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A warning shot in Morocco

It looks like there has been a murder-suicide bombing in Marakesh in Morocco. There have been stirrings of trouble in Morocco, and this murder-suicide bombing (a terrorist attack) looks like being the first warning shot of what is to come. You can read more information about the bombing at the BBC news site here.

Morocco is one of the countries where there have been protests, but for the most part there has not been the bloody crackdown that has been seen in Syria and Libya.  This is not good news because it shows a new escalation in the unrest in the Middle East.

It is difficult to speculate on who is behind the attack, but I would look first to the Salafists and AQ. They seem to be stepping up their activity in response to weak leadership in the USA.

I think it is a forgery

Please check out this story at The American Thinker. They have up the copy of the “birth certificate” that has been released. They also have the comparison for the Nordyke twins. I am suspecting that it is a forgery.

Also, can someone who is reading here check out the detail for that thing that was released by It was definitely a forgery since the number sequence was wrong.

People have been quick to point out that what was released has layers. OldSalt if you are reading here, please chime in since this is your area of expertise.

Here is Youtube video that I wish you to view

Also, you might check out this post at Gateway Pundit:

A good post at NoQuarter to read and discuss

Found this link to NoQuarter and thought that it was very good. There are a number of points that have been made, and yes I think all are worthwhile points. When you have finished reading the NoQuarter post, please have a look at this one by Kyle-Ann Shriver at American Thinker.

Whilst some of you have the strange idea that I somehow trashed Donald Trump, when I expressed an opinion that I did not necessarily think he would make a good President, there are others who have been willing to remain open minded, and to keep with the wait and see option.   Also, I happen to be delighted that the Donald is making such a big splash at the present time. He is doing what no Republican politician has been able to do in the past two years – make the LSM actually do some work to justify their own bullishness and their cover-up of the appalling record of B.H. Øbama.  There has been a coverup and Trump has been the one to challenge the media clowns on what they have done. No wonder they are frightened of him. Also, Trump is causing people like Karl Rove to shudder, because there is something in the background about why it was that Øbama was never vetted properly as a candidate. Could it be that the Republicans want to run Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal? Personally, I would have no problem with either of these men, except that they are not NBC. I do not doubt their loyalty to the USA though, which is not the case with the Marxist in the White House.

The Donald has been bashed from both sides of the spectrum. The “conservatives” are no doubt upset that their pet for the Presidential election (Mittens Romney, Tim Pawlenty) is being overlooked, and the left-wing are just acting normal, using their Alinsky methods to attack anyone who gets in the way of them destroying the USA.

My personal view here is that even if the Donald does not end up as the Republican Presidential candidate, this is an opportunity for people to fully participate in the election process like never before. Your country does things differently from my own, and you have those primaries. You also have non-compulsory voting. It means you have to get off your butt to vote. The thing is, you need to start doing your research right now, and you need to be willing to fully participate in the process if you want to stop Østupid from getting a second term as POTUS.

There have been a number of people who are expressing interest in running as the Republican candidate. Most of them have weaknesses that possibly outweigh their strengths. Some of them, like Mittens Romney have baggage that could make them unelectable. However, in the case of Mittens, he thinks it is “his turn” for the Republican nomination. This is your opportunity to vet each of the candidates so that the best candidate, rather than the “his turn” candidate becomes the nominee. Others, like Tim Pawlenty, work behind the scenes doing all of the bashing of those other potential candidates. There are some such as Allahpundit at HotAir who seem all too willing to bash people like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin because they want Tim Pawlenty to be the Republican nominee.

The vetting process this time needs to be thorough, it needs to be based upon a wide range of issues, and not on the narrow ones. Candidates such as Gary Johnson would gain on fiscal responsibility, but would not get ticks for social conservative values, yet he might appeal to the wider audience of Libertarian and Independent voters because of his stances on a variety of issues that are offensive to those in your Bible belt. However, Gary Johnson is lacking in a very vital area – foreign relations.  He needs to rethink his positions on some issues, but I do not see him as the Republican nominee anyway.

