Where’s the body Moammar? Is this an excuse to escalate violence in Triopoli?

It seems that the only source for the claim that Saif al-Arab died in a strike came from Libya TV. Exactly how reliable is such a source? It seems that there are plenty of people who doubt the story, in other words it is propaganda. Quick as a flash, I note that Russia has continued to do its denouncing… but should that be a surprise when Russia is an ally of Daffy Duck?

Saif al-Arab Gadhafi was not really a civilian (that is just more Daffy lies). In fact Munich police had quite a dossier in this particular person. What should be noted about him is that German police dropped charges of arms smuggling against him, not because of lack of evidence but because of political reasons. If that is not enough, there is also this story about Saif al-Arab:

In another incident in 2006, Saif was detained after a fight with a Munich nightclub bouncer. The brawl broke out, according to a press account, after his girlfriend began stripping on the dancefloor.

Saif was reported in Der Spiegel to be under investigation for subsequently ordering an acid attack on the bouncer. The Libyan embassy tried to win him legal immunity by having him accredited as a diplomat but the request was turned down.

When the Libyan revolt broke out, his father called him home, put him charge of a unit of loyalist troops and sent him to the east. It is not clear how much combat he was involved in, nor what his role was in attacks on civilians.

If he was placed in charge of a military unit in the east then Saif al-Arab was not a civilian. It is just more lies and propaganda from the Libyan regime.

Only one report mentions seeing the toys, and the spattering of blood in the ruins of the house. My question remains, was it a NATO hit or was Saif’s house shelled by loyalist forces because of a rift with his father?  (speculation again, not necessarily true, but putting that idea out there)

At least in Benghazi and Misrata there are plenty of Libyans who do not believe the story. Their comment is consistent – Daffy Duck lies. NATO has not confirmed the strike, but stated that they hit a legitimate target in the area. On top of this there are journalists who have viewed the building and who have stated that if Daffy Duck had really been in the building he would not have survived.  Comments include things like “it is a ploy to fish for sympathy”. Well the ploy might continue to work with Russia, and there are plenty of people who are already sucked into believing this story.  Personally, I remain sceptical until there is some real tangible evidence.

Here is a thought, if the target was in fact a control and command centre, is it possible that Daffy Duck got his goons to add a few features, such as children’s toys, so that he could then bring in the journalists and make this claim as a propaganda bid? Here is another thought, what if Saif al-Arab was the Gadhafi son who was trying to leave Libya and who had also reached out? What if Saif al-Arab had been willing to betray his father?

Daffy is desperate because his propaganda has been so obvious. Look at how he lies about Misrata. Indeed more than 1000 have been killed since Daffy started shelling the city, and thousands more have been wounded.  Yet Daffy denies that he is killing people in Misrata. He denies that he has mined the Misrata harbour.  He has lied about civilian deaths from air raids. The international community does not believe him, so now he has to pull out his trump card and try to make it personal.

A more disturbing picture of the situation in Tripoli itself has emerged. Based upon the news that the British Embassy has been attacked and burnt by a street mob, the Libyan ambassador to the UK has been given 24 hours to depart from London.

Foreign missions in Libya’s capital have been targeted by crowds angry at reports that a Nato air strike had killed a son of Col Muammar Gaddafi.

A BBC team there said the UK embassy building had been completely burnt out.

The foreign secretary said the Gaddafi regime had failed in its duty to protect it and that Omar Jelban had been given 24 hours to leave the UK.

Meanwhile, the United Nations announced it was withdrawing all its international staff from Tripoli after some of its facilities in the city were also attacked by angry crowds.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague strongly attacked the Gaddafi regime for allowing the British embassy to be attacked.

“The Vienna Convention requires the Gaddafi regime to protect diplomatic missions in Tripoli,” he said.

“By failing to do so that regime has once again breached its international responsibilities and obligations. I take the failure to protect such premises very seriously indeed.”

There is even more evidence that the Gadhafi regime is lying about the death of Saif al-Arab. It has to do with the location of the NATO strike.

In this report from the Sydney Morning Herald, it states as follows:

The Canadian commander of the NATO operation in Libya said in a statement that the alliance had attacked ”a known command-and-control building”. NATO ”plans and conducts its strikes with great deliberation to minimise the risk to innocent people”, Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard said.

A senior NATO officer flatly denied the strike was an attempt to kill Colonel Gaddafi or members of his family. ”We have never targeted individuals. It’s not in our mandate,” he said.

”We hit a building known to be a command-and-control facility involved in co-ordinating attacks on civilians.”

There also appeared to be conflicting versions about the exact location of the strike. NATO officials said a compound in an area of Tripoli called Bab Azizia was the target.

Libyan officials, meanwhile, took journalists to a house in a different area, Reuters reported.

Although NATO and US officials reject suggestions that there is an effort to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi, the Libyan government’s assertion that he was in the targeted house could feed speculation that NATO might have had information about the leader’s whereabouts.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/nato-weathers-criticism-after-bombing-gaddafi-family-20110501-1e38f.html#ixzz1L8tJMJ6a


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