Pawlenty shill is at it again

Allahpundit, the well known shill for Pawlenty is at it again. He has up yet another post bagging the Donald.  It seems that Allahpundit is so intent upon pushing the boring and squishy Pawlenty that he finds it necessary to have a go at Trump no matter what.

Go and read the whole post over at HotAir. Now I am not saying that Allahpundit is not entirely correct. I do know that the Kelo case which involved eminent domain has a lot of noses out of joint… and I do not blame people for being upset.  That is not my point in putting up this post.

It seems that the Cocktail Party of which the eyeore Allahpundit is one, are going all out against Trump because he is bringing up the issue that they do not want to touch – that is why is Øbama hiding his public records. Why were those records sealed.

Whilst the actual birth certificate could be viewed as a distraction, I personally believe that the birth certificate needs to be produced. On top of that I think more needs to be done to highlight the real meaning of Natural Born Citizen. A man who claims that a Kenyan born individual is his father is not a Natural Born Citizen because that requires more than being born in Hawaii – it requires both parents to be USA citizens.As I have previously stated, my view of the John McCain situation is that McCain is more likely to be an NBC because both his parents are American Citizens and that the accident of birth, although murky, did not give him any allegiance to Panama. He does not have Panama Citizenship.

The only reason that I can think of for all of these attacks on the Donald, regardles of whether he ends up as a Presidential candidate, is that Trump is getting close to discovering the truth about the empty suit usurper in the White House.

2 responses to “Pawlenty shill is at it again

  1. Air Force Brat

    Or maybe he already HAS discovered the truth, and they’re desperate that he not reveal it. No matter what Trump’s final decision is on whether he’ll run or not run, he has performed an invaluable service to the country in bringing this critical issue to the forefront. And he’s KEEPING it there, which none of the “standard-issue” GOP candidates would ever touch.

    I find it interesting that Rep. Allen West has said he would consider being Trump’s VP. West is so highly intelligent, so articulate, so well-spoken, and so much a lover of America, that for him to say this shows that he considers Trump much more than a narcissistic self-promoter. West’s words are to be given considerable weight.


  2. AFB I agree with your take on the subject. I remain very much on the sidelines with regard to Trump as an actual Presidential candidate, however, he is doing a wonderful service to the USA in bringing this issue out into the open. He is taking on the attackers. That is noteworthy, because Pawlenty, Romney and a few of the others have been very quiet on the issue. They have been squishy and have not been prepared to talk about the subject, almost as if they have something to hide.

    On top of that both Pawlenty and Romney seem to be the type who are saying “It is my turn” to be the next nominee. That kind of thinking is one reason why the Republicans end up being called the party of stupid. The people at the top need to adjust their thinking. They need to distinguish themselves from their opponents.

    I have yet to write a piece on small parties, but I am of the opinion that it is better to have the small parties outside of the big parties, rather than having a big tent that allows the traitors to hide. When I do write that piece it will be on Australian politics, but it will be a lesson to be learned for others. It really does concern me that the Communists in the USA are so brazen the way that they operate within the Demoncrats.