Pamela Geller on Ft. Hood – White House is delaying the trial

Pamela Geller has written an excellent article for the American Thinker about the latest regarding delays in bringing Nidal Hasan to trial. Once again the trial has been delayed. I guess it is a typical trait of this particular White House regime that there are continuous delays in everything.

Needless to say to the White House it seems that it is more important to worry about a non-existent backlash against all Muslims, than it is to bring a murderer to justice.

It really is time that people started making a noise asking the question as to why it is that the trial of Nidal Hasan has not gone ahead. The man has been found competent to plead. There should be no further delays. If anything it is an injustice against the defendent to not be brought to trial as quickly as possible.

From this point of view, I apply the same reasoning about the traitor Bradley Manning. Why is the White House delaying the trial of Bradley Manning on the grounds of espionage and treason? Why are they so afraid of having that trial? Could it be that someone very high up was in fact the leaker to Wikileaks?

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  1. You know, going back to those old CW articles (and Post Email) that introduced Leo Haffey (FS) to the rest of us during his incarceration he was defined as “a Democrat who had worked on Democratic campaigns until 2008 when Obama came along “. You can Google this stuff for your self around Oct of 2008. I’m wondering if he was working on the Hillary campaign at the time and became disgruntled when Obama stole the primaries from her in the caucuses? Just wondering out loud. He is an odd duck and seems to be too contrarian.


  2. Let me tell you about Fort Hood. It was so horrible, which I think that you already know. My daughter had a best friend that worked there. She wasn’t military, but she just worked there in a certain place. And she made decent money there to support her daughters.

    Can’t remember now, but she was on a break with someone when they heard what they thought were firecrackers at first. The person that she was on break with said, hell, no, that’s gunfire. Go and hide like you’ve been taught. Keep in mind that she didn’t have a gun, she wasn’t military, period. She had two daughters and a mother at home. Well, actually her mom worked at Fort Hood also and had just left.

    So she went and hid under a desk. Throughout that time that all the gunfire was happening, which she told my daughter seemed like forever and ever, she was texting her all the time and saying what was happening. Well, she didn’t know if she would be killed or not because she didn’t know that he was just shooting military personnel. I mean, here she is hiding under a desk somewhere away from them. All she’s hearing is screaming and gunshots and crying and texting my daughter.

    When it was all over with, she made it out. Then she remarked how there were bodies and blood everywhere. But what he was doing was this, if you were military, he would shoot and kill you, but the next person might not be military, so he wouldn’t shoot them, and then on and on. Sometimes it was like every other person that he was killing because some were simply not military at all. I’m thinking that only one or so non-military people were killed because they had tried to stop him.

    Most of the military didn’t have guns at that time. It was a chicken-sh*t thing to do that they didn’t have guns. Being as they could have stopped him. Some people died trying to get him. I don’t remember it all, but it was horrible.

    Well, my daughter’s friend’s car had blood all over the outside of it because he had shot some people up who fell against it. It was kind of a new car. She had to take it to get it cleaned, couldn’t face driving it anymore. She couldn’t go into that building then for what happened and what she saw coming out.

    That girl really did suffer extreme PTS in a bad way, as well as many who survived. She had always wished that she could have done something to stop it, but there was nothing that she could do with a madman and a crazy Muslim.


  3. thank you Kitty for this report.
    I consider such reporting to be very, very important. It shows us how Muslims use terrorism in order to attempt to intimidate us.

    The use of weapons against those who are unarmed is nothing new. This is my point about what happened in Iran where the protesters were unarmed, and it is now ditto for Libya, Syria, probably Egypt. These people shoot to kill and they do not care.

    However, what needs to be addressed is the fact that the White House is holding up the case so that this miserable SOB just languishes without a trial. This is unfair to all of the people who suffered trauma on that day.

    People need to make a stand over the issue.


  4. You’re right, he needs his trial and needs the death sentence, plain and simple. Believe me, a lot of people around that area want it too. So do I.


  5. Kitty they need to get their voices out and they need to start making a big fuss about the fact that the trial is being delayed by the White House and Eric Holder in particular.

    They do not want to admit that it was a jihad attack. Well people have to acknowledge that it was indeed a jihad terrorist attack and they need to deal with it – that includes the Muslims. If they are moderate as they claim then they need to be heard denouncing this action and they need to be heard demanding that the trial takes place instead of allowing more and more delays


  6. Hi, Aussie,
    I think the people in her area have pitched a fit. Believe me. I just think that no one is listening now, meaning the people in charge. They don’t give a crap anymore.

    The lady who is a friend of my daughter’s was at first let go from her work. I thought that it was horrible because it was supporting her daughters. I think that since she’s been rehired, and they have a new place to work in, not that same place.

    I’m not from that area, but I do know that my daughter said that people have pitched a fit about it.


  7. kitty that is all the more reason that it needs to be raised to a new level so that Nidal Hasan does not slip through the cracks.
    There is an absolute pattern on this kind of thing and it has to stop.

    People deserve to see justice being served, and there is no justice until Hasan faces his military court-martial.

    It is the same with the recruitment centre killer – I have heard nothing more about him facing a trial. It was another jihad attempt with one young man being killed and the other wounded.

    We have to have the courage of our convictions and state that it was jihad carried out by extremists. We need to be able to say it without someone claiming that doing so is racist.

    The people from around Ft. Hood are being dudded every time there is a delay in the case. It is almost as if the soldiers families are being totally ignored (surprise, surprise) by the one who is supposed to be C-I-C but is nothing more than a ditherer-in-chief.


  8. @Kitty, I was just at this link

    It relates to the killer of the soldier outside of the recruitment centre.

    What is notable is that the man, when he changed his name has “mujahid” as his middle name.

