A grisly murder in Kentucky

I shudder at the details of this story. I have no doubt that the woman suffers some form of mental illness. Yet, she was competent enough to have planned the murder and to have carried it out. The woman used a stun gun on the pregnant mother, and what follows is extremely grisly. She then pretended to have had the baby, but that was her undoing.

If you have the stomach to read the details, then please read on, but if not… forget about it.  If the woman goes to trial and is found guilty of her crime, she will be eligible for the death penalty, leaving a young son and daughter to fend for themselves, and that is the real tragedy of this story.


5 responses to “A grisly murder in Kentucky

  1. Air Force Brat

    With all due respect, it’s “grisly”, not “grizzly”. Unless the act is perpetrated by a bear, of course! 😀


  2. Oh, this story is horrible. I read that yesterday. It made me ill. Can’t imagine someone doing this.


  3. It is sad to say, but there have several murders like this in recent years around the country. Each one also claimed the baby was theirs, and that they had given birth to them as well.

    There are some Sick, Sick, people running around these days.


  4. @CRB yes thay are very sick people. This story shows that the woman planned the murder. If she is convicted, then she will end up with the death penalty. I feel sorry for her son and daughter.