A good post at NoQuarter to read and discuss

Found this link to NoQuarter and thought that it was very good. There are a number of points that have been made, and yes I think all are worthwhile points. When you have finished reading the NoQuarter post, please have a look at this one by Kyle-Ann Shriver at American Thinker.

Whilst some of you have the strange idea that I somehow trashed Donald Trump, when I expressed an opinion that I did not necessarily think he would make a good President, there are others who have been willing to remain open minded, and to keep with the wait and see option.   Also, I happen to be delighted that the Donald is making such a big splash at the present time. He is doing what no Republican politician has been able to do in the past two years – make the LSM actually do some work to justify their own bullishness and their cover-up of the appalling record of B.H. Øbama.  There has been a coverup and Trump has been the one to challenge the media clowns on what they have done. No wonder they are frightened of him. Also, Trump is causing people like Karl Rove to shudder, because there is something in the background about why it was that Øbama was never vetted properly as a candidate. Could it be that the Republicans want to run Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal? Personally, I would have no problem with either of these men, except that they are not NBC. I do not doubt their loyalty to the USA though, which is not the case with the Marxist in the White House.

The Donald has been bashed from both sides of the spectrum. The “conservatives” are no doubt upset that their pet for the Presidential election (Mittens Romney, Tim Pawlenty) is being overlooked, and the left-wing are just acting normal, using their Alinsky methods to attack anyone who gets in the way of them destroying the USA.

My personal view here is that even if the Donald does not end up as the Republican Presidential candidate, this is an opportunity for people to fully participate in the election process like never before. Your country does things differently from my own, and you have those primaries. You also have non-compulsory voting. It means you have to get off your butt to vote. The thing is, you need to start doing your research right now, and you need to be willing to fully participate in the process if you want to stop Østupid from getting a second term as POTUS.

There have been a number of people who are expressing interest in running as the Republican candidate. Most of them have weaknesses that possibly outweigh their strengths. Some of them, like Mittens Romney have baggage that could make them unelectable. However, in the case of Mittens, he thinks it is “his turn” for the Republican nomination. This is your opportunity to vet each of the candidates so that the best candidate, rather than the “his turn” candidate becomes the nominee. Others, like Tim Pawlenty, work behind the scenes doing all of the bashing of those other potential candidates. There are some such as Allahpundit at HotAir who seem all too willing to bash people like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin because they want Tim Pawlenty to be the Republican nominee.

The vetting process this time needs to be thorough, it needs to be based upon a wide range of issues, and not on the narrow ones. Candidates such as Gary Johnson would gain on fiscal responsibility, but would not get ticks for social conservative values, yet he might appeal to the wider audience of Libertarian and Independent voters because of his stances on a variety of issues that are offensive to those in your Bible belt. However, Gary Johnson is lacking in a very vital area – foreign relations.  He needs to rethink his positions on some issues, but I do not see him as the Republican nominee anyway.

Whilst I do not believe that Sarah Palin is unelectable, I do see that she has had an uphill battle to gain acceptance and like Donald Trump she has been mercilessly bashed by the media, some Republicans, and of course by the left-wing. Her appeal to most has been the fact that she is “of the people”, and I see that Donald Trump has that same appeal.  Both of these candidates need to be thoroughly vetted if they are to be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, let the Donald make his points to the media because he is doing a great service in bringing those issues to the media, and pointing up how the media has been so slack by not dealing with all of the corruption behind the Øbama name. If the media starts bringing up issues about Trump, then you need to fight back twice as hard in bringing out the Øbama obsfucation and corruption.

The AA population does not make up a majority of those who vote. The Marxist-Progressive element within the population are not a majority of the voters. The election of the next USA President will depend upon getting Republicans and Independetnts out to vote in large numbers against Øbama.


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  1. WATCH THE MARXIST MEDIA INTERVIEW THE MARXIST MEDIA. Shepard Smith interviews the WSJ White House reporter – both owned by Newscorp. If this doesn’t give you a chill down your spine, you’re not listening.



  2. Aussie. I didn’t think that you trashed Trump. I understand your nuanced position towards him that is not dissimilar to mine. He earns points with me by the day with the more that I hear, however.


  3. Paxson, I know I did not trash Trump. What I do think is that he is doing the job that the journalists and others refused to do prior to 2008. He is asking questions.
    I have also read a few things that would make me personally shrink from him as a possible POTUS, however, he has the right to put his hat into the ring, the same as Denis Kuchinich had the right to put his hat in the ring.

    In the long term, it will not be what Trump says now, it will be based upon his positions in a variety of issues that will count.

    At the moment he is the man with the balls to take on a subject that has been made taboo. In my mind I give him a big tick, but nothing more.


  4. The funny thing about Kucinech, although he is extremely liberal, is that it is easy to have respect for the man. He does not waiver from his heart felt principles, however wrong that they may be. I actually like the guy as a person.


  5. With respect to Trump, there is plenty of time to vet his past political perspectives. Remember he was not a politician in the past and will be very exposed. Romney has a real political record of liberalism and I actually supported him last round by default. There is no perfect candidate. Hear Trump out now as people evolve.


  6. Hi Aussie and Paxson, and welcome, Katie!

    Ya know, no matter what Trump’s motivation is whether it be a political, business, or publicity gig, the fact is that he’s talking about the (shhhh!) birth certificate.

    Does he have all his facts staright? No. Does he know everything we know? Probably not, but he’s off to a good start. Aussie, I agree that he’s the only one who has the babalones to talk about it.

    If he could expand more on the economy, international affairs, and *job creation/food and gas prices* he’d be tough to beat. He has his finger on the pulse of Joe Q. Citizen and rather than talk in typical vague political terms he talks about the issues on everyone’s mind. No Dem, Repub, or RINO would be able to touch him.

    Even if he decides not to run, he’s gotten people thinking and saying ‘Yeah, that’s right!’

    Paxson, Romney used to be my boss and I liked him. He left the state with a surplus, which Cadillac Deval Patrick squandered and now, we’re in an awful hole. That’s what electing Barky’s squeeze as Governor will do to a state. I was hired under Romney and when Patrick came in, two jobs over the last 7 years have been eliminated. Tell me who was better?

    But you’re right; we’ll never get everything we want in a candidate. The trick seems to be to elect the person who will do the least harm and the most good for the people. I’m still hunting for that candidate; one who will distance him/herself from the pack.

    …and 2012 had better be the year that person shows up or we’re in a heap of trouble.



  7. Sue,
    the candidates to watch are:
    Sarah Palin
    Herman Cain
    Alan West
    John Bolton
    and then Donald Trump
    plus Gary Johnson (not my pick by any stretch but he is a fiscal conservative)

    Sarah and Alan West are two who do not have the “green” credentials, in other words they do not seem to believe the BS about climate change. Sarah would certainly curtail the EPA’s more outrageous activity. She would also not allow the hold up in the drilling permits.

    Alan West has the military background that is desirable in a POTUS. I am watching John Bolton.

    However, the reason I like Donald Trump is his attitude about the GZVM. This is in direct contrast to the likes of RP who wants to see it being built on that site.


  8. Good Morning! Here’s a very good article at American Thinker.

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  9. House votes to restrict unions (Massachusetts)
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  10. Good morning Zach,
    I am hoping people will chime in to discuss whether this is a forgery. I think I found something.


  11. Thanks for the second link. It is worth noting that this was an initiative by Democrats.