Read the comments at Gateway Pundit – Interesting

I have just been reading this thread and started to read the comments. There are the usual Øbot paid sock puppets making their anti-Trump noise, but there are some very interesting comments from a few people.

It is not the comments about Trump that are of interest, but comments about the role that GWB played during his period in office. I agree with most of the comments because even though GWB was denigrated in my own country, I was able to see that he did a lot of good in the world. The same cannot be said about Østupid.

It has always been my belief that the failure by Slick Willy Clinton to follow up on those responsible for both the Murrah Bldg attack in Oklahoma and the first WTC attack, ultimately led to the big attack on September 11 2001. It is also my belief that the failure to close the porous borders between the USA and Mexico will end up causing yet another catastrophe perpetrated by Muslim jihadists.  Yes, that means GWB failed in that respect as well.

However, when you look at the international scene there are vast differences between these three men. Slick Willy enjoys a reputation he probably does not deserve to some degree. However, in his defence, Slick Willy did make some gutsy decisions when it was necessary. There was none of that dithering that has caused so much of the trauma for the civilian population in Libya. Both GWB and Slick Willy made sure that they took the issue to Congress to get approval. The present ditherer-in-chief seems to think that he is above that, and that he has no need to get Congressional approval for any action relating to Libya. Well he is wrong.

From the point of view of the U.N., resolution 1973 allows for the enforcement of the no-fly zone, and it allows NATO nations participating to use all means necessary to protect the civilian population. Hence, from the world point of view the U.S. participation is legal. Yet, from the U.S. domestic point of view, the action is not approved, therefore U.S. participation is unapproved by the Congress. There is no excuse for Østupid not to have gone to Congress in the weeks prior to the enforcement of the no-fly zone in Libya to get approval for limited action. He had plenty of time, because it was always one of the options.

Also, it is rather distasteful that Østupid is actually attempting to find an African country that is not a signatory to the UN ICC to take Daffy Duck and his sons. It is distasteful because there are crimes that have been committed for which Daffy and sons, as well as other members of the regime should be tried and convicted. GWB allowed Saddam Hussein to be handed over to the Iraqi athorities. It was the Iraquis who tried and convicted Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity. Daffy Duck should end up with the same fate because of his crimes against humanity. Yet, Østupid is trying to find Daffy a safe haven? That is despicable.


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