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I just found this article over at American Thinker. Personally, I believe Jayna Davis and her account of what went down. There were other persons “unknown” who participated in that bombing. They were Iraqi soldiers.  Hussein al-Husseini was a former Saddam Hussein elite guard and his name has been circulating as the third bomber.

This angle was never investigated by the FBI. Why? Well I can think of one good reason. In the days of Slick Willy’s Presidency there was a meme of the angry White Men. This goes back to Waco and Ruby Ridge. McVeigh was a witness to, but not involved with the Waco slayings by the FBI, and I am not surprised that he was so very angry. It meant that McVeigh was ripe to be used by other more nefarious persons to do evil. One could almost hint that the FBI were out to get him. However, looking beyond that point you have Janet Reno (who also turned a little boy over to the Cuban authorities) who was responsible for the meme about homeschoolers being bad, and about militia being the terrorists.

Well, so far there has not been any real evidence that the majority involved in the militia movement are terrorists. The Southern Poverty Law Centre happens to be an absolute joke in my view. It contains a lot of wrong information about what they determine as “hate groups” and they miss the obvious – ACORN and its affiliates as well as the various anarchists that exist in the USA.  The SPLC has information that is simply not credible, such as information on a group that does not exist in Rhode Island (see Legal Insurrection for more details on the subject)

In other words, who ordered the FBI not to investigate John Doe #2? I am betting that it was Slick Willy who shut down any investigation even though there were eye witnesses who could pin point the person who actually helped Terry Nichols build the bomb. Keep in mind that Terry Nichols has an affiliate in the Philipines who is or was involved with the Filipino version of Al Qaeda.

The only way that justice will be served for the 171 people who died in the Murrah building is for an investigation into John Doe #2 which is open and honest and no political correctness.


The comments have provided sufficient food for thought. I recommend the link provided by Indy. It seems that everything seems to tie back to the Soviet Union, and that includes the links to Saddam Hussein as well as to Libya, and the PLO.

The Soviet Union was using Yasser Arafat to get at the USA but making it look like the Russians were not involved. Saddam Hussein had links to the PLO and was a sponsor of their terrorist activities. The Soviet Union had supplied WMDs to Saddam Hussein and even showed him how to hide the weapons. Kamel Hussein who defected to Egypt provided a lot of information that netted a lot of those Iraqi weapons, and then Kamel was lured back to Iraq where he and his family were brutally killed. After that point Saddam Hussein refused to cooperate with the International Community, and all the time the Russians were obsfucating and putting obstacles in the way of taking action.

The Soviet Union was also a backer of Gadhafi in Libya. People seem to forget that Gadhafi was a vey big sponsor in terrorism. Only recently we have been reminded that Gadhafi also sponsored the terrorism of the IRA in Northern Ireland. Yet behind Gadhafi stands the Soviet Union. In this case you have payback against the British Government.

Think about this as a scenario – PLO – at the time of the bombing in Oklahoma City  the PLO were in negotiation with the OSLO 2 Treaty. Clinton needed to get that treaty signed. If word got out that M.E. agents were involved in the bombing of the Murrah building, then the signing of the OSLO 2 Treaty would be torpedoed. This would have destroyed the original plans of Yasser Arafat and the Soviet Union to deceive the rest of the world, and in particular the USA regarding the intentions of Yasser Arafat.

I do not know if the scenario is correct, but for now these are the dots that I have been connecting.


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  1. people should read that report.

    Please refresh my memory on when the Camp David Accord was signed. Was it before or after Oklahoma City bombing?

    The reason that I ask is that there seems to be a tie to the PLO. I would need to refresh my memory with regard to any links between Saddam Hussein and the PLO, but this smells.

    Then there is the link to the Logan City International Airport.

    Did I mention the probable link to the first attempt at the World Trade Centre? Didn’t that happen after the Oklahoma city bombing? If I remember correctly that was also a truck full of explosives.

    It seems to be linked. What about Awlaki? Was he known to any of these people? I do know that he was the imam in the Virginia mosque that had been frequented by some of the bombers, as well as Nidal Hassan.

    Yemen – Al Qaeda – PLO – HAMAS – CAIR

    So why did the FBI not investigate? It sounds like they were stopped from the top, by either Slick Willy or by Janet Reno.


