Belarus–U.N. Statement about the attack

Earlier this week there was an attack on the subway at Minsk where 12 people were killed and many were injured. There have been 3 people arrested over the bomb blast, but more extraordinary is the U.N. statement concerning this situation in Belarus.

Here is an extract from the news report at the Australian ABC news site:

The UN Security Council has condemned a deadly bombing in the Belarus capital, but called it an “apparent” terrorist attack in a move diplomats said cast doubt on the official version of events.

The attack in the Minsk metro on Tuesday killed 12 people and injured 200. President Alexander Lukashenko said three suspects had confessed to the bombing and threatened new action against the Belarus opposition.

The United States, with the backing of other Western nations, insisted on adding the word “apparent” to the normally routine Security Council statement issued after attacks, diplomats said.

“The word ‘apparent’ is included in this statement for a reason,” said one diplomat from the 15-nation council, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“There are credible indications in Belarus saying there is a more than even chance that the government was behind this.”

Ban-ki Moon when referring to the bomb blast called it an explosion, rather than a terrorist attack. Apparently the U.N. Security Council has doubts about the whole affair and seems to think that the Belarus government is in fact behind the attacks. I find that rather amazing that they are wording the statement in this manner.


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