Why do women who are breast cancer survivors have to go through this?

Here we go again, yet another story of the way in which the TSA molests women.  This molestation of the general public has to stop. The TSA has not prevented one single aircraft incident by having these procedures in place. They are of no use at all. What they need is the kind of profiling that is done by the Israelis.

If a woman says that she has undergone breast cancer surgery then that should be sufficient. There is absolutely no need to put women through this agony. The question is why are they doing this? Well the answer is that there was an alert that there would be an attempt to blow up aircraft somewhere in Europe, not the USA. Now the fact remains that Christians are not the ones blowing up aircraft and they are not plotting to blow up aircraft. Yet the PC crowd refuse to look at the real problem. This is what led to the Ft. Hood massacre.

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