The Pigford fraud – more evidence about the false claims

The Pigford case came about because the ASDA had knowingly discriminated against a small group of farmers who were seeking aid. One man, Mr. Pigford started the ball rolling after his claim for assistance was rejected. He and those who went to court with him in a class action suit are the only ones who should have received a settlement.

However, what happened next has the Østupid fingerprints all over it. The settlement did not stop at Pigford I but has snowballed into a freebie circus for claimants who have never farmed in their lives. It is this aspect of the story that has been revealed as the fraud, not the original claims which were legitimate in most cases (the Sherrods being the exception).

Lee Stranahan is a liberal journalist who has been working with Andrew Breitbart in doing the research and interviewing those involved. Lee has been doing a wonderful job in exposing the fraud that has taken place. 

The issues surrounding the fraud are complex because what is coming to light is that it involves a large number of people in certain communities including communities in North and South Carolina. It also involves certain politicians, and to this I suggest that it involves bribery prior to the 2008 Dhimmicrat primaries that actually swayed the vote in favour of Østupid over Hillary Clinton.  There are certainly grounds to believe that there was voter fraud involved in the nature of bribery because so many of that one particular community believed that they were going to get “Øbama money”, and the only way that they could get that money was through what is becoming to be known as the Pigford fraud.

This fraud is unfair to the original claimants because they are in fact the ones who remain the big losers as a result of what has been perpetrated. The fraud needs to be investigated by the Justice Department but that will not happen so long as Eric Holder is in control.


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