Italy considers helping the National Transitional Council of Libya

Italy is one of many players involved in the Libyan crisis. At first Italy was reluctant as far as enforcement of the no-fly zone is concerned, however Italy allowed bases to be used by the NATO alliance.  When the action began Italy began to beg off just a little bit, even expressed regrets about the use of bases, that is until the deputy Libyan Foreign Minister (now Foreign Minister after Moussa Khoussa defected) paid a visit to Greece, Italy and a few other nations. It seems that the visit did not go down very well, because there has been a monumental shift in alliance from Italy.

The first shift came when Italy decided to follow the French and Qatar lead and recognize the National Transitional Council of Libya as the legitimate government. It has been the first tentative step. After that first tentative step Italy is now prepared to help the NTCL to sell its oil, as well as provide some military equipment such as the much needed night vision equipment, radar and equipment to block communications.

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