Tornadoes across the USA

I have just read this news regarding the tornadoes that have whipped across the USA, killing several people.  My condolences for the loss of life that has taken place in several communities.

I come from a country where tornadoes had been non-existent, especially in Melbourne where I lived. Until I lived in Fairborn I had not experienced those severe storms or known the fear that accompanies such storms. I can still remember being out one afternoon when there was a brewing storm. I had taken my children to T-ball practice. On the way home I was followed by the storm clouds. At the same time my husband had heard the storm warnings and was concerned about my whereabouts. As it turned out, that storm, or rather the tornado that was brewing hit the tri-state corner, and the bulk of the damage was done to the Amish community. I have not forgotten.

When I lived in Sydney, I lived in a suburb that had a street known as tornado alley. We used to have some strong winds that would rip out trees and do quite a bit of damage around that suburb. One of my friends had a tree crash on her neighbour’s house and do some damage. She lived in the street with the reputation of being tornado alley. Another friend told me about witnessing tornadoes in another part of Sydney.  So yes, we do get the storm damage, but nothing like you experience.

I hope that everyone who reads my blog is safe and well.


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  1. Welcome to spring in America, Aussie.

    This is the classic ‘clash of the air masses’ and it happens every spring. While the South is basking in warm spring temperatures, the air coming out of the north and west is still cold. When a cold front comes through, it acts as a kind of snow plow, forcing the warm air up. As the warm, moist air is pushed up into the atmosphere, ir condenses thus, severe weather.

    No, this has nothing to do with Algore’s fantasy of ‘global warming’ (which is pure bunk) rather, the change of seasons and the weather patterns adjusting from cold to hot.

    I pray for those in the Ohio Valley and Tornado Alley, as they get the brunt of the severe weather. Let’s hope it’s not too bad this year.


  2. @Sue,
    yes I join you in praying for those who live in Tornado alley.
    I agree with all of your comment. Al Gore’s “science” and understanding of weather patterns is pure bunk.

    Just like I had never experienced a tornado until I lived in Ohio I had also never experienced snow and blizzards, or temperatures that cold!!!!!!!


  3. Aussie, we have it all. America celebrates diversity :).


  4. Notice how fast a new post was put up as soon as Paxson let FS have it.

    This reinforces my theory that the blog is not under CW’s control.

    Paxson, if you’re reading here, all I can say is WOW!


  5. Yep, bad tornadoes, folks. So far we haven’t had any, but occasionally we do have them. However, on the 11th, there was some mini-tornadoes close by. We had high winds where we live, but didn’t have the tornadoes.

    I’ve only seen one once, which was right out in front of our house in the street. That was the spring that it went over our house, but we didn’t have any damage.


  6. here is the latest information:

    The death toll is rising. I really am sorry to hear that so many have been killed.

    @Kitty, yes when we were in Fairborn there was a mini tornado. It ripped out 1 tree. I remember that I had to go to the base for a medical appointment, and when I came from there, I would have driven either through it or after it. Anyway my older son mentioned having one of those drills at school. It was the mini tornado.

    BTW this same son was in Melbourne when his school was threatened with a bomb. He was in the grade preps or kindergarten, and they “had a drill” when it happened. It was on the news that night about the threats but no mention of the school. The man remains in prison.


  7. Last death count that I saw as on Fox News, and I think that it said 45. It’s possible that it could rise more, though. I think NC had 62 tornadoes.


  8. Well, ladies, we’re getting ready for the Passover. Also, I strained my right shoulder, right arm and upper part of my back getting out of the tub. Not a great feeling. Wow, this old body, always something falling apart on it.

    Anyway, you guys have a great night. Sue, thanks for the billboard in NM. That was pretty good.


  9. Kitty,

    You’re as much of a mess as I am, and that’s not good…

    I’d kick in a few bucks for another billboard…how about one right on Pennsylvania Ave? Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Please take care of yourself and have a lovely Passover :).


  10. @Kitty,

    it could be worse, and yes my Skittles was partly to blame !!!! 🙂


  11. So far Passover has been great. Once we got home last night after the Repast, i.e., the Passover supper, Yahweh’s supper, i.e., I was so terribly tired. Didn’t get home until after 11:00 or so. But we had a great meal, grilled steak, potatoes that a person in our assembly that makes is so good, deviled eggs, my salad that has blue cheese in it and roasted pecans. It was wonderful, then of course, unless you don’t know, unleavened bread, which stands for the sinless body of Yahushua (aka Jesus) the messiah. And the wine, standing for his blood, symbolism.

    But when we got home, I couldn’t sleep at first because of my back, so then the heating pad. I was almost asleep until the cats woke me up with their ongoing escapades when we’re gone for any amount of time. Well, after we get home, they act up, totally.

    And I’m a little bit concerned about my bathtub incident. I’ve never had a problem getting out of the tub before. We have the handle on the tub that makes it easier for people who have to lift themselves up. But my problem was that my legs didn’t apparently get my message from my brain that I was going to get out of the tub. So it was like for a second or so, they just totally wouldn’t work, which freaked me, scared me so. Then I kind of jerked with my right hand that was resting on the rim of the tub, kind of jerked getting out, which hurt my shoulder and upper back.

    Now I’m wondering if I’m losing messages between my brain and body. Kind of scary, I guess.


  12. Kitty make sure you get checked by a doctor. If there is a chance that you have damaged the shoulder ligamanents, then you need to get some attention, especially from a physical therapist.

    I copped an injury last year which was in part my cat’s fault (I had to put her to sleep this year). She was giving my feet some loving when I lost balance, fell backward and hit my head and shoulder on the brick wall. The discomfort finally disappeared by October, or at least it has not bothered me as much since then. The ultrasound scan did point up that I had bursitis in the shoulder and yes, I did get an injection in the shoulder. However, the big thing is to do the exercises and stretches that are normally prescribed by the physical therapist to help strengthen the ligamnets.


  13. I’m thinking that my injury is extremely better, although I’m sore. I keep magnesium oil around, and it kills extreme body pains almost instantly, although you’re still sore. Plus we don’t have insurance, so have had to learn to do things for ourselves that we can.

    However, I’m more concerned with my mind didn’t tell my legs to move, which it should have been something that I didn’t even think to make them do so. Perhaps Sue knows why. I’m hoping that it’s a one-time thing, but I don’t know. And my feet are so sore lately, it hurts to walk on them.


  14. Kitty, you sound like you might have OA, especially in regard to the feet. It could be that you have bone spurs on the heels of your feet (depends on where it is sore).

    Having had problems in excess of 30 years with my feet, I know what it is like to have sore feet. The last time, when they were exceedingly sore, it also affected my hip. Then x-rays were taken and the heel spurs were present. I had to get more expensive orthotics to deal with the problem, but it worked. I still get sore toes etc. but that is part and parcel with the arthritis.