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This is the latest from Ulsterman. To be honest I am agog over what I have read. If it is true, and certainly the photograph that most of us have seen indicates the truth of the matter. However, please read the article.


You should also read this:


and this one as well:


These stories are confirmed by what has been leaked to the press, especially the leaking of the role of “enhanced interrogation” leading to the final confrontation with Osama Bin Laden.

Also, take a really good look at the photograph of everyone in the Situation Room. Østupid has a very angry look on his face.

What amazes me is that this information has been leaked in this manner. It certainly looks like very legit information.

There is one more story that ties this together:


This is a lot of reading, but you will see who tries to be in charge in the White House – Valerie Jarrett. She tried to get the mission aborted, and she has been at loggerheads with all of the people who were in the know about the mission. The Ulsterman looks very legit with these set of reports.

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  1. Cabby - AZ

    Interestingly, many, but not all, Truthers have a very twisted view of Israel’s place in the world. They elevate the cause of the islamic states and demote the Israeli position.


  2. Carlyle, the Truthers make up things about the WTC and also about what happened near the Pentagon, even going as far as saying that there was no crash into the Pentagon. Truthers even claim that there were no aircraft pieces recovered from the Pentagon site…which is BS. I saw the pictures from the site and I recognized the bits of the engine……

    I cannot think of one area where the Truthers are correct in what they are saying. They are useful idiots and yes I agree with Cabby that they have elevated Jihad in their anti-Israel rhetoric.

    Awlaki was as responsible as OBL when it comes to 9/11 and he had a hand in the Ft. Hood shootings.


  3. Cabby – AZ | May 8, 2011 at 5:41 am |


    Yes, that is part of it. The second worst scum are Jew Bashers, most especially Israeli Bashers (who, interestingly enough, include many Jews). I am not Jewish, have few close Jewish friends, or otherwise have any Jewish proclivities. My only deep concern is that the Nation of Israel is the correct historical and cultural solution for that region and that they are the frontier outpost at the edge of Civilization. They are the plug in the dyke so to speak.

    Jews are no more perfect than an other people, and probably worse than some. But that is not the point. I also support the Jews and Israel because they are the continual brunt of lies and misrepresentations. I cannot even remotely comprehend anyone who thinks that the Jews are the terrorists and the Palestinians are the innocents.

    I am further befuddled because there are no such thing as ‘Palestinians’. To the extent that that designation makes any sense, there was already a solution. The region was divided up into West of the Jordan river and the East of the Jordan river. The one section was to be the Jewish state in the mideast and the other to be the Arab state.

    So at this point, I do not support (let alone even understand) a disposition or designation of Israel as being anything other than EVERYTHING from Egypt south to Syria north, and between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean sea east and west. The only possible exclusion being the Gaza strip.

    And any talk of a “two state solution” is pure folly and nonsense. There are already two states – Jordan and Israel. Anybody who says the situation is more subtle and nuanced than that is just stalling and dancing. It is really quite black and white. Let’s just crack down on it and make it happen. Quit the stupid goofing around. The Arabs will NEVER be placated. There is no negotiated peace possible. They only understand force and definitive actions.


  4. PS – Commander Zero’s ambivalence (to sugar coat it) on Israel is the biggest single indicator that he is “trouble”. It is like a big red flashing light and a screeching siren. This is the ONE THING on the international scene that we MUST NOT BE UNCLEAR about.


  5. Carlyle, bingo!! The Arabs will never be placated.


  6. Cabby - AZ

    Carlyle 12:25 pm and 12:28pm
    I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the situation, and, personally, until that mess gets sorted out in the right way, we are going to have constant turmoil. I also am not Jewish and have had only a couple of Jewish friends down through the years.


  7. Likewise I am not Jewish, but I have had a few friends who are Jewish. In fact one of them taught me a lot.

    Islam is based upon a false idea of both Judaism and Christianity. It has stolen from both, but the big difference is the elevation of Mohammed to something that is almost divine. It is extremely difficult to swallow such an idea when it is known that he was a murderer, a thief, a rapist and a child molester. He is the direct opposite of Jesus Christ.