Wikileaks does not give a mushroom fodder about the safety of opposition in Syria

I just saw this post at Legal Insurrection and it is enough to make my blood boil. This time Wikileaks has released emails that relate to Assad in Syria. These leaked documents put at risk the various parties opposed to the Assad regime in Syria.

I continue to believe that Assange belongs in a prison right beside that little turd Bradley Manning.


6 responses to “Wikileaks does not give a mushroom fodder about the safety of opposition in Syria

  1. Interesting timing…


  2. Yes, and Wikileaks has done the same in the past, putting a lot of lives at risk in the Middle East and in Africa. They have no conscience at all!!


  3. Absolutely agree with you about Assange and Wikileaks. There have been some folks on other blogs who are gloating over Assange as though he were some sort of folk hero. Those shallow thinkers are supposed to be patriots, and I don’t doubt their sincerity but certainly suspect their ability of discernment.

    Just because someone reveals top secrets that may confirm what we call wrong-doing by our government, does in no way justify that illegal and immoral act which can also put many operatives’ lives in jeopardy. Such twisted thinking!

    Assange is traitorous and that Manning is right where he belongs. I hope they can find some way to get A. and pin him with criminal acts. And soon!


  4. Having just received a letter from “The Schwarz Report”, I want to share a good article by Jamie Glazov, “The Leftist Love Affair with the Muslim Brotherhood”, which I found on the web; so I feel free to quote from it.

    Just a word about the author: He knows whereof he speaks because if my memory serves me correctly, he has experienced the heavy hand of dictatorship earlier in his life. Most importantly he is a great student of mideastern affairs.’s-political-pilgrims/
    Here is a teaser:
    “The Left’s political pilgrimage vis-a-vis totalitarian monstrosities continues unabated. With the Islamo-Fascist Muslim Brotherhood now poised to share governance in Egypt in the post-Mubarak era, progressives worldwide are salivating with glee. And it’s to be completely expected, of course. The Left has a long and eerie tradition of worshiping at the feet of tyrants and terrorists”……(snip)

    “And so our Radical-in-Chief is unsurprisingly joining in on the Progressive-Brotherhood love-fest, extending his hand of solidarity to the Muslim Brotherhood and giving the Islamist group a green light to share power in a post-Mubarak Egyptian government.”

    Then Glazov goes on to give the numerous incidents involving Obama and the leftist groups which bear out his conclusions. He also brings Carter into the picture, citing numerous ways that he led the way in 1979 and since then.

    If anyone is interested in the subject, it is worth the read.


  5. Yes, both indeed turds – very big and wet ones.
    (brothers of FS/LPH perhaps?)


  6. Carlyle,
    you might be right about them being the brothers of FS/LH/PG and all the other names that he uses.