Rage in Pakistan, and other opinions

Even if OBL was nothing more than a figurehead for Al Qaeda, it seems that the more fanatical Muslims in Pakistan are absolutely outraged that he has been killed. In the coming days we can expect to see more of the demonstrations of rage happening in the various towns within Pakistan. You can expect to see some very bloody and violent clashes with lots of flag burning as well.

However, more important than a group of people who seem to be always angry and outraged, is going to be the response of the Pakistani Taliban. I remind you that the Pakistani who attempted to bomb Times Square was sent there by the Pakistani Taliban. There are literally thousands of these cells all over the world, and hundreds in the USA waiting for orders to strike. The death of OBL might be the tipping point that will see an upsurge in this form of activity. One can only hope that the CIA and FBI have been taking advantage of the Patriot Act and have been tracking them, taking them out before they do manage a successful strike.

What is interesting though, is that in the UK we already see some of the usual suspects, such as the Marxist former Lord Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, making comments that OBL should have been captured and put on trial. Um… I do not think so… killing OBL was the best alternative. It strikes a real blow to the jihadist movement. It is like telling them that they are not invincible.  Then there are remarks from the odor-sniffing Bishops without common sense, as seen in this report:

Rt Rev Michael Scott-Joynt, the Bishop of Winchester, said: ‘The more I consider it the more concerning I find it. The thing that troubles me most is the way some are speaking of justice being done.

‘What has actually happened, only too sadly understandably, is, I think, much more reasonably viewed as an act of vengence or revenge.

‘It’s a failure of the whole world order that nobody in a position of responsibility trusts that we have systems of justice to cope with such a vast set of crimes as this man is responsible for.’

He added: ‘It is too early to know whether the man resisted, whether he could have been captured and possibly brought to trial.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1383106/Osama-Bin-Laden-dead-Wife-watched-die-White-House-reveals-WASNT-armed.html#ixzz1LQKj9i1E

These individuals are concentrating on details such as OBL’s daughter claims that she saw her father shot in the head (not substantiated).  As well as trying to set the record straight about the SEALS meeting with resistance.

I honestly believe these people are up themselves if they think that OBL could be brought to trial. It would be like having a trial for Sheik Khalil Mohamed in NYC. There would be an uproar. There would be a series of bombings and there would be an attempted break-out, as well as attempts to get revenge (by Muslims). Let’s not kid ourselves about these people because they see jihad and they see themselves being at war with the USA. People like this Bishop and Livingstone live in a world of unreality.

Also, the latest from News.com.au states that the SEALS thought that OBL was about to lunge for a weapon. They also stated that there were several weapons in the room where they found OBL.


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  1. In case you didn’t see this one today:

    GENEVA (Reuters) – The United Nations’ top human rights official called on the United States Tuesday to give the U.N. details about Osama bin Laden’s killing and said that all counter-terrorism operations must respect international law.


    My Reply to the UN would go something like this:

    The facts are fairly simple.

    A lead projectile, traveling at nearly 3000 feet per second egressed the barrel of an M4, entered Mr. Bin Laden’s frontal cranium just above his left orbital socket. The cranium did not have sufficient tensile strength to prevent the projectile from entering his brain cavity. At this point, the projectile likely encountered a mass of soft tissue and fat; mostly cells known as neurons in what was the frontal lobe of the brain, where it caused tremendous cellular devastation due to encephala hydroshock induced truama, which almost certainly led to catastrophic failure of brain functions.

    With this organ functions disrupted, the autonomic system could hardly be blamed for shutting down of its own accord. The projectile continued its journey through the cerebrum, corpus callosum, and left parietal lobe before creating a larger opening through Mr. Bin Laden’s posterior cranium. Upon postmortem examination, it is our expert opinion that death resulted from a terminal case of traumatic encephala hydroshock induced lead poisoning. However the Carbon Footprint from the discharged firearm was negligible.

    Unfortunately, because we dumped the body in the ocean (with proper rites, of course) we do not know the fate of the thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus or other areas of the brain. One can easily imagine that if these were also destroyed, that destruction would clearly have been collateral in nature and superfluous in the determination of the final outcome for Mr. Bin Laden.

    Those are “the facts surrounding his killing.”


  2. CRB, LameCherry has an interesting perspective posted.right now.


  3. I wouldn’t call it an interesting perspective. I’ll call it what it is; a Mental Masturbation piece. I warned this blog several days ago about exactly what was going to happen:

    From the Fresh rumour – just seen on Internet news site – UPDATED – OSAMA BIN LADEN is dead thread:

    “There will be much in the way of conflicting information coming out, as the intelligence community is still figuring out what should be classified, and what can be released in a white paper for the public. This means little inconsistencies are inevitable, and are not some sign of nefarious plots or conspiracies.”


  4. Thus why I have not commented much on the operations. I still do not know what is classified, and what is not as of yet. So why add to the shit storms of dis/mis information flying around right now as it is?


  5. There is so much conflicting information coming out about this whole Bin Laden mission. It is much like everything Obummer does where he muddies the waters…like his birth certificate, for instance. Puts out 30-40 scenarios and people glom onto the theory they like, and possibly none of the scenarios are true. Old Salt is right…up is down.


  6. @CRB, that is one reason why I do not read Lame Cherry. Most of what is written by LameCherry is BS in my view 🙂

    Yes, I have kept your comment in mind as I have been reading the various news reports and yes there are a lot of discrepancies.

    I do not understand why the Human Rights Commission feel they need to stick their noses into the storming of the compound occupied by OBL and his family. That man has been responsible for thousands of deaths, directly and indirectly. He has got his just deserts, and I am unlikely to cry for his daughter and other family members either.