Border Patrol

I bet you Americans will be jealous when you read this report about what is happening on the border of Libya and Tunisia. I am joking of course, but it was something that caught my eye:

The fighting in Libya spilled over into neighboring Tunisia early on Friday, as troops loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi routed rebel fighters at a critical border crossing in the southwest and pursued them into the nearby town of Dehiba, said a rebel fighter who witnessed the events.

The fighting in the southwest began Thursday night and raged into Friday morning, as a “very large force” of Qaddafi soldiers began attacking the strategic Libyan border post at Wazen, a rebel military spokesman, Col. Ahmed Omar Bani, said. The rebels are hoping to use the border post as a supply route for their fighters battling Colonel Qaddafi’s troops in Libya’s western mountain region.

After capturing the crossing from rebels, the Qaddafi loyalists, backed by mortar fire, advanced further on Friday morning into Dehiba, about three miles from the border. The rebel fighter said the Libyans then sent seven pickups into the town but they were halted at a roadblock set up by residents and Tunisian army troops.

The first truck flipped over at the roadblock, he said, while the other six veered off into the desert, where they were stopped by Tunisian troops, who then took the Qaddafi militiamen into custody. It was not immediately clear what the Tunisian army did with the prisoners.

What I find interesting in the report is that the Tunisian army stood with the people and turned the Daffy goons away. They also captured some of them. This is a border incident, but it is a very serious incident because the Libyan Loyalists  crossed the border and were taking action. This could be seen as an escalation of hostilities. It can also be seen that Tunisia is on the side of the civilian population that is being bombarded and fighting for their lives.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if the Mexican army was patrolling the borders in the south of your country so that the drug cartels and the other riff raff could be kept on their side of the border. The action of the Tunisian army should be enough to make you jealous!!

However, on a more serious, and I would say very serious side, in the same report is some very disturbing information regarding Misrata. No, I am not talking about possible Islamists fighting for the lives of their families (who knows there might be a few in Misrata), but I am talking about something far more deadly and serious:

As the two sides fought, Misurata’s troubles appeared to deepen further as NATO said that pro-Qaddafi forces had been caught Friday mining the waters around the harbor, an apparent attempt to harass traffic from the sea, which has been the sole lifeline for a city otherwise cut off by loyalist ground troops.

While pursuing four small boats, NATO forces noticed an object that appeared to be a mine being released into the sea, and later discovered at least two mines in the water, according to an official who asked not to be named in line with the alliance’s policy.

At least one vessel with humanitarian aid scheduled to enter the port on Friday delayed its arrival and waited off the coast for permission from NATO, medical officials in the city said.

Supplies from the sea have been integral to the city’s survival during the two-month siege, as internationally chartered aid ships have delivered food, water, medicine and ambulances, and also evacuated thousands of migrant workers and many wounded Libyans in need of treatment not available in the city.

 ^&*((#####  the air is turning blue as I consider the action here. There are humanitarian ships entering the port of Misrata to pick up stranded immigrants and the wounded. So these Daffy Loyalists have decided to mine the harbour!!!!  Unbelievable.

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  1. I will make the added information about the mining of the Port of Misrata another post. I found some added detail.