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Perception of a weak leader creates opportunities for war

During the Bush years the world was relatively calm. The invasion of Iraq for example brought the activities of Daffy Duck in Libya under control. In fact Daffy feared that Libya would be the next nation in the firing line unless he changed tack. He was never sincere in changing, it was a ruse. However, I do not know the mind of Mussa Khussa as to whether, he was the architect of making those changes, and giving up some of the WMD arsenal held in Libya was sincere. Mussa Khussa is respected in the intelligence community.

Since the beginning of the Østupid Adminisration the way in which the world perceives the leadership of the USA has been on a downhill slide. This involves not just in military terms but in financial terms as well. There never was a good reason for Østupid to have received that Nobel prize, especially when he had no %^&*()$ idea about foreign policy. On top of that he has no %^&*()$ about economics. His economic policies are an absolute disaster, and I have no doubt that this is making China and India very, very nervous.

In 2009 the opportunities that presented themselves have led to this perception that the White House Administration is full of weak, impotent fools who have the nouse of those who were in the Carter Administration. Carter revisited means that the world is seeing the USA exposed in a way that is unimaginable. One of Carter’s greatest sins was his refusal to deal properly with the Iranian situation when the Shah was ousted. Carter’s attitude paved the way for the return of Khomenei to Iran, and to the imposition of the reign of terror that was unleashed upon the Iranians by the mullahs.  Now we are about to see the same thing happen in Egypt, where the army is paving the way for Muslim Brotherhood, backed by Iran to take over government in Egypt. The signs of a bitter conflict to come are already showing. Needless to say it will be the Coptic Christians who will suffer in the long term. I am not underestimating the probable involvement of other shadowy figures who were involved in the Egyptian protests. I am acknowledging that Iran has been a behind the scenes player that has been ignored. Also, I am stating that El-Baradei as President is the worst possible outcome,if that happens.

The Arab spring of protests should be seen as a major concern for the USA in the future. The fact that the oil reserves have been locked up does not bode well for the future in the USA.  If Iran gains a major foothold in the Middle East then the oil supplies for Europe and the USA will become choked. It is a very bad thing.  There is no way that any of us can second guess who is behind each of the protests. The movement is very fluid in my view, with different groups of people having different aims, but in the background are those who are associated with Iran and also with other shadowy figures. On top of that we still do not know what mischief is being done by Russia and China – both of these countries have been known to assist Iran. Both of these countries refused to back the no-fly zone in Libya and have been critical from the time the action began, even if what they are saying is based upon the propaganda being fed to the LSM by Daffy Duck.  Fortunately, the journalists are so p’d off with Daffy over the detentions and the beatings received that they are putting out the truth rather than the official line.

However, there is another front which needs to be watched closely – North Korea. There have been several clashes between North and South Korea, and these have been instigated by North Korea. The perception of weakness in a world leader, such as the usurper in the White House, has given North Korea the opportunity to wage war on South Korea without too much fear of action taken against the country. In the past North Korea has been aided by China and the Soviet Union.

It seems to me that when Østupid pushed for the SALTII treaty he was too willing to agree to the Russian terms because he had absolutely no idea about what it takes to keep the stand-off in a status quo position. That treaty has furthered weakened the USA. No wonder the Russians are being bolder in their own activities. The child with the temper tantrums in the White House does not understand detente. The child does not understand what it takes to maintain equilibrium in the world, thus he has endangered the world to a point that we could be on the brink of a major war.

It is time for Øbama to be fired.

An interesting report on gold, silver and the $U.S.

This post is in part a response to the link provided by Zach. I am still trying to absorb the information  about China’s motivations, but it seems that they are wanting to sell down their holdings of U.S. debt so that they can diversify. I do not see that as an attack on the U.S. dollar or that China is trying to drive the dollar down etc.

However, at this link, you will find more relevant information regarding what his happening and the role of Ben Bernanke and quantitative easing. What it explains is that the quantitative easing is flooding the market with U.S. currency and that is driving the dollar down.

I understand your concerns over the lower dollar rate because Australia went into the doldrums after we floated our currency in the 1980s. To be very precise, this was done prior to our move for a short-term posting in the USA in 1984. The Australian dollar went through the floor whilst we were there which affected what my husband was receiving in his pay. We were being paid in Australian dollars converted to US currency, so it really did hurt. Also, the parity with the English pound was very messed up, and it is still not that great!! Then when we had our trip in 2009 we were affected by exchange rates in a different way but we ended up losing.

It seems to me that it is the decision on quantitative easing that is causing the problems, and that China will make decisions based upon what Ben Bernanke announces in the near future. There are some very good reasons for China to want to get rid of those bonds that they are holding, especially the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ones. So to me that is not at all surprising.

I think it might be worth while trying to find out what is happening via other hedge fund operators i.e. George Soros. I suspect that George might be about to get up to his tricks just like when he broke the bank of England.

