Even the amateur pundits are having a go at Trump

I found this over at the Greenroom, which is an offshoot of HotAir. It seems that they are all in for someone like the rather boring Pawlenty.

However, like many other pundits Howard Portnoy misses the plot. He is yet another who does not seem to grasp the NBC issue.

It not hard to understand why this is such an issue. Østupid has lied about many things and he is not even the author of his books. They were ghost written for him.  Jack Cashill has done a very good analysis pointing to William Ayers the terrorist and member of Weather Underground as the ghost writer and real author of Dreams of my Father.


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  1. @cjzak I want to hear more about West. So far he has the right credentials. I am less keen on Michele Bachman because I want her to have gubnertorial experience. She is too unpolished at this point in time.

    Chris Christie is out of my list because of his attitude over the GZVM situation and the fact that he appointed a Muslim with CAIR associations to the bench.

    My three on your list are: Palin, Trump and West. I would like to add Paul Ryan, but I honestly think that a finanace role would suit him better.

    Anyway, I cannot see Palin, Trump, West, Bachman or Ryan being manipulated by the shadowy George Soros.


  2. Paxson: BINGO. You said it: find the right candidate and make them electable.

    Who is the one person who has been taking all of the darts? Sarah Palin. She has not faded as a result of all those darts. She has deflected.

    Only one other person who is a potential candidate has done the same: Donald Trump.

    The rest are a bunch of squishy cucumber and mayonnaise types who belong to the Cocktail Party.

    Sarah has to deflect arrows from the RINOs as well as from the Marxist Dhimmicrats. Donald Trump is also deflecting the arrows. Alan West also has to deflect the arrows.


  3. I like West, but I see Bachman as more ready than him. Our problems require the insight of more than Just a military persona. Don’t Get me wrong, I’m Not dissing West (or any potentials ), but don’t forget That Bachman owned a fairly large Tax Law firm. She is no dummy.


  4. Paxson,
    with both West and Bachman I want to see them get more political experience before they are seen to be POTUS candidates.

    I agree with you about West, that he needs more than a military persona. I guess you just summed up my own reluctance give him better consideration.

    On that note, I have good reason to like Jeb Bush, but I do not consider him as a good candidate for POTUS. I do not believe that people are ready to consider another Bush, even though Jeb has a number of very good attributes.


  5. However a Trump/West ticket would be very appealing. Right now, as a.Registered Republican and if I were polled I would put Trump at the top of the ticket with a myriad of VP options. I give him that much kudos for the words that are coming out of his mouth right now.


  6. I like Jeb Bush A LOT.


  7. cjzak | April 14, 2011 at 12:36 pm |


    Sure, most if not all of my list of inelectables are better than Obama. That does not make them electable. We need to quit looking for “better than Obama”. Almost everybody (even Democrats) fit that description. We simply need to find the most electable person we can “live with” and back them 100% and not quibble about imperfections.

    We need a landslide victory. Because you can be sure the Democrats will fight dirty and will pull out all the stops – legal AND illegal. All of that can swing things 10-20% but not all the way. So we need a candidate that will get like 70-80% of the popular vote. That is what we need to focus on. Not a nail biting squeaker.


  8. Paxson | April 14, 2011 at 12:38 pm |


    I don’t know how to do that. I view “electability” sort of like virginity. You either have it or you don’t. It is not a gift you can give somebody. And it is rarely something you can reacquire once lost.

    To me – William Buckly had it right – the first criteria is electability. No other virtue is worth a fig if you are not in the game. We seem to spend too much time sorting people by ideology and then agonizing if our favorite of the week is electable or not. I propose we do it the other way around. Find the most electable few candidates and then sort on ideology.

    If we are not careful we can screw around fixating on ideology and looking for “perfect” – and then hand Obama a win. That would be the worst. We MUST ensure that does not happen.


  9. Found this comment from CDR Kerchner over at Apuzzo’s NBC blog:

    “Yes, I have and much, much more. The Donald and his key advisor and lawyer Michael Cohen have all they need and more, including the SSN felony fraud and the back dated Selective Service Registration felony fraud. Things are going to be might warm in the Oval Office shortly. The walls of truth are closing in on the grifter/usurper in chief. And not just from Mr. Trump. Multiple powerful forces will be exposing the Obama ineligibility issue. You heard it hear first.” — CDR Kerchner (Ret)

    The plot thickens!