Racist attack at McDonalds Baltimore

This is the most graphic and detailed description of the attack upon a white woman at the McDonald’s restaurant. The young woman was attacked whilst the employees of the McDonald’s restaurant stood by and laughed at her. One elderly woman came to her aid at the point where she almost had a seizure.  Two young black females have been charged over the assault, and one employee has been fired because he took a video of the whole thing and put it on his Facebook page. Disgusting.

Here is the crunch. It turns out that the woman is a transgender. If the girls knew that she was transgender there is allegedly a “hate crime”. What if they do not know that she was a transgender? Should it make a difference?

This is a case of two black women viciously beating a white woman almost to a pulp. They were beating the person so hard that it appeared they had the intention of killing the person. Yet the police are only looking to see if it was a hate crime. If it was two white women beating up a black woman transgender then those women would immediately face charges of a hate crime.

It seems to me that justice is not served unless all are treated equally under the law. A white person can be just as subject to a hate crime as much as black person. A white heterosexual can be just as subject to a hate crime as much as a transgender from the LBTQ community. The people responsible for the attack should be charged with a hate crime because it was a vicious attack upon the person of a white woman. There should be no distinction being made because it turned out that the woman was a transgender.

McDonalds did the right thing in firing the vermin who was filming the whole thing. The restaurant owner needs to go further and discipline the remainder of the staff, and fire them if necessary. However, McDonalds should not be sued because they have some vicious customers who beat up on a white person. The two black women who have been charged should get a lot of time behind bars for their crimes.



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