Beware of fraudulent email

I just saw this report, and I assume that it has come from a reliable source:

THE FBI is warning computer users against unsolicited emails purporting to show photos or videos of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The bureau says they may contain a virus that can steal personal identification information or infect a computer. In a statement today, the bureau cautioned that such malicious software can even be passed along unknowingly by a friend or family member.

The FBI urged the public to adjust privacy settings on social networking sites to make it more difficult for people to post material.

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2 responses to “Beware of fraudulent email


    If you do nothing else in the next few days, please watch this video.
    Let me say up front that ultimately this guy wants to sell you something,
    and it is rather long. But it is chock full of outstanding information that
    affects YOU and YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES immensely.

    You can make your own assessment of how bad and how soon to panic,
    but you need to know this information.

    Please note that this is an unusual ‘player’ – it is not YouTube. It is not
    easy to tell how far along you are or to control it very much. But if you
    need to pause, to answer the phone or something, just click in the
    presentation area. You can click again to make it continue.


  2. oops – sorry about the ugly linebreaks