Mischief causing misrepresentations

As an outsider, an international, I have no idea about the mysterious Koch brothers. From what I have gleaned they are millionaires (billionaires) who have conservative values. Obviously in the land of nod, to be a billionaire with conservative is bad, but a billionaire who breaks the Bank of England (George Soros) is good.

I have seen several articles that have misrepresented the Koch brothers, including their donations to various causes. There was one last year that caught my attention, because the Dem operatives were out there claiming that the Koch brothers were funding Freedom Works and the TEA movement. I am sure that there are many people who are part of the TEA movement who probably wish that it was the truth.

An article in Powerline has more about this misrepresentation of the Koch brothers. The New York Slimes has just posted correction no 2 relating to the smears about the Kock brothers.

In response to the attempt to make a correction by the New York Slimes for their misrepresentation John Hindraker writes:

As we pointed out, the Callahan column contained at least two more factual misrepresentations that the Times has yet to correct. But note the grudging nature of the one correction the paper did issue today. The Times says that the op-ed “imprecisely described” the Koch brothers’ contributions to certain nonprofit groups. Actually, this is what Callahan wrote:

One such group is FreedomWorks, which has received significant amounts of money from the Koch brothers and is a force behind both the Tea Party political movement and the conservative libertarian policy agenda it espouses.

Given that the Koch brothers have in fact contributed nothing to FreedomWorks, the claim that that organization has “received significant amounts of money” from them is not an imprecise description, it is a flat misrepresentation.

Please read the whole article.


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  1. Paxson I agree with what you are saying. He is inconsistent. Mr. Bill (Ms Helga) has been calling him out over the inconsistency. I have seen several comments from Mr. Bill on that subject.

    I see no value in destroying Trump at this early stage because all Trump has been doing is to highlight what no one from either the Cocktail Party or the LSM will highlight – the paucity of documents relating to the entity known as Barack H. Obama II. The point is that the whole personna seems to be made up.

    Also Trump has been using money to do the investigation that the LSM refused to do in the first place. There is evidence of fraud. Look at the SSN number and the Selective Service record. There is good reason to believe that fraud has been committed in 2007 and 2008. There is also accumulating evidence that people working within government have been assisting in the cover-up.

    So, the LH trashing of Trump leads me to one conclusion. He is a Dem operative whose mission is to disrupt the CW blog and to also trash anyone who is likely to be seen as a threat to Østupid.


  2. I think that we are on the same page. I am thinking this social security number fraud along with the selective service application is going to be his ultimate demise. A lot of progress has been made on that front. I think this will be a lot easier to investigate and prove rather than dealing with the complicit DOH in Hawaii.


  3. @Paxson I agree with you. The situation with DOH Hawaii is a real joke. It is going nowhere.
    It is more than likely that even with the birth details there has been a colossal fraud. Granny was no saint.
    I have rejected a lot of the “theories” regarding the birth of the man in the White House. Many of them are just very wrong. However, there are some things that gain traction.
    The issue should be NBC, not the location of birth. I am happy to accept Barry Sr. as the father. It makes no difference. He is a dual citizen.

    That being said, it could be that the birth certificate held by Barry has his real name as Barry Soetoro and not as Barack H. Obama. If the adoption in Indonesia went through the USA embassy in Jakarta then it is probable that records in Hawaii were changed to reflect the adoption.

    Barry and his little minions have been very careful about not mentioning Indonesia and the adoption. In fact Barry denies the adoption. Why?


  4. It should be NBC. But I’m with Carlyle that he isn’t even a citizen due to the Indonesian adoption and failure to repatriate like Phil Berg has been saying. These will be tough to get the goods on, but social security fraud (especially given the fact That they know the individual who formerly had the number ) has some real teeth and can (actually has been) proven very easily.


  5. Yes Paxson, and I think that this is the route that should be taken.

    We can all bleat and moan and bitch about the usurper, but if we want him out then let’s get him on the fraud that he has committed.

