Evidence that AQ is behind bomb in Marrakesh

The BBC news site has a report on the bombing of the cafe in Marrakesh in Morocco. The reason for following these reports is to get some idea of what is taking place in other regions of the Middle East and Africa. It really does seem like that thare is a very big uprising on the way, and it is not going to lead to the westernisation of the Middle East…. we would be very foolish to see this as a push for western style democracy.

The protests in Morocco were never really all that big and it was more than likely that those behind the Moroccan protests were members of AQ.  This bombing is further evidence that AQ is active in Morocco and is planning to up the ante. So far no one has taken responsibility for the cafe bomb. However, it has the hallmarks of AQ complete with the nails being packed into the bomb so that its effect is all the more devastating. Three days prior AQ did make threats against Morocco.

Any upping of the ante in any of these African and Middle East countries is not good news because it means that those who desire to take over and be tyrannical themselves are attempting to gain the ascendancy. I shudder to think what could happen so long as Østupid remains in the White House. Things are hotting up. It is worse than when Carter was President, which was the last time that so much of the Middle East and Africa was a real hot bed of discontent.


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