Not just a useful idiot – he is a %*#^ing idiot

Who might I mean when I call him a f’ing idiot? (sorry air just turned blue) I mean none other than that other useless weak former POTUS Jimmah Carter. It seems that Jimmah took himself a trip to North Korea for talks, as a member of a team of “elites of the world”. They did not get an interview with Kim Jong-Il but they did get a message that blames both South Korea and the USA for human rights abuses against North Korea. Did you hear that?

Now let’s try getting some facts straight because Jimmah is really nothing more than a useful idiot when it comes to dealing with these tyrants and dictators. He learned nothing from his gross mistakes over Iran. Remember it was Carter who allowed Ayatollah Khomenei to return from exile in Paris to Tehran, and in fact it was Carter who benignly thought that having this “religious” man in charge of Iran was a good thing. (No wonder the air turns blue when I think about what this idiot allowed to happen in Iran). 

Now it seems that Jimmah wants to dictate to South Korea over North Korea, and to accept the false accusation of human rights abuses being levelled by that malevolent dictator Kim Jong-IL. He does not seem to understand that North Korea chose to build up arms, rather than provide food for the people who might or might not be starving. This is the real crux of the issues that should be raised. If North Koreans are starving, why is Kim Jong-Il wasting so much money on building up nuclear weapons? Feeding the people should come first. 

Any blockade that might exist is the fault of North Korea, but as is typic of these dictators, King Jong-Il is trying to blame South Korea for his own attitudes. In fact Kim Jong-Il is trying to cause a new war between South and North Korea. These elites who are running around the world sniffing their own odour and thinking that they are “king mushroom fodder” need a good dose of reality because they are going to aid and abet a new war through their enabling of dictators such as Kim Jong-il. Somebody should tell Jimmah to just shut up and go sit in the corner!!



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