    The use of the SSN number is a good starting point. The Obots like O’Reilly claiming that it was through his father are just too stupid for words because Harvard is not in CT. Harvard is not even near the border of CT.


  6. I imagine O’Really is going to end up revising those remarks. We have a local radio host in Denver named Peter Boyle who is all over this and O’Really had scrubbed the remarks about Barack 1 living in Connecticut (as if that would have had an influence on where the number was issued, it wouldn’t ). The bottom line is O’Reilly is scrubbing his own show. Its amazing if we weren’t watching it happen in real time. You should Google KHOW 630 AM The Peter Boyle Show (it may be program) and start saving the podcasts. All of the major players are talking to him daily.


  7. Thanks for pointing out that O’Reilly is scrubbing his remarks.
    O’Reilly has been in the tank for Østupid since the beginning. He really looks ridiculous when he makes up stuff like that.

    People need to stick with the stuff that is getting some traction.
    Clinton was brought down because he committed perjury, he lied under oath, but he got away with the Whitewater scandal, and probably a lot of other crimes where he was at least complicit. He also got away with the rape or attempted rape of several women. Yet they could not remove him from the White House because the Senate would not take the next step.

    Tricky Dicky was in trouble for far less than either Clinton or Østupid. It was however, the cover-up that was his undoing.

    What needs to get traction now is the fact that there is one massive cover-up concerning the Østupid narrative, whether it is about place of birth, the Indonesian adoption, the failure to apply to change his name, the failure to formalise coming back to the USA (making him an illegal alien) and a whole series of other potential crimes. (none of which include Odinga, BHP or even Libya). The fraud in Chicago needs to be aired rather than being hidden. I guess that is why I am interested in the Blago trial. I want to see Østupid get what he deserves for this massive scam being perpetrated on the American people.

    The damage being done by that man is just more than can be imagined. He has irreparably damaged the reputation of the USA on the world scene, as evidenced by the sloppy way that he has handled the Libya situation. He has been all over the place on that issue, which has meant that Daffy has been strengthened, rather than the opposite which is what we all expected.


  8. Aussie if we hadn’t been watching all of this garbage live for the past three years it would be unbelievable. I had a meltdown before the election with my inlaws on all of this stuff. They thought I was nuts. Donald Trump coming out of the closet on all of this stuff is so frigging awesome. Did you see his interview with Hannity tonight? Trump is legitimate. You may not care for him politically, but he’s likable and the real deal.


  9. We do not get Hannity here in Oz 🙂


  10. I’m about to hit the sack. Kids have soccer games tomorrow. I don’t know why I torture myself by communicating on CW any more, it’s futile as long as FS is there. He is a bad egg. You have a great day and I’ll chat with you soon.


  11. Also, thanks for that link from the Massachusetts Conservative. His perspective about sums it up for me. You should post it on CW with the first part about maybe not liking his statements in the past, but he has a pulse. People in the US will vote for him. He’s got the Je ne sais quoi.


  12. Aussie | April 16, 2011 at 2:06 pm |
    What needs to get traction now is the fact that there is one massive cover-up concerning the Østupid narrative, whether it is about place of birth, the Indonesian adoption, the failure to apply to change his name, the failure to formalise coming back to the USA (making him an illegal alien) and a whole series of other potential crimes.
    Speaking of potential crimes, here is another good read:


  13. I had seen this post before, and I noted then that it contained a few errors in fact. One of them relates to when Barry made the name change.

    However, looking in the comments on the site, I also note that someone has provided a school yearbook which gives the name Barry Obama. It is rather convenient that it is with that name. Maybe granny told him to use that name when he returned to Hawaii, but without ever going to court to have the name changed.

    What I am thinking here is that granny was a wily old fox, and she would certainly want her grandson to be recognized as a citizen of the USA. This means that granny probably had a hand in the fruad relating to the SSN.