Fukushima – a good update and summary

For those interested in the Fukushima crisis you will find some really good information here:


Barry has an interesting post on what has been taking place, as well as a picture that shows the devastation around the plant. Two workers were killed by the tsunami in the nr 2 plant. They were drowned.

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  1. One other thing IB, if I recall the document correctly (am not about to waste time googling) the seal is a generic seal, looks like something bought in a cheap office supply shop in Nairobi.


  2. @IB that is why I am of the view that Larry tells half-truths. For all we know he was able to identifty a distinguishing feature on the anatomy of Østupid. It is just the real proof that is lacking. There are some truths in his story or at least I have heard enough other stories to give him just a little bit of credence.

    The Donald Young thing has legs. There is a connection and someone has come forward with detail that corroborates some of what has been stated. In particular this relates to the drug taking and the smell. Remember that MooMoo has stated that he is “stinky”.

    Also the other things that I have read, not associated with Larry include the Downlow via the Trinity United Church. This has come from people in Chicago that the false Christian Church, Trinity United had its own downlow club and that Østupid was a part of the scene. He has also been to Man’s Country where he was a frequent visitor.

    Then there is the issue of his body man who goes everywhere with him plus there is Alexi Giannoulis who is one of his corrupt friends as well as a basketball buddy and a buddy of another sort.


  3. I just did a google search on Lucas Smith. Keep in mind that I am ambivalent where his certificate is concerned. The first link took me to a video uploaded by Smith in what is purported to be Mombassa, with Smith giving an explanation about the certificate.

    This jury member cannot decide on the matter at all. I would like to see it brought into a court of law and to be either verified or declared a fake.


  4. jrCarolinas | April 12, 2011 at 9:33 am | | Edit

    I am suspecting that Eddie H is one of the real obots, but not 100%. He has been talking down a number of people including Trump. It makes him look suspicious.


  5. Don’t know much about eddie but I’m suspicious of anyone going after Trump. As for the Lucas Smith document, I doubt it would end up in court because of the way it was obtained. Poison fruit. If it turns out to be the fake I think it is it would only serve to hurt the cause of exposing the truth. I saw someone the other day was daring bo to give his footprint to see if it matches the one on the Smith doc. Like that’s gonna happen, lol. I wonder if that guy is a plant or just a fool. Something tells me that guy wouldn’t do too good in Vegas.


  6. @Indy, here in Australia we do not have a footprint on the birth certificate.

    Also, I fail to understand how the footprint of an adult can match that of an infant. Many things can happen to cause changes. My own feet are a good example of those changes (due to arthritis and fallen arches). So I have difficulty believing that a request to match the footprint would be valid.


  7. indymac | April 12, 2011 at 7:55 am |
    Cabby left some hints about stuff she’s uncovered/discovered about what’s what with some of the deceptive entities operating at CW. I’d love to hear more.
    Hi, Indy,
    No, I don’t have any inside information – sorry if I gave that impression somewhere. I’m struggling with the entire situation just like you and others.
    eddie h. must not be a direct persona of FS, since it is reported by some that he has posted elsewhere in such a way that he appears to be a true obot. I am not sure about Abbeygirl, but I don’t somehow feel that she is one of FS’s, unless it is to create a controversy so that FS has a springboard.

    It was interesting, however, to see how he reacted to your posts, Indy. He wants to pick a fight, in plain simple words. That is disruptive to any blog and should be reprimanded and censored. For what reason? I lean toward the theory that it is part of a planned attack greater than just an angry FS. I think he is a tool of someone or something greater. I wish I did have some insider stuff.


  8. Aussie | April 12, 2011 at 12:14 pm |
    Also, I fail to understand how the footprint of an adult can match that of an infant.

    The friction ridges on a foot print are as unique at the friction ridges of your fingers (finger prints) and palm (hand print) of the hand. It really don’t have anything to do with skeletal growth, bone displacement, fallen arches, and whatnot. The actual friction ridges on the skin of your feet tend to stay the same, just as your palm and finger friction ridges do.


  9. @CRB, thanks for the information. I did not know that.


  10. Aussie | April 12, 2011 at 12:46 pm | @CRB, thanks for the information. I did not know that
    I learned about that way back when I was still a wee Boy Scout, earning my Finger Printing Merit Badge…. Gave my self a headache thinking that far back. LOL! Growing old is mandatory, growing up… That’s optional.


  11. It may be that Lucas Smith just got taken by some cheap Kenyan counterfeiters. Or he could be a willing participant in a hoax, for reasons unknown. Maybe there’s a tiny tiny chance it’s real, but no way I’d bet on it. Either way it’s a tree I wouldn’t be barking up. The weird SS number from CT, now that’s something worth climbing up a few limbs to check out. Mario is on to that one and I’d bet Trump is looking into it. Lotsa smoke in there.


  12. Cabby – AZ | April 12, 2011 at 12:37 pm |

    Cabby, your guess is as good as mine. Don’t know if he’s someone else’s tool but he’s a tool nonetheless!


