Tilting at windmills

Just read this piece at Legal Insurrection and must admit to laughing at his conclusion about preferring the commoner over Don Quioxte.

Professor Jacobson raises an excellent point: How is it that the woman who is proclaimed by all and sundry on the left to be a dumb %$*&^%  and $&*( and a variety of other foul-mouthed words, got it right but the elite got it so horribly wrong about quantitative easing?

The answer is obvious, Sarah Palin is the one who had the experience of dealing with problems in Alaska. She is no dummy as the Left proclaim. In fact she is far more intelligent than the dumbo who is currently residing in the White House.

It is this common touch, from a woman like Sarah Palin, that gives her an appeal to many both in the USA and overseas. Yes, I do like Sarah Palin once I learned more about her. Yes, I did hear her speak on TV when I was in the USA, I was enthralled by the way that she could answer questions without so much as a prompt.

This is the same sort of appeal that Donald Trump has at the present time. At least for now the Donald should be allowed to raise those issues. He seems to be going where others fear to tread, and even though Sarah has not addressed those same issues, she has taken on Østupid over a whole range of issues whilst other possible Presidential candidates have remained silent in the background. The cocktail and mayonnaise sandwich set seem to enjoy the background stirring, and they have been spreading their venom on Trump, which has given Palin a bit of a respite, before they start attacking her again. Do not write off Sarah Palin as a Presidential candidate.   

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