Was Gadhafi’s son really killed?

How many times have we heard the claims that a certain person has been killed in drone attacks in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region, only to discover that this information was not correct? I know that I have seen such reports on more than one occasion, and then later have seen video of the person who was supposed to have been killed.

According to all of the news outlets, the Libyan regime is claiming that Saif al-Arab, the youngest son of Gadhafi plus three of the grandchildren were killed in an air strike. It was also claimed that Gadhafi was in the house when the strike happened. Is it true? Keep in mind that there had been unconfirmed reports that another son Khasim was killed at the beginning of the no-fly zone action. Khasim, of course is the commander of an elite army unit that had remained loyal to the regime. The reports of Khasim’s death have not been confirmed.

Also, many are repeating the nonsense that the adopted daughter of Gadhafi was killed several years ago, when Reagan ordered the shelling of Tripoli. It turns out the story was false as well. The name of the girl allegedly adopted by Gadhafi was Hana. Many believe that she is still alive somewhere in Tripoli. (I will have more on this story)

The regime took journalists to the site, and it is the regime that has provided the picture of the damage at the site. According to some sources, it would have been surprising if anyone inside the house had survived. It is doubtfult, therefore that Gadhafi had been in the house.  However, what is more doubtful is whether this is in fact the house of Saif al-Arab. Is it possible that the “house” was something else? There are all sorts of permutations to consider until NATO actually confirms that they ordered the hit on that particular property.

Considering the fact that NATO forces have been using precision bombs, and also that the U.S. drones are now being used (but most likely in Misrata not Tripoli), I do consider that the story itself is suspect. I will change my tune when NATO confirms the hit.

What bothers me about the story is the propaganda value and convenience of a hit on that particular residence, and the propaganda value to the regime if Daffy’s son really was killed. They are using this house to make the claim that the NATO action is “illegal”, but of course they have been trying all sorts of propaganda tricks from the start of the no-fly zone enforcement. They have constantly lied about a civilian death toll. For this reason I question the information that comes out of the Libyan regime. An independent source is required.

One other possibility (and this is pure speculation, not fact), is that Gadhafi ordered the bombing of his son’s house. The reason for the speculation is that I am raising the possibility that this particular son might have intimated that he was intending to leave. Can you imagine if one of these sons decided to get out of the country and head overseas? I am putting this idea out there, even if it is not verifiable because I think that Gadhafi is in fact capable of killing a member of his family if that family member decided to turn away from him. Considering what is being used against the people of Misrata, it is possible that he could do the same to anyone in Tripoli who did not support him.





The first report that indicates NATO has doubts about the Libyan regime claims that Saif al-Arab died can be found in this report. NATO states that it hit a command and control centre. Here is a snippet from this report:

But officials have cast doubt over the news after the building, inside a compound, was badly damaged by several bombs and no bodies were reported to have been removed.

NATO confirmed it had struck a ‘command and control building in the Bab al-Azizya neighbourhood’ on Saturday evening, but insisted it did not target individuals.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1382341/Libya-Nato-strikes-kill-Gaddafis-son-grandchildren.html#ixzz1L61b342g



At last HotAir seems to be getting it straight about the Libyan situation, and have a post up asking the same question as myself: Did Saif al-Arab die in the bombed out compound? On another post I made mention of a French doctor who has affirmed that he saw the body of Saif al-Arab, but he was comparing a photograph. He did not do a DNA check to definitely determine that it was Saif. The body was of a man who had the same facial features. That is not exactly proof. On top of that, I do not believe the Catholic Archbishop of Tripoli because he has already discredited himself over an earlier report. It means that what he says is of little value (and yes I am a Catholic making that statement).

However, the HotAir post led me to a post at the Daily Beast written by Fadel Lamen, a Middle East expert (?) and he is also querying the story. Here is some of what he had to say:

But the details on the Gaddafi hit don’t add up, and they make me—and a half dozen sources I talked with last night, including several in Libya—skeptical about how close we came to hitting the dictator. Or that three grandchildren were actually killed, as Gaddafi’s embattled government claims.

Musa Ibrahim al-Gaddafi, the belligerent leader’s spokesman—and cousin—went straight into propaganda mode after the strike. “Mr. Saif al-Arab was a civilian, a student… He was playing and talking to his father and mother and his nieces and nephews and other visitors when he was attacked and killed.”

Like most of what the spokesmen there say, the regime has so far failed to provide any proof of its claim, except to guide the Western journalists in a tour of a facility bombed by NATO. The lack of clear evidence of any death, except spots of blood, just increases cynicism.

My Tripoli sources confirm an attack on one of the regime’s buildings frequented by another of his sons, Hanibal Gaddafi—but not Gaddafi himself, his wife or the other sons. In fact, one of my sources, acquainted with the family’s habits, maintained that the family almost never gets together, especially given the current circumstances, which makes the idea of a NATO strike that somehow hit a nest of Gaddafis (sparing the leader, of course) seem a bit far-fetched.

Mr Lamen also confirms what I have read elsewhere, that Gadhafi has been sending his people to hospitals to recycle bodies as necessary. In this case, how do we know that the children are in fact grandchildren of Gadhafi? We do not. How do we know for certain that the dead man is Saif al-Arab? We do not. There was a NATO strike but not in that location. The details do not add up, but they do remind many of the story about the so called adopted daughter Hana.


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    The comment that I made concerned Mr. Clean and his probable identity due to comment that was posted. Simple… it looked like yet another personna 🙂 But you never know who is posting over there.


  3. Daffy Duck’s son?
    Don’t know, but I point out look up what Daffy claimed the first time the US went to Libya way back in the Reagon/Bush 1 era… This story seems to be an exact duplicate of what Daffy claimed then as well.
    Coencidence or Manufactured?


  4. @CRB,

    exactly. I have seen one report that has a photograph of an adult body and a child’s body that is wrapped in cloth. However, if it really was Daffy’s son, then why not show his face.

    There is only one report from a French doctor not connected to the Libyan regime that stated the dead man looked like the picture of Daffy’s son. However, that is still not good enough. I think DNA testing is in order.

    The NTC are obviously not believing that this is the son. Besides you will not find me shedding a tear for a man who was caught smuggling arms in Germany, and only got off because the charges were dropped – they did not want to create an incident.