psyops 101

The Tradecraft of Psychological Warfare 101


Useful Idiots: as Uri Bezmenovin, in his 1984 interview with G. Edward Griffin defined:


“You can’t get through to them. They are contaminated. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern [alluding to Pavlov]. You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still cannot change the basic perception and the logic of behavior. The facts tell nothing to him, even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents and pictures. .he will refuse to believe it.”


The following is documented proven scientific fact for many years now. Please feel free to look anything up and educate yourselves if you so desire. Areas to reference are: Pavlov’s Conditioning/Response, Psychology and Temperament, Neurochemistry, Neurophysiology, Sociology, Rhetoric and Composition. 

I:  Intellectual Classes, the young, and inexperienced:


It is a known and fundamental fact the higher an individual’s IQ, the more susceptible they are to covert subliminal and/or overt suggestion. The simplest explanation, without getting all scientific I can come up with is that raw Intelligence (IQ = pure intellect and book smarts) is directly and inversely proportional to raw Wisdom (common sense, experience, and practical application of knowledge.) It is through this known neurological process that the basis of Psychological Warfare was developed and implemented over the decades. I could write you a huge essay explaining all this, but I’m going to try to keep it as simple as possible for everybody’s benefit.


Starting with history, you will remember just how Communism was spread and came into power during the years leading up to the cold war by utilizing these methods of psychological warfare. In utilizing this known neurological fact, psy-ops were specifically tailored toward the young/inexperienced and the Intellectual (egg head high IQ folks) classes of society.


Although it is far easier to indoctrinate the young throughout their lives and as they grow into adults. This kind of indoctrination is just as easy to accomplish with an already adult Intellectual class. The why is because intellectuals in general tend to be so enamored with their perceived brilliance and brain power, all they are really good at is theorizing and fantasizing. Most of the intellectuals with the high IQs are in all reality very bad at common sense matters and putting their theories into some form of applied practical application. But because they are as prone to this type of mental masturbation as I call it, this also plays into their susceptibility to covert subliminal programming, and overt suggestion.


They are the Classes whom were exploited to believe and spread an ideology would be Utopian. In so doing they are the ones that revel in bringing about social and societal change, although it is a fundamental delusion that any such Utopian existence or Society can exist simply because of basic human nature. It does not matter how “Enlightened” mankind or it’s Societies may be, it is impossible to bring about or sustain any Utopian existence without first stomping out any variations of Individuality, Independent Thought, Morality, and even Ethics. This is of course an absolute impossibility unless the entire world population was exact and identical clones of each other.


With that said the Intellectual Classes are also usually the first group of people to realize that such concepts as Marxism and Communism are not as good, fair, or socially just as they fantasized about when the proverbial crap hits the fan, and directly affects them. So being the idealists’ utopian types they are, they start to spread the ideology of rebellion when that utopian existence fails to materialize. Thus once a Marxist or Communist transformation of a society is complete, they are executed at that time. This being precisely the modus operandi of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot (just to name a few) who executed as many of them as they could find once they ascended to power. The tragic irony being they all ascended to power by exploiting those same Intellectual classes.


II:  The General Public, the Experienced, and No Nonsense Common Folk:


For those who are not what you would call the intellectual classes, the same principals above are fostered by the process of bringing about states of emotional knee jerk emotionalism. Bottom line is neurological speaking, and emotionally charged brain is an irrational brain. The human psyche is far better at tuning out and/or rejecting reality when it is placed in a state of emotionalism. Thus by resorting to Stoking the Emotion, you have placed the non-intellectual classes into that same state of subliminal and/or suggestiveness.


The reason why the emotionalism strategy is so diabolically effective in furthering nefarious causes and agendas is due to the psychological fact that all of us are born and genetically predisposed to certain Temperament Types. Although I’m not going to cite the entirety of Temperament types and what they are I will instead do a simple breakdown. All temperaments have the common denominator of an individual being born a “Feeler” (F, example ESFJ) or a Thinker (T, example ENTP).


A simple definition of T/F temperament dichotomy is this: Feelers (F) tends to innately process and store neural stimuli through the lenses of emotion, which already makes them not so good at understanding the rational side of that neural stimuli. They simply relate more to issues etc. presented in an emotional way. Likewise, this innate behavior usually means they will respond better to the “Idealistic” touchy/feely side of any concept, rather than the cold logic/rational/facts/data sides of the same concept.


Thinkers (T) on the other hand are the complete, absolute, and polar opposite of feelers (F). In all fact Thinkers tend to innately process and store neural stimuli through Logic, Reason, and Critical thought processes in general. They tend to divorce themselves from emotion, and come off as cold and unfeeling because of this innate behavior.


So an individual must honestly ask themselves: Which usually persuades me more, a good logical argument (T) or a strong emotional one (F)? Which usually persuades me more tangible information (hard data) or eloquence of speech (wordsmithing)?  


Thinkers and Feelers make decisions based upon different criteria, so, too, are they persuaded by different arguments. Feelers are naturally empathetic and value the feelings of others, even if they do not make sense or are not logical. Thinkers, on the other hand, are usually not convinced of anything unless it is logical. Feelings are valid, if they are a logical reaction to the circumstances.


Because of this difference, it’s not surprising that Thinkers and Feelers misunderstand each other so often. Feelers tend to be hurt more easily and more frequently, and Thinkers are often surprised and confused to learn they were responsible for making it happen.


