers.
    It seems to me that there are some really basic problems with the levels of communication between the rebels at the front, the leadership in Benghazi and NATO. The first attack was an error but the rebels admitted fault… the folk that were hit were firing guns in the air (and they have a habit of doing that when they sense victory). The second one was due to the fact that there was some kind of miscommunication. I suspect that the retort about painting the tanks pink was perhaps a bit of a joke caused by the frustration that is building up.
    It is difficult for NATO because they are dealing with such a disparate group of people and yes, I am acknowledging that amongst the fighters there are some who have been associated with AQ. These are the folk that would tend to be a little bit more edgy than the remainder who have been members of the military.
    At this point I really wish that people would just get on with the job of sending a missile into Daffy’s palace and hitting him!!!

    I just maintain that Daffy Duck is and always has been a dangerous man who has been a sponsor of terrorism in the past. Some of the things happening in Northern Ireland right now serve as a reminder that Daffy Duck sponsored the IRA and gave them weapons. Moussa Khoussa had a hand in arming the IRA.