Tilting at windmills

Just read this piece at Legal Insurrection and must admit to laughing at his conclusion about preferring the commoner over Don Quioxte.

Professor Jacobson raises an excellent point: How is it that the woman who is proclaimed by all and sundry on the left to be a dumb %$*&^%  and $&*( and a variety of other foul-mouthed words, got it right but the elite got it so horribly wrong about quantitative easing?

The answer is obvious, Sarah Palin is the one who had the experience of dealing with problems in Alaska. She is no dummy as the Left proclaim. In fact she is far more intelligent than the dumbo who is currently residing in the White House.

It is this common touch, from a woman like Sarah Palin, that gives her an appeal to many both in the USA and overseas. Yes, I do like Sarah Palin once I learned more about her. Yes, I did hear her speak on TV when I was in the USA, I was enthralled by the way that she could answer questions without so much as a prompt.

This is the same sort of appeal that Donald Trump has at the present time. At least for now the Donald should be allowed to raise those issues. He seems to be going where others fear to tread, and even though Sarah has not addressed those same issues, she has taken on Østupid over a whole range of issues whilst other possible Presidential candidates have remained silent in the background. The cocktail and mayonnaise sandwich set seem to enjoy the background stirring, and they have been spreading their venom on Trump, which has given Palin a bit of a respite, before they start attacking her again. Do not write off Sarah Palin as a Presidential candidate.   

Bretton Woods revisited

Bretton Woods achieved its fame as the place where the IMF was set up in 1944. One of the persons present was Lord John Maynard Keynes, the British economist. As one who has studied some of the ideas of J.M. Keynes, I have not quite accepted all of the bad press that he now receives. It seems that George Monbiot agrees, that the Keynes proposal was probably better than the one that set up the IMF. I am not in a position to agree or disagree on that point.

The meetings by the IMF at Bretton Woods continue to this day, and the latest meeting was in fact preceded by a secret meeting of Soros conspirators. Arlen Williams writes about the people who attended the latest IMF meeting as well as about the ones who are cahoots with George Soros.  It seems that George Soros is the invisible figure behind the push to introduce a world currency. To do that he needs to collapse some world currencies including the Euro and the U.S. dollar.

Here is a snippet from the article at Big Government:

So, just how snugly does Soros’ conference fit in this sandwich and what are the tactical solutions they all so collectively seek? One set of hints has been provided by Soros’ right hand man, Jeffrey Sachs. As reported by Aaron Klein, Jeff is seeking a brave, immediate future including global taxation, currency transfer tax, tax on the rental value of land and natural resources, royalties on worldwide “fossil energy projection,” fees for the commercial use of oceans, for air flight, of course for putting carbon in the air, and even fees for the use of “the electromagnetic spectrum.” Oh, and he also envisions chronic economic stagnation, unemployment and labor revolt. The proletariat have to do their part.

This forecast (and the coming burst of that hush-hushed insolvency bubble and ensuing hyperinflation and possibly, famine) is underscored by Soros’ own recent moves to commandeer as many American grain elevators as feasible. Not to worry though, the Marxtream media tell us he is one of our greatest philanthropists, along with so many of the IMF and World Bank lords, to be sure. And here we thought Demon-I-mean-Damien-er, Damon Silvers doesn’t trust rich people.

Defending Christianity – is the tide turning?

In the UK there has been yet another battle for a Christian who wanted to display a cross in his work vehicle. The final outcome of the story has been a victory for Christians. The former Archbishop of Canterbury (Lord Carey) was amongst those who supported the man at a point when it looked like he would lose his job. There is also another side of the story relating to the man who was most likely behind the attempt to sack the Christian, a man by the name of Dood. It was interesting to note that Dood had a poster of Che Guevera in his office – say no more!!

Whilst I am not going to rehash the whole story of the Christian man’s fight for justice, I do want to highlight an op ed given by a woman lawyer who has founded Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre in the UK – Andrea Minichello Williams. This is a very strong piece that defends the rights of Christians against the attacks of a secular society that has a belief in nothing.

Here is a snippet from this op ed:

It has all gone too far. It is time to turn the tide. I don’t believe the great and ordinary British people want this kind of liberal-tyranny.

We want our freedom back. People should be free to debate, state and hold the view that a child needs a mother and a father without feeling ashamed or sidelined.

We don’t want preachers arrested or Christian registrars forced from office because they can’t, in conscience, officiate at same-sex civil partnership ceremonies.

We don’t want doctors and magistrates to lose their jobs because they believe that vulnerable children are best raised in a home with a mother and a father, or our children put in isolation because they refuse to take off a purity ring.

I could go on. The liberal tyranny does not stop at the family

Read more:

Racist attack at McDonalds Baltimore

This is the most graphic and detailed description of the attack upon a white woman at the McDonald’s restaurant. The young woman was attacked whilst the employees of the McDonald’s restaurant stood by and laughed at her. One elderly woman came to her aid at the point where she almost had a seizure.  Two young black females have been charged over the assault, and one employee has been fired because he took a video of the whole thing and put it on his Facebook page. Disgusting.

