Islamists in Gaza threaten to kill pro-Palestinian Italian

The Islamists are Salafists and they have captured the Italian Vittorio Arrigoni. They have put up a youtube with the victim and they are threatening to kill him if certain prisoners are not released by Hamas.

Arrigoni is a Pro-Palestinian activist who has been in Gaza for serveral years. I guess all of that fart-sniffing about being pro-Palestinian and wanting to see the end of the Gaza blockade was not enough to protect him against being kidnapped and brutalised by his kidnappers. If you have a quick look at the picture you can see that he has been beaten.

This is the first article that I have read that links the firing of the rockets from the Gaza strip to the extremist Salafists rather than to HAMAS. It actually states that HAMAS had tried to keep a lid on such action, as well as banning the kidnap of foreigners. I was not aware of those “facts”.

Ah the Religion of Peas strikes again.


UPDATE: Sadly, this story did not have a happy ending. I have just seen a report that states that HAMAS authorities in Gaza have found the body of Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni.

The abduction and murder of Arrigoni was the work of a group associated with Al Qaeda.



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  1. Just checked in . I don’t know whether to be proud you can all do so well without me, or be pissy that I am not necessary.

    Maybe I can start a mud-slinging war and chase you all away and then I can become important.


  2. Whatsamatter, Carlyle?? Did I miss something? I’ve been busy with the Japan radiation and haven’t had a chance to check in much, but what happened?

    If you’re interested, Iodine-131 is still floating around in the air and rainwater, and in light of the Strontium found in milk in Vermont, milk testing is ramping up all over. That’s the latest from the field.

    Just sitting back and watching Trump play his hand; this is getting interesting.

    BTW, Tom and Todd on WRKO radio in Boston had Phil Berg on this morning, and did he ever rip apart the moonbats who were calling in saying ‘But, his mother was American.’ Phil got ’em good! I’m sure a lot more people will be dropping by his web site for more info.

    The horse is out of the barn, so to speak. This is good! πŸ™‚


  3. It sounds like a lot of fun SueK. I hope that the whole thing heats up and the moonbats start eating raw egg πŸ™‚


  4. Oh poor Carlyle 😦
    Is this because no one is calling you an Obot? πŸ™‚


  5. Aussie, I almost drove off the road! Talk radio here in Boston has begun to cover this issue with the advent of Trump’s in-your-face interviews and comments!

    I’ve e-mailed T&T on many occasions to give them the scoop, but they were like all other media here: The ‘squash’ was put on any mention of the subject. Now, however, you’ve got The Donald out there not caring who he impresses or pi*ses off, so they *must* cover it!

    I called my pal who was also doing the commute, and told her to tune in. The two of us giggled on our cell phones all the way into work. We parked beside each other, still giggling, while another guy pulled in beside us with an Obama/Biden 2008 decal on his car. We asked him how that hope and change thing was working out for him, and would he like us to help him remove the decal from his car.

    He threw us the stink eye. Mission accomplished! πŸ™‚

    As it should be :).


  6. Carlyle, did you read my comment about the Italian who was killed? In the first article that I used it stated that Hamas had not been firing the rockets!! The guilty party is associated with Al Qaeda.

    Now it could be a mixture of both groups that are firing the rockets, which is speculation, but probably close to the truth. We automatically assume that it is Hamas, and I do not think that they change their stripes, but that little snippet has forced me to re-evaluate and not automatically blame them.

    I will probably write the AT article up because I do think that knowing what is happening in the Middle East is important if it means we end up being involved in centuries old conflicts.