The case that is building against Daffy Duck

As you are aware, I have been pro the National Transitional Council of Libya since the protests began. In a way this has been gut feel (my Feeling side in the Myers Briggs assessment although I have a Thinking side as well) that Gaddhafi is in the wrong. This issue is headed for the ICC unless of course certain leaders do a deal that allows Daffy Duck to shelter in an African nation that has not signed on to the ICC agreement.

Whilst I have seen reports that indicate that there are some jihadis amongst those who are fighting, I remain unconcerned about their presence at this point in time. These men are fighting for their own lives as well as the lives of their families. At this point in time, the small group that are Islamists are not exactly wrapped up in wanting to impose Sharia law in Libya.  Even though some have admitted to have acted as mercenaries with Al Qaeda, they do not seem to be committed to the AQ philosophy. HOWEVER, even I will not guess what might lie down the track when the whole situation is resolved and there is a ceasefire.

During this last week, two award winning journalists, Tim Hetherington and his offsider were killed, plus at least two others, including an American photojournalist were injured by Daffy goons shelling their position in Tripoli Street Misrata. According to the report of an eyewitness journalist, they were killed by a fragmented shelling, perhaps a cluster bomb? It was a cold-blooded killing and the pair had no chance at all to save themselves from the situation. Tim and his companion were seasoned war journalists and they knew the risks of being in a war zone. They were not the only deaths in Misrata, as another set of journalists were also in mortal danger, but it was their guide Abu who was struck by a sniper.

Daffy Duck keeps promising a ceasefire, just like he did before the actual campaign against him started, but instead he has intensified the killing of civilians. The rebels consist of shopkeepers, engineers, dentists, doctors, other professionals who are not normally the types to be on the streets with guns attempting to protect themselves and others. This is why the situation is extraordinary.

Whilst Misrata continues to be beseiged with little let up, members of the group Lawyers without Borders have come to Benghazi to gather evidence for the ICC of the Daffy crimes. According to this report, there is large scale evidence of Daffy’s crimes against the Libyan population.  Here is a snippet from the article:

MUAMMAR Gaddafi’s forces have committed “crimes against humanity and war crimes on a large scale”, according to a human rights lawyer gathering evidence in Libya to present to the International Criminal Court.

Torture, mass executions, using humans as shields and banned cluster bombs all testify to the violence inflicted by Gaddafi’s regime on the Libyan population in recent weeks, French lawyer Philippe Moriceau told AFP today.

Government forces charged eastwards in the middle of March, pushing back rebels seeking to topple Gaddafi into their stronghold Benghazi, and then began bombarding its western gate.

They were beaten back when NATO launched air strikes from March 19 under a UN mandate to protect Libyan civilians caught in the fighting between Gaddafi’s troops and the rebels.

According to Mr Moriceau, vice president of the France-based Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB) group, in the short time Gaddafi’s forces attacked Benghazi, “the motto was to ‘rape, rob and kill’.”

Read more:

As well as these reports, I found yet another report from Der Spiegel which is also a report from inside of Misrata, where the situation is so very dangerous. What I get from this report is that the men who are the “rebels” are not as proclaimed by Gaddhafi. They are not trained killers. Many of them had not even used a gun in the past.  One man in this story was a school teacher who loved to teach history. He did spend 2 years in East Germany (Saxony – the region of my own ancestors), and from there he did learn how to fashion a gun scope. Right now the man is a sniper for the “rebels”. It is not easy work for him. He does not fire at just anybody, but only when he sees the Daffy goons in the other building.  He takes no real delight in his work. 

The job of the doctors and the “orderlies” at the clinic that is serving as a hospital is an unpleasant one, for many of those who have been wounded by the cluster bombs and the shells which are actually meant to be used against tanks in a battlefield, have little chance of survival. They estimate that at least 1000 have died since the siege began and about 80 per cent of the dead are civilians.  These figures are on top of the figures and estimates that have been made by Mr. Moriceau in Benghazi, who has only been investigating the crimes committed in Benghazi so far.

I should point out that there have been times when the rebels have committed summary executions. It sounds horrible, I know, but one has to understand that the ones who have been executed are betrayers in their midst. Otherwise they have often captured the Daffy goons and have treated them well compared to what happens when Daffy goons capture rebels. 

