A warning shot in Morocco

It looks like there has been a murder-suicide bombing in Marakesh in Morocco. There have been stirrings of trouble in Morocco, and this murder-suicide bombing (a terrorist attack) looks like being the first warning shot of what is to come. You can read more information about the bombing at the BBC news site here.

Morocco is one of the countries where there have been protests, but for the most part there has not been the bloody crackdown that has been seen in Syria and Libya.  This is not good news because it shows a new escalation in the unrest in the Middle East.

It is difficult to speculate on who is behind the attack, but I would look first to the Salafists and AQ. They seem to be stepping up their activity in response to weak leadership in the USA.


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  1. Morocco is one place I’d love to visit. Who knows what the world will look like a year or two from now.
    Gotta go.
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  2. Thanks Zach. It is a great article.


  3. Thank you Aussie. I hope Glenn will get my point and at least back off the ridicule. However, he somehow thinks …..well I really don’t know what the heck he’s thinking.

    Thanks again.
    Take care,
    Zach Jones

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  4. Just keep making the point that Øbama cannot be trusted. There are many like myself who saw that there was a problem because of the refusal to show this document.
    People like Glen Beck should know better, they should know that NBC refers to two citizen parents. They should be able to understand that point. I have known it for most of my life and I am not even an American citizen.!!!!!!!

    However, I did see somewhere that the management of Fox did tell these guys to back off from the subject. Perhaps when Fox was being threatened very early into the term of usurpation, they were told if they did not back off that they would be closed down. I am betting that some kind of threat was made.

    However, what we need to hammer home is that the lack of transparency is a good reason to lack trust in this usurper. He was the one who spoke about transparency and then he did the exact opposite. So this needs to be hammered.

    The Obama Sr. immigration documents do in fact verify the Hawaiian birth and date. So I am satisfied that he was born in Hawaii. However, the dual citizenship remains. At the same time, I think that there is still sufficient evidence that the latest document that is an alleged birth certificate is nothing more than a fraud. On the immigration documents it states race as Kenyan, not African.

    The immigration people were suspicious of the “marriage” and it might explain why when Ann Dunham then married Lolo Soetoro they were not willing to give him a change in status. It sounds like they suspected that the Soetoro marriage was also a sham.

    I have always rejected the idea that Barack sr. walked out on his 2 year old son. That did not happen. They never lived together as a family, which makes a mockery of the whole story about Ann following him to Cambridge Mass. because it never happened. The marriage ended before she gave birth, and probably because (a) she found out that he was still married in Kenya and (b) she found out that he was having other “pieces” on the side.
    The comments from the university staff at Harvard and associated with his scholarship was really very revealing. The one about wanting to get rid of him suggests that Obama sr. was a stirrer on campus and a bad influence with regard to other students.

    So we need to get these stories out there and then see what happens.


  5. Thanks Aussie. I just read the American Thinker article. I have always been interested in finding the truth. Where it leads, that’s where I’m going.

    I think the immigration documents do establish the Hawaii birth but the NBC issues has always been the keystone. Also the whole Indonesia connection.

    It’s a beautiful day here. Gotta to get outside.

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