Fresh rumour – just seen on Internet news site – UPDATED – OSAMA BIN LADEN is dead

According to Osama Bin Laden is dead. The news article states that this little rumour got started on Twitter. It claims that the US has the body. A second site now has the same news on Osama bin Laden except the reporter sounds like he will wet his pants any moment. (if you read the link you will see what I mean). Also you can read about it at this site. There is also more on this topic at this link.

This report has not been verified by any of the other media outlets so far. I will treat it with a grain of salt until there is verification.

On the other hand, I have now seen a report that could be verification that Saif al-Arab, who was working for his father in some capacity was killed, along with 3 of his children. A French doctor not associated with the regime has stated he has seen the bodies of three children killed by the blast plus the body of a young man around the age of 30 that may resemble Saif al-Arab Gadhafi – that is good enough for me. The French doctor has stated that he was about 90% certain that it was the body of Saif al-Arab Gadhafi.

At the same time, as well as the whipping up of mob agitation which led to the ransacking and burning of the British embassy, the Italian Embassy and the US Embassy, the UN workers have been under threat in Tripoli. Daffy Duck has continued his unconscionable action against the city of Misrata.

Daffy Duck has continued his outrageous claims about the people of Misrata:


Gaddafi’s forces fired rockets at the port in Misrata on Sunday as an aid ship was trying to unload, rebels said, and the shelling forced two other vessels to wait offshore. The port is the lifeline for Misrata which has been under siege for weeks.

“Shelling the port is disastrous for us because it will sabotage all the humanitarian aid we are getting,” said rebel spokesman, Ahmed Hassan. “God help us if this happens. God protect our port.”

Libyan state television said the port was shelled to stop NATO from delivering weapons to the insurgents. The rebel spokesman said that was a lie.

Rights groups say hundreds of people, including many civilians, have been killed in Misrata, about 200 km (130 miles) east of Tripoli. Officials in Tripoli deny targeting civilians, and say they are fighting armed gangs and al Qaeda sympathizers.

Rebels have repelled government troops from the center of Libya’s third largest city in recent days and now say they have gone on the offensive to try to capture Misrata airport.

As you can see it is the regime that has perpetrated the lie about the rebels, with the intention of sowing confusion in the minds of those who are normally against war like action. The charge is not true, and there remains no evidence that they are associated with Al Qaeda.  Daffy is making this statement in an effort to gain sympathy for his actions, when in fact he is killing innocent civilians.

Saif al-Arab Gadhafi was not a civilian as claimed by the regime. He was called back to Libya to command an army unit in the east of Libya. As such he is a military target. It appears that the target was a bunker underneath the house. I continue to await confirmation from NATO regarding what actually took place because there is a discrepancy with regard to the location of the scheduled bombing and the location of this house.

 In yet another report, the National Transitional Council representatives remain unconvinced that the bodies are those of Saif al-Arab and his children. The reason for the sceptisim is that the faces are fully covered and not on display which is the usual way in Libya. Regardless, this appears to be a propaganda coup for the regime, and I guess that is why it is so suspicious. Yes a doctor has verified that he has seen the bodies of a man and three children killed by a blast, but is it really Saif al-Arab and his children? 




2 responses to “Fresh rumour – just seen on Internet news site – UPDATED – OSAMA BIN LADEN is dead

  1. just a quick note here to say that the rumour has now been confirmed.

    It opens up new questions about Pakistan.


  2. He’s dead as a door nail.

    There will be much in the way of conflicting information coming out, as the intelligence community is still figuring out what should be classified, and what can be released in a white paper form for the public. This means little inconsistencies are inevitable, and are not some sign of nefarious plots or conspiracies.

    The important thing right now is that OBL is dead, confirmed, and DNA typed. The actual “When” of it is not important, and will most likely be fudged anyway as not to reveal “Specific Operational Security concerns.” Remember, the special ops folks that have to do this kind of work have to be safe, secured, and debriefed as well. What I’m interested in is how much critical intel searching the property and the surrounding area will reveal. There has to be a gold mine of critical information there considering the size, how it is made/built, the target, and the area.