The cats are on the loose – meow!!

This article is over at Big Government. Incredibly, the author refers to David Plouffe as some sort of authority. I am not saying that I agree with the content of the article, only that you might like to read how the Cocktail Establishment views a Donald Trump candidacy, as well as some very telling things about how they will not face up to the issues surrounding lack of information on Østupid.

Needless to say, I disagree that Republicans are salivating about Chris Christie. That is simply not true. Many like his bold way of speaking, but they do not like the squish that is behind the man – he is soft on Islam…

Needless to say the author leaves out that Trump is probably just as motivated over the GZVM issue as he is about other issues. Again, I do not know Trump’s mind, but I do know that he made an attempt to purchase the building that is required for the whole thing to go ahead. For this alone I give kudos to Trump.

She mentions some other billionaires who appear to be behind Trump. It sounds like there is more going on here than we have imagined. If Trump is prepared to be in yer face about the birth certificate and the lack of other background information, then I continue to say “good for him”. That does not mean that I am either for or against him as a Presidential candidate.

2 responses to “The cats are on the loose – meow!!

  1. I am seeing some comments on blogs that people will not vote for Trump because of his hairdo (and, others, thankfully, saying what’s that got to do with it). Remember some said they would not vote for McCain because he was old and his teeth needed whitened? That Sarah Palin’s beehive was outdated. Those who ridicule other’s appearance, or expect “movie star” good looks from their candidates, should contemplate the fix we would be in if John Edwards were President.


  2. Then why did they vote for a man with a big scar on his head 🙂

    Those reasons are extremely superficial and people need to go beyond looks to examine policies.

    Personally, I think Trump is showing that he has some balls by confronting the issue that no one else will touch. They all ridicule that issue and thus they are all doing the bidding of the usurper. Shame on all of them.

    However, when it comes to voting for the Presidential candidate one needs to do a good background check, not just look at the wrapping. If Trump is suitable it will be as a result of what he advocates, rather than whether or not he is wearing a wig.