Allahpundit strikes again

Whilst I like HotAir, I am not a fan of the eyeore Allahpundit. I am guessing that Allahpundit wants the boring Tim Pawlenty to be the Republican candidate so that Østupid can win again.

The latest from HotAir is yet more of the same having a go at Donald Trump, who is considering a run in the Presidential race, but has not yet declared.

It seems that the Cocktail Party does not like Donald Trump and they are already showing the cats claws, just like they show cats claws over Sarah Palin.

My guess is that Allahpundit and the Cocktail Party that he supports are scared of both Donald Trump and Sarah Palin because either person would seek to put an end to all of their perks that they enjoy from being in office. I do know that Sarah Palin scares them. It is obvious when one sees all of the orchestrated negative comments. Well, it seems that they are attempting to do the same with the Donald, with those negative comments.

Personally, I am enjoying the Trump spectacle, or at least what I am reading. He is addressing an issue that is important to millions of Americans. They really do have the right to know what is in all of those documents. For this reason alone, I am enjoying the way in which Trump has had the balls to take it up to Østupid instead of behaving like an insipid member of the Cocktail Party like Romney, Pawlenty & Co. Even the Huckster, who is also a part of that mayonnaise and cucumber sandwich set, refuses to touch the subject of eligibility. Well, stating “I believe he was born in Hawaii” is not good enough.

 None, except Trump have been willing to go the extra mile and to push on the subject. Besides, where he was born is only one small portion of the larger picture. How can Østupid be a natural born citizen when his father was a Kenyan? The putative father was not an American citizen – either by birth or by being naturalized. The putative father was Kenyan born and a British citizen. As a result, and due to laws in place in 1961, the putative father passed on his British citizenship. That makes Østupid a dual citizen, hence he is not eligible to be POTUS.

The obsfucation of the Dhimmicrats, and especially the Marxist element within the Dhimmicrats has meant that many are confused on this very subject of what constitutes a natural born citizen.

Here is my personal example: My aunt met and married an American marine. She sailed to the USA after the second world war as one of the war brides and fiances (she was a fiancee at the time). She married her fiance when she arrived in the USA. My aunt remained an Australian citizen until laws changed to allow her to have dual citizenship somewhere around 1980. There were 7 children in the marriage. However, even though they are American citizens the remaining children (2 have passed away) are not eligible to be POTUS because at the time that each of them was born, she was an Australian citizen.  I have always understood that this was the case.

However, according to the Dhimmicrat agents of obsfucation, you only need to be born in the USA to be eligible to become POTUS. This obsfucation has led to the cover up over the eligibility of Østupid.

Why is the pursuit of this issue so important? Well, I can think of several, but some will not lead to the push for impeachment, whereas other reasons come very close. Just like in the case of Tricky Dicky, if Østupid ends up being impeached, it will be due to the cover-up. There are certainly plenty of examples of cover-up including the forged COLB that was plastered on the Internet. If the COLB is to be proved to be not forged then it needs to be produced in a court of law, and there needs to be a signed affadavit as to its authenticity. 

So let the Games begin, because Trump is doing a great job bringing up the issue and he is doing an excellent job of lobbing the ball into Østupid’s court, without there being an adequate comeback. The smears and claims of racism are not going to work this time.


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