Here is the crunch. It turns out that the woman is a transgender. If the girls knew that she was transgender there is allegedly a “hate crime”. What if they do not know that she was a transgender? Should it make a difference?

This is a case of two black women viciously beating a white woman almost to a pulp. They were beating the person so hard that it appeared they had the intention of killing the person. Yet the police are only looking to see if it was a hate crime. If it was two white women beating up a black woman transgender then those women would immediately face charges of a hate crime.

It seems to me that justice is not served unless all are treated equally under the law. A white person can be just as subject to a hate crime as much as black person. A white heterosexual can be just as subject to a hate crime as much as a transgender from the LBTQ community. The people responsible for the attack should be charged with a hate crime because it was a vicious attack upon the person of a white woman. There should be no distinction being made because it turned out that the woman was a transgender.

McDonalds did the right thing in firing the vermin who was filming the whole thing. The restaurant owner needs to go further and discipline the remainder of the staff, and fire them if necessary. However, McDonalds should not be sued because they have some vicious customers who beat up on a white person. The two black women who have been charged should get a lot of time behind bars for their crimes.


BRIC and the Middle East

Brazil, Russia, India and China are the emerging countries that will be the likely winners if the economy of the USA was to collapse. It is not just in relation to the economy that we find these countries being busy little bees, especially in regard to Middle East policy. I wonder how many noticed that this bloc was solidly against UN resolution 1973 in regard to Libya. I am speculating that this is something that slipped past a number of pundits, but it is something that needs to be explored for the simple reason that the emergence of BRIC as a bloc ties in with the activities of Iran since Østupid became POTUS.

Reza Khalili has an excellent article up at the American Thinker which explores the points that I want to make, especially with regard to the activities of Iran, as well as touching on a subject that I have already raised, that of encouraging the Middle East Armageddon in the hope of the return of the 12th imam. It is very important to understand what is happening in the Middle East in light of the perception that the USA has a weakling or quisling for a President (just like Jimmah Carter, only worse).

Russia and China have been actively assisting Iran to achieve the aim of having the capacity to manufacture nuclear bombs. The abysmal White House approach to attempting to stop this development in Iran has been nothing more than an attempt to appease the Mullahs – you might call it a bend over and sniff some odour effort. This form of appeasement – the extending of a hand – was never going to work with these mullahs, but it did invite further contempt for the USA. Iran has been laughing in the face of the efforts of the Østupid Administration to stop them building nuclear weapons. As a result of the odour sniffing weakness of the Østupid administration, countries such as Germany, India, China and Venezuela have been using back-door cooperation with the Iranian regime that has in effect helped to embolden Iran with its efforts to be a nuclear power.

As Reza says:

The Iranian leaders have detected total confusion, weakness, and incompetence from the White House and have picked up their activities. Iranian agents, who have long infiltrated the region, are helping to incite uprisings in Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and other countries in the Middle East. As I revealed recently, there is a secret documentary, “The Coming is Upon Us,” which will be distributed shortly in the Middle East among the Muslim population, that is calling for the unification of Arabs, the overthrow of U.S.-backed governments, and promising the destruction of Israel and the demise of the U.S.

In the last couple of months there has been an increase in arms shipments that have been seized en route to the Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza strip as well as to Africa.  Several ships have contained nuclear material destined for Iran have also been seized. These containers were loaded in China and they were labelled as boiler parts.

It is not just Iran that is sensing the odour-sniffing weakness of the Østupid administration, because China has been sensing the same thing. China has been helping Iran with its nuclear program, just like China helped Pakistan to create and possess nuclear weapons. China is helping Pakistan to create more nuclear plants.

It seems that the world is underestimating China’s ambitions in the Middle East. The perceived weakness of the USA has given China the incentive to attempt once again to become a super-power. The attitude of the White House, if it remains the same over the next few years will ensure that China will realize its dreams of becoming that super-power.

China and Iran have a common goal – the destruction of the USA and the West. Iran has been working secretively on the overthrow of Middle East regimes that are friendly to the USA, especially in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and Egypt.  It is highly likely that Iran is backing Daffy Duck against the UN and NATO (I would not be surprised to learn that Iran had been secretly sending weapons to Daffy Duck). Iran’s actual goal is to create chaos in order to bring on the imaginary 12th imam. China, on the other hand retains its long term goal of world domination.

This goal of China is also being achieved from an economic point of view, and again the Østupid Administration has not fully understood the economic dangers of allowing China to control the financial sector via its holding of U.S. currency.

The BRIC bloc is working in many ways to undermine the USA and the West. Brazil, is yet another country that is led by a Marxist. The way in which Østupid has behaved towards Brazil, in giving loans for oil drilling is absolutely appalling. Brazil has also been working to undermine the US in the Middle East. Yet, the Østupid administration has not been able to identify the dangers that are being presented.