Whilst I do not believe that Sarah Palin is unelectable, I do see that she has had an uphill battle to gain acceptance and like Donald Trump she has been mercilessly bashed by the media, some Republicans, and of course by the left-wing. Her appeal to most has been the fact that she is “of the people”, and I see that Donald Trump has that same appeal.  Both of these candidates need to be thoroughly vetted if they are to be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, let the Donald make his points to the media because he is doing a great service in bringing those issues to the media, and pointing up how the media has been so slack by not dealing with all of the corruption behind the Øbama name. If the media starts bringing up issues about Trump, then you need to fight back twice as hard in bringing out the Øbama obsfucation and corruption.

The AA population does not make up a majority of those who vote. The Marxist-Progressive element within the population are not a majority of the voters. The election of the next USA President will depend upon getting Republicans and Independetnts out to vote in large numbers against Øbama.


Another attempt to tell companies how to run their business

In the Alinsky rules, one of them is to attack the person, well it seems that this is now reaching new heights as a result of the Administration attempting to freeze out the CEO of Forest Laboratories. You can read the whole story at HotAir.

Is Joe Manchin trying to establish street cred?

Saw this item over at HotAir, and thought that anyone reading might like to chime in with what you think.

Because of the big differences between my country and your own I will offer no opinion on the subject. I do not know if Manchin is doing it to establish some credibility, especially after the way he voted on Abominablecare. It could be that in the long term he has other plans.

Jennifer Rubin gets it over Libya

One of the many points that I have made about the Libyan situation is that Daffy Duck has been using mercenaries. Now I see that Jennifer Rubin, writing for the Washington Post also gets it – that Gadhafi is using mercenaries from other African nations.

When the whole thing erupted and the protesters took Benghazi, one of the things that happened at the time was the defection of the justice or interior minister who arrived at Benghazi with an army unit. All of the men defected to the side of the “rebels”. There had been a number of other defections, meaning that the Libyan military had been depleted (more than half did in fact defect). However, Daffy Duck has supplemented his forces by paying mercenaries from Chad, Algeria, and a number of other African nations. Some of these nations are actually denying these “charges”.

Jennifer Rubin makes the point that these mercenaries are “threatening American troops” and are in armed conflict with NATO, but that is not strictly true. First of all, there are no American troops inside of Libya. However, there are CIA, as well as British and possibly French SAS on the ground. On top of that the most threatened group are not soldiers but journalists and photographers because these mercenaries have been brutalizing any journalist that they have captured. 

The information that these mercenaries were hired has come from someone who defected to the rebels – it could be Moussa Khoussa since he would know about the hiring of mercenaries because of his role as Foreign Minister before his defection. On the other hand, Daffy has spread the false information that Hezbollah are in Misrata. It is not in the least bit true. Hezbollah are not involved as mercenaries for the rebels. In fact the National Transitional Council spokesmen have been very clear abou the desire to not have the boots of other nations on the ground, even though rebels in Misrata do in fact desire that kind of assistance.

This means of course, that the NATO forces are being hamstrung by the terms of engagement, that they stick to enforcing the no-fly zone from the air, as they try to protect the Libyan population from the bombardment by Daffy Duck. (I posted another link on the Middle East round-up page relating to the situation in the Mountain region of West Libya, where the Berbers are fleeing into Tunisia – they are also being bombarded but their towns are not being protected by NATO). The Daffy bombardment of the Libyans is very widespread.

Also, Italy has changed its mind about the role it has been playing. Up until recently Italy had only allowed the use of its bases, but is now fully participating in the enforcement of the no-fly zone. Considering that Italy has been an ally of Daffy Duck, this is huge.

Why do women who are breast cancer survivors have to go through this?

Here we go again, yet another story of the way in which the TSA molests women.  This molestation of the general public has to stop. The TSA has not prevented one single aircraft incident by having these procedures in place. They are of no use at all. What they need is the kind of profiling that is done by the Israelis.

If a woman says that she has undergone breast cancer surgery then that should be sufficient. There is absolutely no need to put women through this agony. The question is why are they doing this? Well the answer is that there was an alert that there would be an attempt to blow up aircraft somewhere in Europe, not the USA. Now the fact remains that Christians are not the ones blowing up aircraft and they are not plotting to blow up aircraft. Yet the PC crowd refuse to look at the real problem. This is what led to the Ft. Hood massacre.