An Australian murder case

In the interest of balance, I am reporting on a case from Sydney Australia. It is not the first of its type because I can remember a case much closer to “home” where a pregnant woman was murdered by her husband and he pretended that she had simply disappeared. He did the whole thing with the crying and pleading on TV. Yes, it is all too familiar a story these days. 

On one of the other blogs that I run, I mentioned the still outstanding case of Eloise Worledge, and I did so because of information that had come to light about another of the Australian murder mysteries – the disappearance of the Beaumont children in South Australia. Eloise was another who was “close to home” because the suburb where that disappearance happened was not that far from where I was living. However this one is a more recent case.

Last August we learned of the disappearance of 6 year old Keisha Abrahams. Her mother and step father went on TV pleading for information on the whereabouts of the little girl. It was all theature. From the outset, the police had called the pair in for questioning. Something had not been right about the way that they presented themselves. For months there had been nothing new in this story, and today I have learned that there has been a breakthrough.

Two people, a man and a woman have been charged with the murder of Keisha Abrahams. The pair were arrested somewhere near the site where the remains of the little girl had been hidden in a shallow grave. That man and woman were the child’s mother and her step-father. The police then began their search of a park in Shavely near where the pair were arrested, and it has now been reported that they found a shallow grave with human remains.  If anything I am glad for the grandmother’s sake that the mystery has been resolved.

There are too many stories like this one, and yes I know about the little Australian disabled girl who was murdered in North Carolina by her step mother. I know that this was another case where the step mother pretended to be upset over the disappearance of the little girl. Then there is that other case which is yet to be solved – the one involving the child who had been entered into beauty pageants by her mother. There are many similar stories. What amazes me is that these people think that they can pull it off, that they can lie to the police and not get found out.  In the end most of them do get caught. I am glad that Keisha’s case is now being resolved. I only wish it had a happier ending.


Here are some more snippets about this case: when Keisha “disappeared” from her home, blood was found in her room.

The mother and step-father were questioned several times about the incident, but the police did not have enough evidence to pin it on them. The breakthrough came when they got intelligence that the couple were going to visit the site in Shalvey where Keisha was more than likely buried.  The police had them under electronic surveillance, and they were arrested at 1 am close to the Shalvey bushland where human remains have been found.


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