  13. @Indy, I would tend to agree that the fake SSN number has more legs than the Lucas Smith BC.

    I still see this as a situation of an illegal alien because of the effects of the adoption by Lolo Soetoro. The White House is very keen to sweep the Indonesian years under the carpet. They even have the Indonesian embassy denying the school records etc. So I think that we are on to something when it comes to Indonesia and then when he returned to the USA.


  14. Not saying this is real but for a Kenyan LFBC this one sure looks more authentic than the Lucas Smith thing:



  15. @Indy, we are looking at 2 separate certificates.

    The Orly Taitz certificate appears to be one that has come from a registrar’s office of births, deaths and marriages. It looks like the issue of of an extract of birth.

    The other one is alleged to have come directly from the hospital. It should have more detail than the Orly Taitz held certificate.


  16. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,


    Are you commenting about this certificate?


    I believe that the whole deal was a hoax. A nasty, desperate attempt to “diss” anyone who believes in the Constitution.

    I have stated before that I like Orly’s arguments, I’m just not sure she comes across as well as she could.

    As far as the Smith BC, I’m still an “interested bystander”. It has been suggested to me that it isn’t legit, but I have yet to see any proof (other than opinion) that the Smith document is a fake.

    Thanks for answering my question though, I respect your opinion.


    I have told the story on another blog before, but a couple of years ago I contacted my credit card company and asked if I could get a copy of my statement from May of 1999 (the wife and I went to Niagra Falls), and they told me that for a small fee, they could generate my statement. I’m wondering why Larry couldn’t do the same (he’s certainly gotten a fair share of donations from his followers), for his credit card, the limo receipt, a matchbook from the club he claims he met Obama at, cell phone records, or hotel receipt, or even an airline ticket.

    I believe Larry has proven he was in Chicago, and it’s pretty well known that Obama spoke at Northwestern University (because Larry released a program for the event) sometime around the supposed meeting, but I am not convinced that he was at the club he claims he was at, or that he met with Obama because a limo driver set up a meeting.

    “Half truths” is giving Larry some pretty good wiggle room.

    I just thought that the first DC trip was supposed to be THE big event, and it was a dud. A collossal failure. I won’t comment that Larry is “lying”, but he sure doesn’t have anything to back up his story.

    As far as the Donald Young deal, it sure does seem to me that the least Larry should have done was to keep the texts he claims went on between him and Young. SOMETHING, but again all we have is Larry’s “word”, which history shows isn’t very reliable.

    With all of that commented, isn’t it ironic that another site put up a thread claiming I am a “Larry supporter” with comments I posted and everything. Sad thing is, NONE of the comments they posted stated that I supported Larry, only that I wanted him to have every opportunity to present his evidence (I actually donated to Larry on his first DC trip so that he could stay for an extended time, but it didn’t produce anything except excuses from Larry).

    I am also a proud owner of Larry’s book (it was a Christmans gift), but I have yet to get past the first few pages.

    In my opinion Larry isn’t credible. He continued to ask for donations, and we got nothing in return.


  17. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    As far as the Social Security number, it has been suggested that whoever entered Obama’s information mistakenly hit the “0” instead of the “9” as the first number of his zip code.

    A lame excuse to be sure, but it seems like a possibility.

    I’m not defneding Obama at all. I honestly believe his policies are going to cause us a lot more headaches than good for those who believe in his policies.

    I have been having an interesting debate with a co-worker about the whole Obama Presidency.

    The co-worker (who is black), claims that Obama is doing good for the country, but when pressed to come up with an issue, he stumbles around. I asked him about health care and where in the Constitution it gives the Feds authority to implement it, and he told me “it doesn’t matter”. I asked him why it doesn’t matter, and said something like “the Constitution is an outdated document and should be changed”. I argue there are ways to change the Constitution legally, but he didn’t understand why we couldn’t just “do it” instead of following the procedures set forth in the Constitution.

    I asked him how, when we have a 1.65 TRILLION dollar deficit for this year alone, how does he expect us to pay for all of these programs Obama has implemented, and his reply was don’t worry, we’ll just print more money.

    I replied to him it won’t matter how much money they print when our dollar isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

    When I asked him about the eligibility issue, we debated for a few minutes, and then he dropped THE bombshell.

    He said if Obama wasn’t a black man, then this wouldn’t be an issue.

    My reply was that he had to be pretty desperate to play the race card, especially when I hadn’t even brought up Obama’s race, that we were debating the Constitution. I told him that I didn’t appreciate being called a racist, and he backed off.

    It’s pretty sad when our schools don’t even teach the Constitution anymore. Not only should our schools teach about the Constitution, they should have a refresher course every year, not only for students, but for the community as a whole.

    Ok, I’m done with my “rant” (or two).

    Aussie, thanks for allowing me a place to express my opinion.


  18. Hey guys, first post and nooby to the forum, just a quick hello.