Mission of this site

I set this site up in response to the horrible situation that was being faced by several who made comments at Citizen Wells. I have no problems with CW and I encourage people to continue reading his posts, and I do that because he is covering certain issues where he has access to more detailed information. I read CW because he covers the fraud perpetrated by Østupid and his gang of thieves, otherwise known as the Democrat Party. He does a good job with the coverage of certain matters. My purpose was to have a site that would allow people to feel comfortable making comments without being constantly attacked by one poster, as well as providing a site that was free from the agenda of that person.

Since I am not an American citizen, but I have relatives who are American citizens, and I have for a time lived in the United States (I lived in Fairborn Ohio during 1984-85), I have an international perspective to present. It is my blog and I am entitled to choose the subject of my posts, including more general subjects such as the latest in serial murders in New York. The Craigs List murders are generating some publicity and it is a good subject for popcorn eating. I could say the same for one of the murders that happened many years ago where suspicion fell upon a politician when she was in fact murdered by an illegal alien.

My international perspective is my own. You are free to agree or disagree with me, and if you want to disagree via comments please be polite and provide evidence to the contrary of what I understand. If you start attacking me, like one person did a few days ago, then you will be banned from making comments on this site. If you attempt to misrepresent what I have said then please be aware that you will be on notice to have your comment privileges removed.

If I happen to think that a potential candidate would not be a good thing on the international scene, then that is my prerogative. You are free to disagree with my perspective.  However, please note that I do consider someone who is a pastor of any church to be one who is unsuitable to be the POTUS. You do not need a Republican version of Jimmah Carter at the helm.

The international perspective is just as important as the internal perspective when it comes to the terrible things being done by Østupid. The reason that it is important is that for more than 60 years the USA has been a dominant player on the world scene. A hiccup such as the global financial crisis began with fraudulent activity in the USA as well as legislation that seriously undermined the financial institutions. The USA cannot isolate herself from the rest of the world.

@@@@@ A Clarification @@@@@

At the time that the First World War broke out the USA had been somewhat isolationist with its policies. The dominant world power at the time was Great Britain but the British Empire was also starting to wane about that time. The USA did not enter the First World War immediately. Countries such as Australia and New Zealand were amonst the first to join Great Britain in fighting the Germans and the Turks. When the USA joined in the First World War it was a most welcome intervention.  My paternal grandfather was wounded in France during the First World War and that was in July 1916. I am not sure that the USA was involved at that time.

The same thing happened with the start of the Second World War. Countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada were involved from the beginning and the USA came on the scene a bit later. What is more the USA, Great Britain, Holland and Australia had to fight on two fronts by the time the USA had joined in, since they had to fend off the Japanese in the Pacific region as well as give assistance in Europe, which was needed at the time. That intervention helped to turn around the situation in Europe. Darwin and the northern part of Australia was bombed by the Japanese. On top of that many Australians were a part of the effort in East Timor, Papua New Guinea, and  other parts of Indonesia. They were incarcerated in Changi and were forced to work the Burmese railroad. 

After the Second World War ended, the USA played a pivotal role in Europe, helping to set up NATO in Europe as well as setting up  SEATO in the Pacific region plus having a big role in the set up of the United Nations as well as the IMF and other related entities. They did this in concert with Great Britain and other allied countries. The USA also implemented the Marshall Plan in Europe which helped Germany to become a peaceful industrial nation. Then there was the supervision of the Japanese, where the USA continues to have bases to this day. Plus the USA has bases in other Pacific countries including Australia.    On top of that other war fronts opened including: the Cold War, the Korean War, the Chinese Revolution, the Vietnam War. These are only some of the wars that took place in the latter part of the 20th century. There were many more wars that were taking place. I have not touched on the influence of the USA in South and Central America. At the same time the British were ceding power in India, and then we saw the division of Pakistan as well as Bangladesh.  This is only a potted history of a very complex subject because there were other things happening in the Middle East and in the continent of Africa. The USA was dominant in almost all of that action.  Please note I have not mentioned colonies given up by both the Dutch and the French – Ivory Coast, South Africa and Indonesia are some of those countries that were once colonies of these other nations. I have not touched upon the complex subject of Israel, and all that entails in its establishment as a country.

