Campaign slogans for 2012 – WTF or….?

I just saw this post at American Thinker and thought that people might like to add their own ideas.

Actually, I really like the picture of Icarus that is featured in the post. It is worth having a look because with all of the cock-ups that we are seeing, one can only wonder at the audacity of this affirmative action person thinking that he is suitable for a second term in the job.

This man is worse than Jimmah Carter and it has nothing to do with skin colour, but everything to do with incompetence and inexperience, dithering, the inability to make snap decisions, the cronyism, taking the unions to bed, as well as his relationship with known criminals, thugs and terrorists.

You are just as likely to hear me giving the reasons as to why I think that Huckabee the Huckster should never be POTUS (because I happen to think that he would shape up to be the Republican Jimmah Carter). Huckabee has quite a bit of baggage from the way he conducted himself as Governor including the pardoning of people murderers who then went out and murdered again.  Huckabee has an uncertain record with regard to the scam known as “Climate Change” and then there is the religious element. I am not talking about being a Christian or a Jew or anything like that, but I am talking about how some people like Jimmah tend to be naive when it comes to understanding a religion that is unknown to them (Islam) and getting it so wrong about Khomenei and Iran. I suspect that in the same set of circumstances, with regard to Huckabee’s background that he would make the same kind of mistakes and welcome individuals who are not God-fearing but are quite evil. If Huckabee can get it so wrong about jailed murderers then he could get it very wrong about Muslim Brotherhood for example, and he could end up welcoming an El Baradei type figure in Egypt (which would be a disaster) as President.

In some ways this is probably why I feel quite benign towards Donald Trump without knowing everything about him. That man is a straight talker. I know that the Donald is opposed to the building of the GZVM in New York city, which is a darned good reason to support the Donald if he decides to run for POTUS. It means that he has a grasp on the situation and the dangers that are present by allowing such a building in that location. 



8 responses to “Campaign slogans for 2012 – WTF or….?

  1. ‘Obama, you’re about to get Trumped!’



  2. BYF

    Bo, you’re fired!


  3. 12 peas in 3 pods,
    Spreading the Blight of corruption and blatent fraud.
    (Evil Grin)


  4. Doh! Caught by the Spam Ferie for mistyping my e-mail addy….LOL!


  5. The WP troll fairy must have been hungry . Your comment was held by Indy’s comment was treated as spam. This could be caused by items I have in my black list, such as “free speech” 🙂 smirk


  6. WTF…. the What the f…. moment…!!


  7. Okay, it is not as funny if I have to explain it, but…….

    12 peas (as in pea brain) = O and his Top 11 (appointed without congressional approval) O-Czars.
    3 pods (as in the branches of Government: Executive, Judicial, Congressional)

    Spreading Blight (terminal plant disese) of …

    Do ya get it now?… LOL!


  8. CRB | April 11, 2011 at 4:03 pm |

    hee hee I wrote my campaign slogan but I am glad you explained it to me 🙂