    @@@@ my keyboard is dyslexic @@@@@


  9. CRB link 2 provided a very worthwhile quote. It is about security clearance. How did someone who is so left-wing get a security clearance to Top Secret? A better question: how is it that someone who has dual citizenship get a Top Secret security clearance, especially when people with dual citizenship are not allowed near certain weaponry?


  10. I will look at those links and perhaps do a post that pertains to Bradley Manning the traitor.
    Someone was working with him. The whole thing was no accident at all. How did he get and pay for the data mining software? Did Assange or Soros pay for the software?


  11. Aussie | April 17, 2011 at 6:41 am |
    Someone was working with him. The whole thing was no accident at all. How did he get and pay for the data mining software? Did Assange or Soros pay for the software?
    According to “Open Sources” (legally CMA again), B.M. was given and taught how to use the Data Mining Software by 2 hackers from MIT. Those 2 were part of a larger “Underground Illegal Hacker Enclave” that B.M. had been involved in before he enlisted in the U.S. Army. The entire group was allegedly supporting the ‘0’ during the 2008 elections. They were an organized group trolling through places they shouldn’t have been, looking for evidence to accuse and/or stain Bush and Chaney with claims of “War Crimes” to submit to the World Court. Thus why all documents leaked were only the ones pre-dating the “O’s” winning of the elections.

    However, like the vast majority of Leftist’s Life long Civilians whom have never spent a single day in their life in the military. These self proclaimed “Hi IQ” types do not know the actual Geneva Conventions at all. The fact is our military is fighting forces that do not, and never will qualify as POW’s, and as such; they have no protections under any Charter of the Geneva Conventions or International Law.

    As those Convention’s flat out state their are 5 exceptions on a field of battle that do not qualify for protection under international law, nor the Geneva Conventions when not acting under the Flag of a State: Seditionist, Saboteurs, Subversives, Espions (Spies), and INSURGENTS.

    Now what are we fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? Seditionist, Saboteurs, Espions (Spies), Subversives, and INSURGENTS not legally acting under any recognized Flag of State or Authority. The cold hard truth is, we can execute any Taliban, Al Queta, Terrorist, Seditionist, Saboteurs, Subversives, Espions (Spies), and/or INSURGENTS we want, right where they stand and it is perfectly legal. We can capture and torture any of the above as much as we want/need to, and it is still perfectly legal.

    All I can really say is the above mentioned groups or individuals should be counting their Blessings from Allah, we are as humane as we are with them, because legally… We could very well just maim and execute them outright, among any number of devious or diabolical other things. Like for example, injecting them with a syringe full of pigs blood, then executing them so they can’t enjoy the benefits of being “Martyred” if we really wanted to.


  12. BTW, don’t take that as me supporting said “Torture, Maiming, Killing, and other diabolical things”: Cause I do not, never have, nor will I ever.

    They are just graphic examples to make a very important point that: Seditionist, Saboteurs, Subversives, Espions (Spies), and/or INSURGENTS have no protections under the Geneva Conventions and International Law.


  13. @CRB
    thanks for helping me put 2 & 2 together on Manning. I think he is a dreadful piece of shit.
    I can see how Assange is of the same ilk as Manning.

    In my view he has committed espionage. He should not get a cushy hearing and he should have a prolonged stay in the brink as far as I am concerned.

    Anybody who assisted him in any way should also be charged with espionage.

    What irks me about what he did is that he put many lives in jeopardy. There are tribal leaders in both Afghanistan and Iraq who had been helping the allied forces, and that piece of shit put those lives in jeopardy just because he was trying to help “duh won”? Unbelievable.

    Bush and Cheney are not guilty of any war crimes. The whole thing was always legit. no matter what these left wing nuts say. I am one who started out not being in favour of going into Iraq but that changed when the action started. I could see that the people of Iraq wanted Saddam gone.

    The fact is that there were WMDs in Iraq at the time or around the time of the invasion. Saddam shifted the weapons across the border and into Syria. Who knows, maybe some of those weapons ended up in Libya as well.

    However, I think that there was probably another covert reason for going after Saddam…. Murrah Bldg Oklahoma. I suspect that Bush knew the truth about John Doe #2, that the bombing of the Murrah bldg was more than likely financed by Saddam Hussein.

    All the rest has been incidental, and I might add that the Islamists – the Salfists and Al Qaeda types saw Iraq as an opportunity.

    Saddam Hussein came to power through a bloody coup and he deserved to be taken out the same way


  14. Open sources state(CMA again):

    2.5 Kilos of Ricin (enough to kill the entire world population 10X over, does not need to be weaponized to do the job.)
    26,000 gallons of liquid reagents including: Malathion, and other Organophosphates. (all Saran, mustard, and VX precursors, although quite deadly on their own.)
    CBNR (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Radiological) Branch of Al Qaeda working out of Northern Iraq (with Sadam’s blessing and funding) KURD Territory. None recovered but site tested positive for Anthrax, Botulism, and numerous other CBNR related research and development projects.
    25 Tons of Yellow Cake Uranium (75% enriched/weapons grade material) for “Radiological Dirty bombs/IEDs) sent to Canada after allied recovery operations.
    Road Side IEDs made inert by EOD teams containing Saran, VX, etc.
    Viral and bacteriological specimens missing from key research and higher education facilities during the “Rapid Looting Phase” after invasion)
    FRENCH Frog missiles, Biohazard Marked warheads installed on boosters, loaded on launchers captured.
    Mobile WMB equipped unites recovered that had just been sanitized…
    Sadam Insane: Cutting $25,000 USD checks to the families of “Martyrs” for each family member blowing themselves and anybody around them up.
    Suspect #2
    The list goes on_and_on.

    Been there, done that … LOL!!!