This is what I meant by my statement, that the USA took on that more dominant role which it did not have in the earlier part of the 20th century.


World politics is something that is very complex. There is a need to at least understand what is happening on the world scene in order to understand some of the crazy things that have been happening since at least the Oklahoma City bombing, and even as far back as the assassination of the Kennedy brothers. In a nutshell, the Soviet Union and the KGB. Never underestimate the secret influence  of the KGB and the Soviet Union (or Russia since the Soviet bloc was broken). The Russian government is still doing things to undermine the USA. The Russian government remains the enemy. It works in a covert fashion.  For this reason, I offer a perspective that also takes in these international incidents, including covering how such incidents are handled or otherwise by the usurper in the White House.

This is my blog, therefore I do not expect to be attacked because I am not following the Citizen Wells format. I do not expect to be attacked because I have posts relating to the International scene. You are free to read other blogs with that particular perspective.



12 responses to “Mission of this site

  1. Well well, somebody woke up a bit grumpy today!

    LOL. But I will take that over demented pricks anyday. Or over blog owners who do not have the basic and obligatory courtesy to keep their own house fumigated.


  2. I did not wake up grumpy :). I felt that it was something that needed to be said so that people who read this site know where I am coming from and that they can take it or lump it :).

    On that score, right now I feel like I should be in bed asleep.


  3. Thanks again for the haven, Aussie! It’s a refreshing environment here. You’re covering a lot of good and varied topics, and I also appreciate being able to comment without being attacked as part of some kind of mind games. Things can be stressful enough as it is these days without having to zig-zag through the blog bullies, phonies and useful idiots while trying to locate and share useful info. Keeping some distance from that polluted stream is healthy. It helps to lower blood pressure and clears the mind!


  4. @indy, maybe there is something in that statement about blood pressure. Last week mine was very high and that is unusual. This week, it is a lot lower. I wonder if it has something to do with not being bullied 🙂


  5. I hope Ladyhawke still reads here and asks nicely to be re-instated. And I hope you let her. I think she is basically a good person but must have taken an overdose of sourpuss pills.

    I hope this can be worked out. But I agree that given the primary circumstance that initiated this blog – you cannot be too careful, at least initially.

    Again, thanks for everything.


  6. Carlyle I sent you an email. You can judge for yourself.
    I do not want someone who is going to whinge all of the time, or who wants to throw her weight around.

    I went out of my way to make changes for THAT woman but all she did was harp and carry on at me, plus she lied about what was nothing more than a remark expressing doubt about the Donald. She lied when she made the absurd comment about who responded to me, which just happened to be Cabby. She is nothing more than a lying harpie.

    She has been banned. Her comment I found in the spam filter reinforces the ban. Too much of a bitch in my view.


  7. I have been searching for this site for days…..!!!!! I had no luck , “googling ” it. Have just found the link on CW. I am more a “reader” than a “poster” but DID get absolutely fed up with all the repetitive posts and ad hominem attacks on certain people there. Keep up the good work!! I have now added you to my “favourites.”


  8. welcome Madeleine please chime in when you want because there is no obligation at all.


  9. Aussie – Your site was needed at the time and it may be needed in the future. Well done. We all need to be able to remained focused – here, at CW’s, both, or elsewhere. It’s the goal that’s important, not where people are when they make comments.
    Well done!

    Take care,
    Zach Jones

    GYEBALEKO (J BA LE KO) – Luganda for ‘Thank You For Your Work’
    My Personal Commenting Code


  10. Aussie | April 13, 2011 at 4:29 pm |


    I don’t want to get into specifics here, in public – so I will just say this in support of you – for all to see – – –

    Keeping the blog fumigated is Job One

    Thank you for your continued attention to this matter. Since we can’t all see what you see (via spam filter, private emails, etc.), we must trust you to do this.


  11. Yes, Aussie,
    We have seen for too long what one (or more) bad apples can do to the entire bushel. The vigilance that is required to maintain a blog must be a horrendous task – both time-consuming and often aggravating, I imagine.

    Carlyle – I DID miss you but figured that you might be occupied with other matters, as I am also these days.


  12. Cabby – AZ | April 14, 2011 at 1:49 am |


    Don’t be too hasty. I wrote a couple of VERY pointed pieces today. You might want to see if I gored any of your sacred cows before you love me too much! [grin]