This is sickening

Dr. Philip Nitschke resides in South Australia (no wonder I have never visited that State), and is probably one of the most disgusting human beings outside of the late Dr. Cranfield (sp) and the babykiller Tillman. All three have (had) one thing in common and that is the wilful death of human beings whether at their hands or at the hands of those who use something like an euthanasia machine.

However this article from the Mail Online shows the absolute depravity of Nitzsche in that he is showing his films to 14 year old. Nitzsche is pushing suicide to one of the most vulnerable groups in the world – our youth. The teen suicide rate is already too high in my country and around the world. They do not need to be loaded down with the propaganda from Philip Nitzschke at a time in their lives when they are probably at their most vulnerable. Watching something like that sows the seeds of potential suicide into their minds.

The surname of this man reminds me of someone from the Nazi era who was involved in the death camps. It is a most chilling name.


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