An analysis on Trump to be taken with a grain of salt

I found this post at Hot Air. It has been written by Allahpundit who seems to want either Pawlenty or Huckabee to be the nominee.  What a poor choice….!! Neither of these two has much chance of being able to win in debates against duh Won. Of course, Allahpundit continues to diss Sarah Palin.

However what is crazy to me is that Allahpundit blindly believes something written by Ben Smith at Politico, which is nothing more than a journolist hit piece on Donald Trump.

For the time being none of it is really important. The race is just beginning and is still very lukewarm. Some of the desired combinations that are given onHotAir are not at all desirable to the rest of the world.

Donald Trump has been hitting on the one issue that the MSM and Cocktail Republicans  do not want to touch. It has been quite amusing to watch how all of this is going down. The Donald has been taking quite a few shots at a whole swag of people. The cry of “you’re racist” is not only getting old, it is like the boy who cried wolf, and it has just as much power and impact. How can it be racist to challenge a white man (his mother is white) on where he was born, especially when his imputed father is a Kenyan and British Citizen? How can it be racist to bring up the fact that dual citizenship disqualifies a person for the position of POTUS? Dual citizenship should disqualify any American from having anything to do with weaponry and especially missiles. So why does it not disqualify a man who says that his father was a Kenyan?

In my view Trump has been doing a great job in highlighting the issue. I just hope that he will get on with highlighting the Natural Born Citizen side of the issue, which is the real reason that Østupid is not qualified to be POTUS.


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