The latest Gallup poll results

I found the latest Gallup poll Presidential Approval poll via Ann Althouse. The results can be found here. This is not the first time that Østupid has read an approval rating of 41%.

What is significant however, is that Østupid continues to lose the Independent vote.

It seems that what is going to be critical during the Presidential race during 2012 is the opinion of Independent voters.

It is like in most countries, you are not going to change the opinion of the core voters (the useful idiots), because no matter what their vote will remain the same. A good study is that of the recent NSW elections where in fact the ALP lost a very significant percentage of their heartland, which delivered a thumping to the former NSW government. It was a thumping that was well-deserved.  What was interesting in the result was that the Labor heartland did not turn to Independent candidates and the watermelons aka The Green Party, but that they voted solidly in favour of the Liberal-National Party coalition.  The Liberal Party is the Australian conservative party.  In this case the turn off is the Green Party because of their Marxist agenda. In the two electorates where the Federal Independents hold the seats, the previous Independent members of Parliament were tossed out like flotsam.

What I am trying to convey here is that if the Independent voters are being ingnored by both sides then there is going to be a surprise. Since you do not have compulsory voting the worst thing that can happen is that the Independent voters stay home and do not vote. This could lead to Østupid being returned to the White House.

A good Presidential candidate needs to be able to appeal to the sensibilities of those Independents who seek less government interference in their lives.

Let’s just see if that approval rating continues to dip in the future, especially if Østupid gets his way on tax and raising the debt ceiling, which would be the worst possible thing that could happen.



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