Libya – Misrata – Daffy Duck adds to his crimes with the use of cluster bombs.

I have just been reading this story which is direct from Misrata where Daffy Duck has been laying a siege against the city full of civilians.  Despite the claims of some pundits (who obviously think that keeping Daffy Duck in power, despite the fact that he ordered the bombing of that Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, as well as other bombings of American sites is a great idea) the facts on the ground are that just in Misrata alone hundreds of civilians have been killed and hundreds, if not thousands, more have been wounded as a result of the shelling and now the use of cluster bombs. The dead and wounded have included women, old men, and young children. There are variances in estimates of the toll in Libya, but I feel certain that the real figure is closer to several thousand killed when the deaths from all of the cities involved are added together. Some of the deaths will be the “fighters” but there are many that are civilians.

One also has to take into consideration, that in many cities, when the Daffy goons managed to get in, people disappeared. There are plenty of stories getting out of people being arrested or just disappearing in Tripoli, Zawiya, as well as other Libyan cities, where pictures of missing relatives are being placed on a noticeboard. A lot of those men have “disappeared”, whilst others are probably dead or injured as a result of the fighting.  From the beginning though, I had read of stories of civilians being killed by sniper fire. The only suspect reports have been those from the Daffy authorities, where the claims have been shown to be false. In some instances, also, the civilians killed have been doctors and ambulance officers who lost their lives when traveling with the rebels.

That being said, the new evidence, which has come from a British-Libyan doctor who came to Misrata to offer his services via the aid ship from Malta, points to the horrors being perpetrated against the civilian population in Misrata. The clinics, where the wounded are taken do not have sufficient supplies to treat all of the wounded. In this article there is one story that needs to be repeated so that people start to get a picture of the horrors being faced in Misrata:

Among his patients last week was Otman Baywo, 44, whose his house in Misurata’s outskirts was was entered Gaddafi troops. Trying to protect his family, Mr Baywo put his hands in the air, saying “I have nothing for you”.

The reply was two bullets shot at point blank range, badly damaging vertebrae in his neck. “He is still fighting but his chances are low, less than 50 per cent,” said Dr Atewah. “If we cannot get him out of here I expect he will die.”

The crimes that are being perpetrated against these people are such that I feel the need to speak up on their behalf. Even if there are some amongst them who are Islamist, that is not true of the general population, and yes, a lot of the reports are exaggerated. At the same time I am suspecting that some of the reports that claim arms have been sent to Hezbollah are based upon rumours started by agents of Daffy Duck. Looking at the map of Libya, it seems more likely that if arms were crossing the border, especially through Chad, then Daffy was the one doing the supply, or it could be that the leadership in Chad was doing Daffy’s bidding by telling a few porkies, which would be no surprise to me.

The outcome in Libya is probably not as critical as any outcome in Egypt, but if the Transitional National Council is true to its word and it is West friendly, then Libya could be neutralized and that is a big “IF”.  A neutralized Libya would be a good result for the USA, and for Europe in general. It would take out of the violence equation a country that had been backing terrorism in Europe and in the skies. Daffy had been neutralized after GWB went into Iraq because he realized that he would be next – GWB sent out some very strong signals. However, with the weakling in the White House, and considering how M.E. leaders view weakness as opposed to perceived strength, Daffy had become bolder, especially when he obviously thought that the world would stand by and allow him to kill his own people when they rebelled against him.


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  1. Hi, All,

    Take a gander at this bomb. Barry, you’re busted!


  2. Sue, I think that there are some errors being made. He is not Soetoro’s son by birth but he his the adopted son. I think that people should stick to some of the narrative as they dig and not get confused. The same goes for the timing of the divorce. It occurred after Barry had returned to Hawaii. Also, Barry looks like his grandfather Stanley. Sometimes it is the mother who has the stronger genes. Two of my sons resemble my father, and the other one resembles the other side of the family. Maya looks like her mother.
    Otherwise, there is probably some legs in what the IRS investigator says, but he does have some “facts” wrong.


  3. Hi Aussie,

    Everyone seems to have some of the facts wrong, but we really have no facts to go on!

    That said, I’m just glad that this whole mess is getting out there, whether or not some of the ‘educated guesses’ may be a bit off; this entire story has been squashed for so long!

    Trump is harping on the birth certificate and that’s fine, but I’d like to see him to tie into the paternal nationality, too. He’s a bright guy and I’m sure he’s been briefed, so I’m hoping it’s only a matter of time before he spills the entire can of beans :).

    Bottom line is that although there have been some missteps, the fact that this issue is being discussed in venues where it never was, proves that the great work that’s been done is finally making an impact. Yes, it’s been a slow process, but I’d rather see it proceed slowly than not at all!


  4. Sue, I absolutely salute Trump for having the balls to push the issue that no one dares to mention or push.

    That is why I have put up some of the posts relating to what some of the pundits are saying 🙂

    I do hope that Trump brings up the paternity issue with regard to NBC and makes people actually study it, rather than accepting the doe-eyed punditry.