Something different – the Royal Wedding

The world is gearing up for the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. The latest tidbit is that the Middleton family has revealed a coat of arms for Kate. The article explains the coat of arms in some detail, and it also gives a description of Prince William’s coat of arms. It is a nice and welcome change from the usual stuff that is on the Internet :).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the London police have denied a request by a group of Muslims to hold a protest outside of the Cathedral where Kate and William are to be married. There is no doubt that these Islamist Muslims in the UK will use any opportunity for their disgusting behaviour.  I have not written much about the UK Islamist Muslims, probably because there is so much to absorb about the latest in their outrageous behaviours. One of the latest being that in their attempt to impose Shariah they are now threatening Muslim girls who are working in shops to “cover up” or else. (no link but I think I saw the report at the BBC site, or it could have been the Guardian.. or?)


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