Syria – Will Barry start insisting that Assad has to go?

I have been watching the protests in Syria. I am still not certain who is behind them since Syria is more or less a satellite of Iran.  It could be displaced Kurds, but I guess I have not been following the story close enough.

Assad has been in power for several years, and during the reign of his father there was a very brutal put down of a civilian revolt. Assad is also an ally of Iran, and he has been sponsoring Hezbollah in Lebanon. In other words Assad, a Ba’aathist is yet another M.E. tyrant who is a sponsor of terrorism.

The number of deaths in Syria is probably a lot lower than elsewhere, with the latest report indicating that 37 were killed after the Friday prayers. So far there has been no aerial bombing by Assad, but could it be a matter of time before he follows in the same footsteps as Daffy Duck?

There are a few things to note here:

1. Ban Ki Moon is being consistent with his criticism and his demands regarding the firing upon an unarmed civilian population. I salute Ban Ki Moon for at least being consistent.

2. Once again I note Barry’s silence. It seems that he is happy for Syrian protesters to be killed. This again is probably consisted with Barry’s morality (or lack thereof).

In Egypt where few protesters were killed, Barry Østupid got on his soapbox and demanded that Mubukarak step down and go. The same thing happened with Tunisia. There has been silence over Bahrain, Yemen and Syria… and in fact the silence is deafening.  Yet if Barry was being consistent he would have been at least stepping out in front and condemn the killing of civilians. I guess the golf game and the vacations come first.  The exception has been the mouse that roared approach to Libya and the way in which Daffy Duck has been bombing, shelling and killing his own people, especially the people of Misrata.  It  was just like a small yappy dog with a big bark but not much in the way of bite. Despite participating initially in the implementation of the no-fly zone in Libya, Barry has chosen to be a non-performer instead of getting the job done. I guess he must have been worried about the content of those letters that he received from Daffy Duck. There have been some weak demands telling Daffy to go, but there has been no persistent demand, which is typical of the conduct of this particular POTUS.

****UPDATE**** I just saw this story regarding troops firing upon protesters at a funeral procession. This is ominously like the story in Libya. It would seem that Assad has decided to take the Daffy Duck route and that he is becoming more violent towards those who are protesting his regime.  So once again I question whether or not Østupid will say anything such as demanding that Assad leave, like he did with Hosni Muburak and the dude in Tunisia, or whether he will remain silent. It seems to me that Østupid remains unwilling to make a moral stance on these matters. I had initially stated that Østupid only acted over Libya and agreed to say yes to the no-fly zone because he was pushed into making the decision. I personally suspect that he would have said and done nothing if it had not been for other people shaming him into making some kind of a stand against the wilful murder of civilians. Now it is Syria’s turn and Assad is one of the rogue bunch….

*****UPDATE2***** Check this link from the BBC for some background on trouble and dissent in Syria. I remeber hearing about the Druze but I thought it was in relation to fighting in the Lebanon war back in the 1970s.

@@@ On the Libyan front, I have found yet another story regarding the methods used by Daffy Duck. This time it is the commander of NATO, General Bouchard who is stating what has come from other sources.

The use of civilians as human shields is nothing new to Muslims. HAMAS use that method in order to discredit the Israelis. It was also used by Hezbollah in Lebanon during the last war where a house was hit and the Israelis were blamed for killing civilians.  However, Daffy has been doing it in a way that makes HAMAS and Hezbollah look like amateurs. He is actually using tanks and placing them near the homes of the citizens of Misrata which makes it difficult for NATO forces to protect the civilian population. I note here that one again Østupid has been relatively silent about this abuse of the population of Libya.


2 responses to “Syria – Will Barry start insisting that Assad has to go?

  1. Little does Daffy know, NATO and the US have these nifty devices we like to call “Dead Fall” devices…. They are bombs that are not bombs, in a casual sense; used in areas of high civilian populations made specifically to minimize casualties. They are bombs filled with reinforced concrete rather than explosives in an alloyed armor piercing casing.

    However, don’t know if there are any fielded for Libya as most are in Iraq and Afghanistan at the moment. So considering the state of our non-existent federal budget at the moment, the finances for logistics are not there in order to move such gear around.


  2. thank you for that information. Yes under the Dhimmis the state of the military is in disarray.