I have seen reports claiming that the rebels are crying out Allahu Akbar in some circumstances, but I am going against those reports and am going to say so what: in their Muslim world that is something that is uttered at various times, not just when a murder-suicide jihadi is on the loose. It needs to be kept in perspective. One story that I read concerned a situation where a young doctor was injured on the ground with a Daffy goon standing over him. The goon wanted him to acknowledge Daffy Duck, instead the doctor cried out “Allahu Akbar”, and then the goon shot the doctor several times so that he was dead. In context the man was saying what early Christians have stated: God is greatest, no-one except God. Those early Christians faced torment in places similar to where there is turmoil right now. They faced horrendous injuries, but most of them did not give in and they faced the torture and in their dying breath they also acknowledge that their lives belong to God. This, I believe is what some of these men are doing.

Despite my conservative values, I find myself at odds with a number of people who are on the conservative side of politics because they are suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome. They will see a report that is usually either not verified or jumps to wrong conclusions, and they hone in on “jihad” and “Al Qaeda”, tarring all Libyans with the one brush. One such example was the false claim that there are 1000 Al Qaeda in Libya and there are 1000 rebels fighting. This claim was without merit for the simple reason that there are around 5,000-10,000 military who have defected to the side of the National Transitional Council. Also the National Transitional Council has nothing to do with Al Qaeda. In another report, one man, a “rebel commander” (but not a real leader) was alleged to be a rebel leader, and this one man admitted that he was an Islamist who had been to Iraq. From this one report, false conclusions were being drawn. At the same time, one could say that these conservative pundits have fallen for the Libyan or Gadhaffi psy-ops that the rebels are thugs and that they are all Al Qaeda… which is the excuse that the regime is using to defend their actions against the people.  In other words, good people have fallen for the Libyan government psy-ops because of their own belief system and their Obama Derangement Syndrome. They are not even acknowledging that it was the French and British who were the first to push for such an operation. They fail to acknowledge that Obama dithered over the issue, refusing to get involved until it was almost too late for Benghazi. 

It is also untrue to say that we do not know enough about the leadership of the rebels. The answer is that it is the National Transitional Council, and among the members of that group are the former interior minister as well as other well educated people. There are people from towns other than Benghazi who are part of the council and yes, not all names have been revealed because some are in areas that are still under Daffy’s control. This group are pro-West and it might stay that way. I assume that in all probability that they will be something like in Iraq. The intention of this Council is to provide stability once Gadhafi is gone, and that they will work on a new Constitution and then go ahead with elections.

It has to be remembered that Daffy had tried to keep the people divided by having regional councils. In this way he was giving the impression that he was needed to provide cohesion for the various tribes. Oddly enough, the tribes discovered that they have a common goal.

From this point of view, I note that Daffy has ordered his goons to leave Misrata – let’s see if it really happens – stating that it will be left to the townspeople in the region to get rid of the rebels. I do not know if those tribes people are pro-Daffy. He seems to think that they will go talk to the rebels and then there will be more fighting. It sounds like he is trying to provoke a civil war. We just have to wait and see about the next move. It might depend upon how much the people in those towns actually hate Daffy Duck as to what way this will break. 


Well that was short lived, the bombardment of Misrata by Daffy Goons continues.  The report from the link is quite interesting and it contains quite a few details that need to be considered in order to get a better picture of what is really happening.

Khaim, the Libyan spokesman, along with Mussa Ibrahim is a deserving contender for the Baghdad Bob award, when it comes to lies and obsfucation. There has been a constant string of lies issuing forth from the new Baghdad Bob. Not only are the claims of civilians being killed by NATO strikes false, but so are the claims about the people who are fighting for their lives in Misrata. The Daffy regime claims that Hezbollah is in Misrata. That, my friends, is absolute mushroom fodder, BS if you will. Hezbollah is not in Misrata. The only foreign forces that have been there are the ones employed by Daffy Duck whose job it is to kill Libyans who oppose his regime. These Libyans have been fighting for their lives. Many had professional careers before Daffy Duck turned so lethal.

Also, the statements about the surrounding tribes coming into Misrata was nothing more than a ruse. The “rebels” or as I prefer, the freedom fighters did not believe that Daffy was backing off and they were correct.


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