  2. Okay, your wandering into places I can not comment upon, or don’t have information on due to the whole SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) philosophy and access. I Know Oz land definitions are a bit different on this, so I’ll explain the US’s concept instead.

    In Layman’s terms:

    SCI = No individual, regardless of Clearance Level or Need to Know may have access to ALL information and Intelligence considered outside of their documented scope and Clearance Cravats. This is to keep any single individual from ever knowing all pertinent information and Intelligence data within any Sensitive/Secret enclave they may be assigned to that is not specific to any other any other Enclave. This practice is enforced in order to purposely disallow any single individual from being able to know or access the entire Knowledge base and constraints of any other enclave that would potentially reveal the entirety of any specific Analysis Group.

    Civilian Translation: The left hand is not allowed to know what the Right hand is doing at any given time, place, or in any subject matter. Anything even remotely considered outside of your specialty scope, you will NEVER have the “Need to Know” to access or apply to your specific Analysis subject matter.


  3. I found some answers.
    The first accord, Camp David was Jimmah Carter’s responsibility. It was the agreement between Egypt and Israel.

    The other one is the Oslo Treaty 2. It was signed in September 1995.

    The PLO and Iraq are linked because the PLO supported Iraq.

    If the FBI had found a link to terrorist org at the time of the Oklahoma city bombing then the efforts of Slick Willy to get the agreement signed would have turned to shit.

    It sounds like a good motive to suppress the truth about John Doe 2 who was a former member of the Iraq Republican Guard.


  4. Your timing is impecable as I was about to post the following:
    Secondly, just because I can not go into specifics does not mean the “Generic Civilian” population as a whole can not speculate upon, present their own facts, and opinions to Logically deduce, or provide educated guesses upon any given area of Intelligence, Information, data mining they do on their own accords… Just DO NOT expect me personally to elaborate or comment any such regards.


  5. And… Change all those “form” in the first post to “from”… Damn Dislexcia…LOL!


  6. Your keyboard has the same problem as my own. It has keys in the wrong place 🙂


  7. Aussie | April 12, 2011 at 3:53 pm |

    Aussie, check out the name Ion Pacepa, highest ranking east-bloc intelligence defector. Caucescu’s right hand man. Explained that the PLO (and all the terrorism, hijacking, etc) was a KGB creation completely. Check this out:


  8. Indy, thank you for the link. Everyone should read it.

    So I left out one thing – Andropov and the Soviet Union.

    Everything fits when you join all of the dots. The Soviets had been supplying arms to the PLO. Russia supplied arms and WMDs to Gadhaffi (which explains why Russia is against the current attempt to get rid of Daffy Duck).

    When Russia started looking like the good guys thanks to probably the one good leader Gorbachev, there were others in the wings white anting the USA with their covert tactics.

    Every step of the way we need to have a look at what Russia is doing.

    BTW have you seen the film “Salt”. It might be just a screenplay, but it has some things in the scenario that could be very real – such as the plants waiting to be activated. Salt was one of the plants, and her partner was another one 🙂 oops too much information about the movie.

    That movie got me thinking about those spies who were rounded up and ejected so quickly from the USA without facing formal charges… why did that happen? Who was being protected by the quick exchange?


  9. Author of “The Third Terrorist,” Jayna Davis, explains the possible connection between the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and Middle Eastern terrorism. Retired US Army Major Stephen Coughlin looks at the threat from Sharia and how the American government could be ignoring it. Andy McCarthy follows that interview with a segment on good government and what it really means.

    Interview in two segments here:


  10. Aussie, I didn’t see Salt but I should rent it. Sounds good. BTW, speaking of connecting dots, have you heard of Yuri Bezmenov? He was one of the highest ranking intelligence guys to defect from the Soviet Union. There are a couple of interview clips from the 80s that are on youtube. Between his info and Pacepa’s we get a really big picture view that helps make sense of so much.


  11. thanks for posting that link Indy :). I hope people will look at it.

    I really do think that Jayna Davis is a very credible witness to the whole thing involving the Oklahoma city bombing.

    It seems that I am only now starting to connect a number of the dots. These are only guesses and it does not look good in regard to Clinton.

    Big question: was it Janet Reno or the present Attorney General who was AG at the time of the bombing of the Murrah Bldg. If it was mr. crappy then it makes sense about the blocking of the investigation.