I think it is a forgery

Please check out this story at The American Thinker. They have up the copy of the “birth certificate” that has been released. They also have the comparison for the Nordyke twins. I am suspecting that it is a forgery.

Also, can someone who is reading here check out the detail for that thing that was released by factcheck.org. It was definitely a forgery since the number sequence was wrong.

People have been quick to point out that what was released has layers. OldSalt if you are reading here, please chime in since this is your area of expertise.

Here is Youtube video that I wish you to view

Also, you might check out this post at Gateway Pundit:


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  1. Cabby - AZ

    Aussie – 6:35 am
    Cabby I am not really prepared to accept the Lucas Smith document.
    Oh, I agree with you about the Lucas S. document! I looked it up on one site, and the dates do seem to be the same as the ones on the latest O just released.
    I think that is the point that Karl Denninger is making. How can two documents that came from different sources and both deemed to be fraudulent end up having the same dates? When one came from a foreign country and the other came from Hawaii and the dates, other than the birth date and time, were not commonly reported. Was there some sort of collusion made to attract people to Kenya and throw them off the Indonesian trail? It seems possible.


  2. @Cabby, in other words Lucas Smith is a plant?


  3. Cabby - AZ

    Aussie, yes, I guess that could be it – Lucas Smith a plant….. Those who have really followed him for sometime feel that he is a fraud himself – a con man; although I cannot pass judgment on him, since I’ve not really done any real research myself. He certainly went the “last mile” in sending his findings to all of the members of Congress, etc., but something is VERY fishy. He just is not a savory figure himself. So many twists and turns……Sigh.


  4. There is a different birth certificate posted on a site called obamacrimes. The person has a video of it showing obama’s grandmother’s signature and not stanley ann dunham. It also states the birth took place in Kenya and then was registered in Hawaii. The man in the video said he found it on a website called alohareporter.com. I don’t know if it is “authentic” but it would explain the “newly released certificate by obama.”


  5. @ajl, I am not certain that the certificate is genuine. It is probably just as much a forgery as the ones that Østupid has produced.

    With all of these documents, they need to be handed over for forensic testing.

    The immigration documents relating to Barry Sr. do mention that he had a son born to Ann Dunham (his wife) on August 4 in Hawaii. I think that such documents coming from immigration more or less seal it for me.

    However, I keep saying… it is not the place of birth… it is the fact that his putative father was a citizen of Kenya, a British citizen. That means there is dual nationality. Under British law at the time the father gave the child British citizenship.

    Also, this distraction about place of birth leads us away from Indonesia and the adoption by Lolo Soetoro. There is the name Soebarkah, and the dropping of Barry from his mother’s passport.

    On top of that a possibility as to why Ann’s passport records were not totally revealed might relate to her trip to the Philippines. In the immigration records it did mention that “his wife”, meaning Barry Sr. was in the Philippines. That means she had a passport and that the purpose of the trip was not revealed.


  6. You are right Aussie. Just another distraction, no doubt put out there by Obama himself.


  7. @ajl, please do not misunderstand my meaning about “a distraction”. I do think that having the real birth certificate is important. What is a distraction is the fake ones, because they keep leading away from the real truth:
    1) the fact that he is NBC
    2) the fact that his Indonesian adoption made him a citizen of Indonesia.


  8. I’m on the same page as you Aussie. The long form birth certificate is important, but so is the rest of his paper trail. We need to get to the bottom of it all. I’m especially interested in the Connecticut social security number obama was illegally using. I was hoping Trump or anyone would jump on that one. It shouldn’t be that hard to follow. I believe it could open the flood gates on this fraud.


  9. Trump has gone quiet since that fake certificate was produced. Maybe he wants to hold off. I am hoping that he will at least produce the evidence that what was produced is a fake… and then start aiming for the other things.

    He has made noises about the college records.