More on the Ivory Coast

At one point it looked like Gbagbo had given in and that he would negotiate to leave the Presidential palace. However, since then, Gbagbo has hunkered down in the bunkers.

There is now new evidence of massacres, which is in fact ethnically, not religiously, motivated. The latest is the discovery of more than 100 bodies and the evidence is rather horrific since some were burnt alive and others have been thrown down a well.

The violence and massacres sounds a lot like what took place in Kenya when Raila Odinga claimed that there had been fraud in the election result, which also ended with ethnic violence.

However, it is this paragraph in the story that has caught my attention:

In a separate incident, more than 40 people are believed to have been killed by Liberian mercenaries in recent days.

UN peacekeepers were posted in the area when the killings took place, but did not intervene.

Meanwhile, the head of the UN peacekeeping operation in Ivory Coast says Mr Gbagbo’s forces have regained some ground in Abidjan that they had lost to Mr Ouattara’s side.

UN peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy said Mr Gbagbo’s forces used a lull on Tuesday for peace talks as a ruse to reinforce their positions. The talks have so far led nowhere.

Note the use of mercenaries. In Libya Daffy Duck is using mercenaries from Chad and Mali.

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