Thinkers also pride themselves on their ability to rule fairly in disputes. They are keen on the principle of one standard or rule, applied fairly and justly to everyone. Even if they do not personally like the consequence of the ruling, they respect the idea of fairness above all. Feelers are much more concerned with mercy and harmony than they are with justice. So they look for and usually find the extenuating circumstances that necessitate the exception to the rule.


Thinkers don’t mean to be cruel, any more than Feelers mean to be dishonest. It’s just that, above all else, Thinkers value truth and honesty, and if that occasionally hurts someone’s feelings, so be it. Feelers highly value tact and diplomacy, and believe it should be used whenever possible to avoid causing anyone unnecessary pain or discomfort. If those methods fail to bring about an agenda, then they are prone to act out violently due to the emotional rage such failures will bring about.  


Here in lies the answer as to why the emotionalism strategy is so diabolically effective in overt and covert Psychological Warfare: Feelers (F) makes up approximately 2/3 (65-76%) of the populations of the world, whereas Thinkers (T) only makes up approximately 1/3 (24-35%) of the human population. As one world leader who shall remain nameless once said: “We don’t need 100% of the general public’s consent to pull this off, we only need a 2/3 majority of it.”


On a personal note, I’ve tried to write this up in a format so the average person can quickly grasp the overall concept being presented, and the human nature as to why it works so effectively by stoking the emotions in order to incite typical, predictable, and irrational emotional knee jerk reactionaries to violence.


There is only one way to counter the open psychological warfare. That is to be aware it is going on, and that it is specifically tailored to push your emotional discomfiture buttons for the sole purpose of disrupting your rational thought processes. It is an all out effort to make you succumb to emotionally induced bias and blindness rather than taking the time and efforts to rationally and clearly thinking issues through.


For the more Technical aspects of Psychological Warfare See:




Mental Masturbation: The act of engaging in impractical, nonproductive mental exercise, thinking, writing through which a practitioner only comforts oneself mentally. Primarily due to the flawed belief their brilliance is unquestionable and without equal. Such acts don’t lead to any constructive results what so ever in the real world; In short, it’s just Bull Crap.


here is an interesting article that has been sent to me:


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  1. Well, I do agree that most have been brain-washed, and I was before I truly started studying the Scriptures and honestly studying history….then being taught to think outside the box. That’s one of the first steps towards becoming unbrain-washed.

    Here’s the thing in colleges or schools, the true definition of history that’s being taught, whether ancient or modern is…..myths agreed upon. This is all too well-known from people who have been to college and still think outside of the box.

    Another thing that I want to say, this is in all areas including religious systems, meaning myths agreed upon. I won’t get popular because of that statement, but that’s why some things might be listened to more at WND, including Richard Rives or whatever his name is.

    Basically all of mankind has been “bamboozled.” Plain and simple, and the Satan has deceived the whole world. If you’re a part of the whole world, then sooner or later you have to accept the fact that you’ve been deceived.


  2. Interesting thread. Many around here are familiar with Yuri Bezmenov/aka Tomas Shuman. Griffin’s interview with Bezmenov is on youtube:


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    I don’t know why FS doesn’t get banned either. It’s definitely a mystery to me. Honestly.


  6. He is actually very predictable. He keeps saying Animal attorney Cass Einstein. I was going to say, compared to FS aka Leo who IS an animal and an attorney. Trying to bite my tongue over there but he never stops. He’s actually quite an idiot if you pay attention to his words over time.


  7. Ladyhawke was attempting the same thing over there. I saw her post and gave a response, and then I updated my own post to ensure that people understood my statement 🙂

    I say let FS go nuts. People can think for themselves.


  8. I know Aussie. I vent here so I don’t there. I am like Carlyle pointed out a recovering addict. I enjoy CW’s articles. FS is in the precursor stages of bullying another crop of good folks. It’s a matter of time.


  9. those people know where to find us 🙂


  10. Paxson, FS sure knows how to cast that bait. He is a master baiter.


  11. He sure is and it’s so predictable.


  12. @Indy, FS knows the Alinsky rules. He is a master at them. He is nothing more than a Dem operative.


  13. He’s fairly easy to rile up, that’s for sure. He is on the cusp of another “episode “..


  14. oh my I was just reading the remainder of the thread where I am parked. It was really funny.

    Mr Bill (helga) can come and post here any time he wants. I love what he is saying. I should add here that I do disagree about the Constitution Party for now. Perhaps I will put up a post to explain more about Australian politics and the impact of third parties.

    Meanwhile, between IB, Indy, Mr Bill (helga) and Bankroller it was a job well done in taking down FS.


  15. @Paxson, he is on the cusp of a very big break-down. He definitely needs medication to deal with those problems. Never have I seen someone all over the place like that.

    That is why I am so full of admiration for the way that Mr. Bill is handling everything. He has been spot on with the comments.

    It does make me think that Pat1789 is yet another of the personas.


  16. Aussie, Pat could be one, but he/she seems to be fairly rational.


  17. @Paxson, not from what I saw over there.

    If I remember correctly Plains Girl when introduced was somewhat rational and then later when reintroduced PG was totally irrational and quite obviously a persona.

    I have noticed things about Pat1789 that would make me suspicious. It was the same with Tina.


  18. You could be right. But I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. I actually am trying not to post over there so much as it is no longer my cup of tea as long as FS is there and Carlyle and others are gone. But we can’t let the disinformation experts run amok unchallenged.